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Duke, I’m Going To live As A Sheep!

Chapter 3 Part 1



A hillside overlooking the ranch directly when Freesia was floundering on the hay and covered in straw.


Freesia did not know, but there was an encampment reminiscent of war.


“This feel like home.” [Freesia]


A pretty silver-haired beautiful girl rubs her face on a pure white lamb.


The knights who witnessed the scene each held up binoculars and coughed.


It was the moment when they first thought she was cute.


“Whew, that’s not good.”


Next to these knights stood a young man with the same silvered hair.


He frowned and asked the man standing in front of him with a very serious expression on his face.


“What happened to the expansion of the village?”


“We only need to build one more house today!”


“OK, so you’ve built a new house and made it a bit dirty so it doesn’t caught attention, right?”


I have smeared cow dung on it.


“Excellent work, really useful.”


Terwin tapped the village guard captain on the shoulder.


With trepidation, the captain of the guard accepted his compliment.


The son of the Duke of Raelika, who was once called the best strategist of the empire.


He is smart enough to graduate at the top of the High-Academy where only geniuses gather.


Such Terwin was now devising a plan to protect his precious little sister.


It was only in front of his father that Terwin supported his younger sister for independence, but that didn’t mean he would leave the threats that might loom around Freesia.


‘Brother will protect you.’


I set up a guard to scouting here if any bad guys were going down the mountain.


And with these binoculars, any threat can be detected in advance.


Terwin gave a brief command to the knights.


“Switch places.”


At any given moment, three Escorts are assigned, and shifts occur every six hours.


But it’s strange.




The knights don’t put down their binoculars.


Terwin, who became expressionless in an instant, beckoned to the knights who were observing Freesia.


Ttak, Ttak! [SFX when you hit someone]


The knights barely passed the binoculars after being hit in the back one by one.


Everyone’s expression is dazed, as if they saw something very pretty and lovely. [T/N- Terwin will kill you.]


Terwin thought while glaring at the knights with his cold eyes.


‘I have to change all those bastards and select only women as knights.’


If a woman had good skills, she could become a knight.


However, there is no knights group made entirely of women.


Terwin planned to create the first female-only knighthood in the Empire for Phrygia.



A few moments later.


Instinctively, I pulled myself up.


‘Oh, I’m hungry.’


I belatedly noticed that I hadn’t eaten a single meal since I came to the ranch.


The sheep are clamoring for food.


Straw was tangled all over my hair due to a struggle to manage the ranch, but I moved without care.


Let’s set the table for dinner now.


My father asked me how I could live without a cook, but it was okay to be alone.


It’ll work out somehow. 




But as soon as he stepped out of the white fence, I saw a bucket was placed there.


One is filled with water, and the other is fluttering with two fish. [It’s her brother’s doing xD]


“What? Did Mr. Jade give it to me?”


Did he come and went in the meantime?


My head was twitching.


I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but as I thought about getting water, water came, along with two fish as a bonus.


“I don’t know who you are, but thank you!”


Whatever is in front of my house is mine anyway. 


Still, I felt compelled to express my gratitude to the person, so I shouted out loud and scooped up the bucket.


Surprisingly, the person must have fine muscles that did not feel heavy even when the person lifted two buckets.


“Huh, then, should I poach it?”


It would be nice to bake, but I don’t want to have soot on the first day.


When I entered the house, I brought a cast iron skillet and added a little bit of water, fish, and various spices.


It reminds me of a spicy with a glass of soju.


“Ahh, I should not have pondered about the past.”


Originally, I was a twenty-nine-year-old civil servant who was tired of work.


The administrative department staff of City Hall said you have to drink alcohol like water.


Like Soju is water, and beer is a beverage.


I used to be like this, but now I’m only 19.


Drinking was prohibited.


“I just have one year till I become an adult—”


I want to grow up to be an adult as I can drink only hot soup.


I thought a little bit of drinking would be okay, but my conscience cried out that it was absolutely wrong.


Instead of sipping down the alcohol, I also bite on the tender fish fillets.


I don’t know how long it’s been since I ate without worrying about dying. [Logically speaking after your first death]


Until now, I didn’t feel like I was eating anything because I was afraid that the crown prince would come and turn me into a dead body.


It felt like chewing sand the whole time.


Now just looking at the high-quality steaks that were juicy and filled with spices was enough to uplift my mood.


‘happy. I’m so happy!’


I’m getting sleepy now that my stomach is full.


After washing clean with the remaining water left in the bucket, I scrambled to the bed and collapsed.

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