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* * *


“I can’t divorce you.”


Unlike the childish voice in my memory, he spoke in a dangerously low voice, his words stuck in my ears.


Ricardo Chedwick.


My husband, who was just like a friend to me, had become a decent man.


At first glance, Ricardo gently swept Sophina’s hair down. While staring at her deeply, his hand scattered her hair


“If you were going to play with me, you should have run away.”


“…A divorce?”


It’s been a while since I’ve been thinking about divorcing him.


Sophina looked up at Ricardo with a puzzled look on her face.


Then, one of Ricardo’s eyebrows twisted as if not wanting to show his distorted mind.


“Sophina, I know you had another man in your heart.”


‘What? Me?’


You’re the only man I’ve ever been since I was a kid?


Sophina was speechless, and let out nothing but a sigh.


I think my husband has an absurd misunderstanding.


Ricardo, in a biting tone, desperately yearned for her.


“Then, from that day. You shouldn’t have saved me.”


So if you want to see me go crazy, it’s a success, Lady.


Suddenly he changed his tone and slowly laughed and muttered.


Sophina only blinked with a face that had not yet grasped the situation.


‘What the hell is going on here?’


Then, as the image of Ricardo engraved into her eyes, she recounted her old memories.


The first day of autumn, the day they first met.



  * * *


It happened when I was only 10 years old that I realized this was the world in the book.


Autumn, the day when I went into the woods on an errand for my eagle sister.


Sophina encountered a very big cat like a lion under a lush zelkova tree.


It was a white cat who was bleeding and dying, presumably because it was seriously injured.


Strangely, I thought I should help the dying cat.


So she wandered around with her blue bird’s body, who had not yet learned how to humanize it, and picked up some herbs.




Sophina meticulously placed the long-stemmed herbs on the cat wound with her small beak.


She worked hard enough to wipe the sweat from her forehead with her wings.


She, who had been nursing for the cat with all her energy, was exhausted and eventually collapsed.


The next morning.


Sophina woke up after kicking the large leaves that covered her body with her feet.


“Hmm, smells good, huh? Where is it?”


The cat she had taken care of had vanished into thin air. He seemed to have recovered and left.


‘You don’t even know how to repay someone’s kindness.’


She grumbled inwardly and bravely took her steps. Thinking that she’s lucky and started warming up her little body.


Soon after, however, Sophina with her blue belly slumped.


I feel like I’m going to faint because I think my whole body was still tired.


‘Did I overdo it…?’


The slender bird’s legs trembled.


Suddenly, I was distraught by a throbbing headache.


‘…What’s wrong with my body?’


Sophina stared at the sky with her light brown eyes in confusion.


While unconscious, she suddenly recalled her past life.


When she woke up, she couldn’t remember what kind of life she had lived in the past life.


It was just the fact that she was not a bird, but a big adult, and that she was a fan of reading various genres of romance novels.


She probably didn’t know that she was a bluebird, so she had forgotten to assimilate it.


“Ah, I might have unconsciously made up something again.”


But one thing’s for sure…


It was the fact that I’ve been reincarnated into the world of a 19-gold-waste novel.


It was written in the setting that the guardians have a second heart called “Thanato,” and use different abilities for different races.


It was a very fantasy view of the world.


‘What was the role given to me?’


‘A supporting role? An extra? Am I the main character? ‘


She squeezed her head with high expectations, but the results were disastrous.


‘Of all things…!’


Sophina Chedwick, the bluebird and ex-wife who was abandoned after obsessing over the white lion male lead.


It was the so-called evil girl.


But she was also a pretty poor character.


The word that best describes Sophina’s life was a loner.


She, who was the disgrace of her family, had a political marriage with the male lead, a white lion.


As a token of the alliance between birds and lions.


Perhaps, of course, the marriage was unhappy.


The lions didn’t accept her, a bluebird to be their family.


Because everyone knew that the head of birds, the eagle, would come as the bride of the lion.


It was a fraudulent marriage from the point of view of the lions, but Sophina, the blue bird, was not driven out.


Of course, the gaze around her wasn’t nice.


Sophina, who suffered from harassment, soon finds shelter.


Ironically, it was her political marriage partner, the male lead.


Because he was the only one in power to save her.


‘So Sophina started to cling to the male lead. Because she wants to live.’


She misunderstood her feelings for love and craved affection like crazy.


To what extent was it…


There was a time when Sophina filled the male lead’s room with crickets and mealworms to court him.


She didn’t know that the male lead hated bugs very much.


‘Birds are naturally insect-eating animals. It would have been the best gift from me.’


Was it a cultural difference, no, a species difference?


There were other incidents of hitting goals. What am I even saying?


It was a natural step that the male lead escaped his crane and avoided Sophina.


