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Duke, I’m Going To live As A Sheep!

Chapter 3 Part 2


Today is the best day of my life, including my past life and my present life.


If this is a dream, I hope I don’t wake up forever.


But it was the next day.


The morning always begins with the cry of a sheep.




“Maeaeaeae! Maeaeaeae!”


But, unlike usual, the sheeps wept loudly.


However, the sound was a little different from crying for hunger.


What is it…?


I crawled down from the bed, rubbing my eyes in some sense of insecurity.


Standing on my tiptoes, I lifted the wooden beam close to the window.


Thief, robber, molester, or pervert are all possibilities.


That must be the cause of the sheep’s wailing.


It doesn’t matter which one.


Because I am prepared for all these situations.


‘I wish it wasn’t something like the Barbary Man.’ [Barbary pirates]


It’s not that I’m afraid, but my eyes are foggy from sleepiness.


So, it is impossible to know where this wooden piece will face and what (fire egg) it will break. [Korean Idiom]


“Who are you? Come out!”


I went up to the sheep pens and shouted and swung my wooden stick.


The light is beaming on us as the sun rises.


I narrowed my eyes and stared at the intruder.


There is something among my precious sheep.


A black silhouette, who looked completely different from the white and fluffy lamb, leaned against the haystack.


“Hey, who are you?”


The guy was wearing a mask.


That’s why I can’t see his face properly.


Judging from the height and size, it can only be inferred that he is a man.


Anyone who could see it was suspicious of his appearance, and I was in awe and swung my wooden beam.


I’m going to hit you hard.


“If you don’t answer, I’ll hit you.”


I put a lot of strength in my hands.


And I approached carefully, just enough to get him within range.


However, the man did not move even though he saw the trajectory of the threatening timber.




Instead, he answered this time.


It was a languid tone.


“You’re too ugly to be a sheep. Get the hell out of here before I report to the security forces for a property invasion.” [lol]


I don’t want to use violence from the first day I arrived at the ranch.


The precious lambs will be surprised.


I can’t control my anger if the suspicious man does something to my precious sheep.


I wondered how to get the guy out.


‘Freesia, one hit is enough.’


Come to think of it. It reminds me of the self-defense education my brother gave me before coming to the ranch.


Brother said to me


Don’t hesitate! Strike with the one killer move and finish them off.


But Dad is one step ahead. He said I should bring an escort.


But it’s natural to be worried about your child living alone without an escort.


But I never dreamed that it would appear like this from the first day. [obstacles]


‘If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to tear the scroll down quickly.’ [If she can’t hit him, she will use the scroll]


A teleporting scroll in my pocket that my father gave me while telling me not to drop it.


Just tear it up a little bit, and that guy will fall with me into Duke Raelica’s office.


Then the story is over. 


I was safer than anyone else.


“There used to be Jade’s ranch here… where Is the owner?”


3 seconds before, I thought of hitting somewhere in the center of the man.


What brought my brutal plan to a halt was that a familiar name flowed out of the man’s mouth.


“…Mr. Jade?”


“Yeah. How long has it been? Obviously, until half a year ago, Jade was the owner of this ranch… Who are you?”


The man was strange and only spoke half a word.


There was a sense of intimidation at the same time. It was gritty and dignified.


Judging from that, it didn’t seem like he was a pervert who came after the beautiful me. 


From the beginning, it seemed that the man didn’t know that I am the new owner of this ranch.


Still, I answered without letting my guard down.


“I’m a new rancher. Who are you to lean on my haystack?”


“…Now that the owner changed. I will not sell this ranch, never no matter how much you paid me.”


But the man suddenly grabbed aside as if about to fall.


I was startled by the ominous sound, but I didn’t approach it recklessly.


The man opened his mouth.


“You’re so wild.”


“What, what?”


“Usually, when I’m like this, everyone runs to me in surprise.” [Nariastic]




Let’s correct it.


He’s not a pervert, but crazy.


This can be an excess of self-consciousness and paranoia.


I took a step back from before and bit my lip.


I can’t see his face, but he looks young.


Then the man, who was snooping his head as if something was wrong, made an “Ah” sound.


“Looks like you’re still using this.”


Then, the black mask covering his face does not have a hand.


In fact, none of that action was unusual.


Should I say that it is like watching a slow-moving scene of a drowsy, black jaguar?


Srrock. [SFX]


A thin mask slides down the man’s face as he unfastens the straps behind his head.


It was like a slow-motion film.


I really looked at his face with no expectations.


And he opened his mouth very slowly.




There was a glow on the face.


It was as if thousands of diamonds had been sprinkled on his face.


Obsidian, ruby. Like a bonfire that burns in the dark.


Many things come to mind in an instant.



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