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That night.


An emergency response meeting was convened at the Duke of Raelica’s residence.


“Well, you know why I called everyone this way.”


There was a long table that can accommodate a total of 12 people.


There was a rugged look on the face of the Duke of Raelica.


In turn, the Duchess and the duke’s successor, Terwin [Arwin’s cousin?]brother of freesia, sat down, and the vassals filled the rest.


The duke set the mood with a solemn expression.


The Duke’s face was stiff, so the rest of them had a stern look as well.


The atmosphere is so heavy that some might think the conference was held to planning a war.


The Duke finally opened his mouth.


“Our Freesia has declared independence.”


“Oh, my God!”


“The princess became independent!”


Somehow the voice seemed to have a different intention than regret, but the duke didn’t mind and opened his mouth again.


“She even want a ranch.”




Screams are coming from all over the place.


Most of them meant, ‘The Duke, who can’t see his daughter anymore, is going to go wild.’ However, some of them sighed excessively to hide their joy, ‘The devil is finally gone!’


Fortunately, the submerged duke could not read the mood of his vassals.


Instead, the Duke poked his eyes at whether he remembered what had happened earlier.


Frisia was a child who was only annoyed by her parents after puberty at the age of 15.


No matter what he did, she was not happy at all, so the Duke’s wish was to see his daughter smile.


But only a few sheep and dogs on the ranch.


The Duke realized he had been mistaken so far.


‘My daughter needed nature, not jewels.’


Even though he made that conclusion, he still felt a sense of crisis.


The fact of sending out Freesia alone, which cannot be replaced with anything in the world.


” Rather than command, I have a request for the Winged Knights.”


“Yes Sir!”


“I entrust you to guard Freesia. Keep it from a distance that the child will not notice, and make sure that no impurities do not enter the area around the ranch especially males who tries to flirt with my precious daughter.”


The Duke clenched his fist as if his anger was soaring just by imagining it.


Barr! [SFX- seething in anger]


The knights were elite but trembled at the sight of the duke’s anger till they responded to the duke’s request.


“We hve sworn loyalty to you. Don’t worry, sir.”


The leader, Sir Jackson, saluted quickly.


They didn’t like Freesias, who was arrogant.


However, since she is the daughter of the master, they will protect her because they respect their master’s words.


The Duke shook his head as if he was not relieved.


“It’s best not to let her go. Or our whole family will move next Freesia…”


His vassals flinched.


Then, of course, they all have to move out.


It was as if Duke Raelica’s residence itself was being moved.


‘No, It can not be allowed!’


It’s only now that they are free from Freesia’s tyranny. But now, what nonsense is that?


The vassals elbowed each other and argued that who will try to stop the lord.


“Father, that’s unreasonable. Above all, Liz won’t like it.”


After rejecting his father’s words, Terwin became the vassals’ savior.


The same platinum blonde hair as Freesia looked divine.


The clothes Terwin worn as if they were incarnations of purity were not wrinkled, and the buttons filled to the end of the neck are so ascetic that they make you want to get through them right away.


Then he persuaded the Duke with a calm tone.


“Freesia a kid who just has something she wants to do. Only thing we can do is, sending her away and watching from afar.”


There is nothing wrong with Terwin’s words.


The Duke, who was murmuring, finally raised his hands.


“Your advice is really helpful.”


My daughter can’t be hurt even she did not even put me into her eyes. [T/N- original Frissa doesn’t like her dad, but her dad loves her so much.]


But she wouldn’t like it if I tie her up. [T/N- to tie her up so Freesia won’t be able to go to her ranch]


As the Duke’s face darkened, the Duchess smiled and touched his hand.


In this way, Freesia’s departure was confirmed.



…ten minutes later.


The duke beckoned his aide and called in secretly.


The assistant, who was just about to leave work, felt ominous and hesitated.


‘What is this feeling.’


Of course, as soon as the duke raised one eyebrow, the poor assistant had no choice but to stand there.


“Well, there’s something I need.”


“What, is it. My Lord..?”


The Duke looked out of the conference room and noticed.


He was wondering if anyone would overhear.


“What I need is…”


The voice gradually lowers.

Now it’s even quieter than the sound of a mosquito.


The aide was inevitably forced to get close to the Duke.


The duke muttered in an unsuitable tone for his stature. [T/N- Since he is a duke, he should talk sternly, not whisper]


“It’s binoculars.”




“Get the most expensive one you can see from the farthest.”


The aide could not hide his absurd look at the command, which was like someone hitting his face for three hundred and forty-five times.


“My Lord, that’s an invasion of privacy…”


“Sshhh.” [SFX]


“Lower your voice. It won’t be, so bring it.”


The aide couldn’t figure out what the troubled the duke’s daughter is making now but decided just to nod.

Sometimes it’s better to give up. 


It was a truth descended from ancient times. 

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