The problem here was that the male lead who went to the war brought back with him the heroine.


The deer female lead was taken hostage and the white lion male lead became it’s salvation.


The two feel a subtle attraction from their first encounter, and later fall in love with each other.


‘It was good.’


Oh, not this! Anyway, what would the original Sophina do in this situation?


‘Jealousy and evil deeds.’


Eventually, Sophina was abandoned by the male lead. And she was beaten to death with a stone thrown by lions who usually shun her.


That was her ending.


‘Is this for real?’


It was shocking, but I couldn’t even escape from the original.


I’m a little blue bird that can’t even humanize properly.


‘I have to stay silent like a dead mouse and look for a chance.’


So I started getting ready and stay on alert, but time flew faster than I thought.



  * * *


And three years later.


Sophina turned 13 years old.


It was a time when I realized how to humanize and grew up, but I was not happy at all.


I shook my head at the unfortunate fate awaiting.


‘The damn original!’


The family of eagle sisters and brothers have cursed her from childhood.


Where did that start?


The only blue bird born to the eagle family, the representative of the bird union that ruled the west of the continent.


I heard that bluebirds sometimes lay eggs in others’ nests. So I must have been mixed with the eagles and hatched.


Anyway, the dirty eagles looked down on Sophina very much.


The Lord’s order to keep the bluebird alive because it would be useful. Thanks to him Sophina was barely alive.


In fact, such a judgment was excellent.


In the original book, when the lion family invaded the bird’s territory, didn’t they let the male lead marry Sophina, who was a disgrace?


It was a marriage alliance, but it was like a prison hostage.


Sophina trembled and lost all her reasoning.


Then a realistic problem came up in my head.


“By the way, how do I get raspberries in the middle of winter?”


Yes, I was kicked out of the house at the request of these ridiculous eagle sisters and brothers.


Sophina lowered her head and pouted her lips.


Thanks to her humanization, her fingers, which seemed to belong to a foolish little child, were flaky.


She was kicked out without even letting her wear any shoes, and her bare feet turned red and swollen were painful…




A cold that seemed to cut her flesh came.


I got goosebumps.


A sigh of empty breath spread to the surroundings.


Like a scattered cold breath, Sophina’s daylight changed every minute.


To be exact, it became as hot as boiling lava.


“Bastard eagles… Get out of my head!”


As she threw her brown basket she was holding, she shouted angrily.


Perhaps because she couldn’t control her anger, her blue bird tail popped out.


Sophina opened her eyes wide, and forcibly grabbed her tail and tried to hide it.


Even my first sister, who ordered me to do this, knew well that I couldn’t find any raspberries in this weather right now.


But if I go back empty-handed like in this state, I won’t be scolded.


At best, I’ll be locked up in a closet as punishment for being unable to bring raspberries.


I’m fine with that punishment.


Luckily I hid snacks in advance.


‘… I’ll just have to take it easy and rest in the closet. It would be better to animalize and fly right?’


Sophina turned into an animal with a light expression on her face.


Then a white cloud lay mysteriously around me.

(N: Don’t be confused, she only shapeshifted.)


A small bluebird appeared in it.




Sophina picked up a small basket with her beak and put her fallen clothes in it.


Then she warmed up.


‘It’s a bit heavy, but I could at least carry this much!’


As she moved her wings quickly up and down, she headed back to the eagles mansion.


However, the atmosphere of the crowded house was different from usual.


‘What’s happening?’


The fuss was the same, but… it felt subtly rigid.


Like becoming a predator’s prey trembling with fear.




At that time, I encountered my first sister, who was jumping with brilliant jewels all over her body.


“Don’t mess around and get lost, you idiot!”


“Twi-tweet, tweet!”


Sophina responded defiantly to the unabashed abuse.


Unfortunately, it didn’t work.


The older sister, laughing at Sophina’s frustrating cry while eating a big honey chestnut.


“It’s not even a bite away, but you’re acting cheeky.”


The basket I was carrying hardly fell to the floor.


Sophina glared at her sister, rubbing her beaten head with her wings.


My sister didn’t seem as angry as I thought. I don’t think she’s interested in me at all.


My sister suddenly put on a crooked smile and stared at me.


With a dreamy expression on her face.


“No, that’s great.”


At the ominous foreboding, Sophina shook her head.


The older sister, who smirked and laughed, picked up a basket scattered in the hallway and shoved the jewelry she was wearing in it.


Then she warned bitterly.


“Hey, shut up and follow me. If you don’t want to die.”




Sophina, who was accompanied by her suddenly, only blinked.


Her older sister looked at the watch, and she told an unexpected story.


“The lions are coming, you idiot! The lion, the king of the demons!”




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