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The elder lion, who was given a bunch of snacks in the blink of an eye, glanced behind him.


In the back stood a line of other lion beasts who also came to greet.


“Are you starting a fight now?”


“The Lord also said you shouldn’t make a scene, so stop it, hehe…”


The lions were watching with half annoyance and half curiosity.




Then the elder lion slipped away, awkwardly forgetting the snack.


Wasn’t it meaningless to get angry in this situation? I received a ton of gifts anyway.


‘Phew, that’s good!’


Sophina smiled and swept down on her chest.


I didn’t get ignored and wasn’t hated that much, and it all worked out.


There was a double feat from it, and as my relationship with Ricardo had turned.


Since then, there have been a few who have been at the bottom, but Sophina skillfully showed her handwriting skills.


‘Was this the last time?’


The guests started to leave.


Thanks to this, the garden gradually became quieter.


Only the employees who were cleaning up afterwards were busy.


Among these busy-looking people, there were also the maids in question, who were oddly suspicious.


Apparently, from the conversation the maids had when they left their laundry baskets, they were about to sabotage the wedding somehow.


‘I’ll have to test them.’


Sophina glanced at the maid cleaning the table.


A while ago, there was an unidentified black snake.


I think it’s related to the maids, but there’s no solid evidence yet.


As much as there was a lot of commotion, my mother would recognize it, but I couldn’t stay still.


Sophina determined, she took a gallant step.




“Why are you following me?” (Sophina)


Why was Ricardo chasing after me?


“Just looking…” Ricardo slowly answered her question.


What are you looking at?


Come to think of it, Ricardo seemed to know something.


Sophina squinted and stared at Ricardo.


He blinked harmlessly, staring innocently.


Then nodded as if he wasn’t going after her.


Eventually, Sophina approached the maids with a very big hump and was followed by Ricardo.




Meanwhile, Sophina’s maids gathered around and talked.


To be precise, they complained with a hint of frustration.


“We’ve caused a total accident, haven’t we?”


“Do you think it was a viper? I brought it here because it was a baby.”


“It’s okay. There was no evidence at all. It’s not like it’s a baby snake that can’t humanize and talk.”


They didn’t expect this to happen either.


Just because the bird’s natural enemy was a snake, they planned to interrupt the wedding by frightening Sophina.


The brown-haired lion, the most conscientious of the maids, spoke.


“Shouldn’t we tell the truth and apologize?”


Hearing this suggestion, the rest of the maids dissuaded her.


“Then we’re really going to get fired!”


“That’s right. If we keep our mouth shut, we won’t get caught.”


The maids shook their heads and looked around to see who might have heard them.


Then, in the distance, they found Sophina and Ricardo walking towards them, so they whispered softly.


“They’re not coming to us, right?”


“Let’s just pretend we didn’t see them for now.”


Said the maid who came up with the conclusion and was noticeably surprised.


With a terrific performance.


“Oh, I forgot to clean up the annex.”


“Huh? Right, I think so.”


The other maids also responded with a high-pitched voice.


The two quickly stopped what they were doing and jumped around like a beast caught stealing.


“Le-let’s go together. Guys!”


The brown-haired maid who was left hurriedly followed her companions.


As soon as they were about to meet, the maids quickly headed somewhere.


Sophina blankly scratched her cheek and hastily walked faster without realizing it


Then, the maids quietly speeded up their steps.


‘No, why are they running away? And how did I end up chasing after the ashes?’


Without knowing what happened, there was a race held, chasing each other.


Ricardo was present in the midst of it, observing the situation leisurely. It’s been 5 minutes since the silent struggle.


“Stop for a second!”


Eventually, Sophina shouted, breathing heavily, gasping for air.


Even though her heels were low, her legs hurt as she moved in uncomfortable shoes.


‘I’m so nervous that I might accidentally sprain my ankle.’ (Sophina)


Ricardo stopped watching them and approached Sophina’s rather precarious complexion.


He stood close to Sophina and glanced sideways so that she wouldn’t fall.


Not knowing that, Sophina told the maids.


“Stop, don’t you hear me?”


The maids, who were holding their breath, also looked closely at her rebuke.


The brown-haired maid stopped in her place and panicked, her pupils were shaking.


“What? Uhm, us…?”


No matter how much it was, she couldn’t pretend not to know anymore.


Besides, there was even Ricardo standing next to her right now.


Sophina pouted and bit her lips sharply.


“Why are you avoiding me now?”


The other maids also stepped back a little.


One maid explained as a representative.


“…We-we didn’t know you were looking for us.”


That’s just an excuse.


Sophina, who was shuddering inwardly, thought deeply.


‘I’m sure they tried to run away.’


Sophina was worried about how to spread rumors that she had done a good job.


‘I’m sure I could find out by interrogating the little snake.’


For now, I’ll just have to end it with just a quick stab. Sophina received the excuse naturally.


“Oh, really? I was looking for you because I had something to ask you.”


“Give me the name.”


“The other day, uh… There’s a snake.”


With a slight pause, Sophina examined the maid’s complexion. The brown-haired maid’s face grew pale.


‘It’s surprisingly obvious.’


Sophina continued in a gentle tone.


“Maybe it’s because I’m surprised by it, but I want to drink cocoa before I go to bed.”


“Yes, I’ll get it ready.”


The maid gently swept her heart at the humble story.


Sophina ignored her feelings of wanting to question them.


“But what happened to the snake? It jumped at me like it was possessed by something.”


Sophina glanced sharply at the maids.


‘I couldn’t forget what the snake said.’


The words that the ‘shoes smelled delicious.’


Maybe it has something to do with the colored sand-like powder that I saw at the maids hand?


I’m sure the powder got on my shoes.


Sophina kept an eye on the maids hoping to get a little clue.


Meanwhile, she noticed that the front of a maid’s pocket was bulging.


‘It looks like you’ve put something in it, but was it important to keep it in a hard-to-reach place?’


Sophina instinctively fixed her eyes on the maid’s clothes.


“Okay, then, I’m late for work, so I’ll leave first.”


The maid bowed politely in an almost tearful voice.


Then, as if her feet had wheels on them, she disappeared in an instant.


It was a lion-like footwork with physical abilities.


‘But you probably didn’t know this.’


The fact that my ability has improved for sneaking things out!


‘Was the manifestation of abilities smooth today?’


Wasn’t it about time to be exhausted and dehumanized?


Sophina shook her brown leather pouch in admiration.


Shoot! There were tiny grains inside, there was a sound like a grain of rice shaking.


What are you using it for? Did I take the right one?


Sophina opened the leather pouch and rummaged through the contents.


A fine auburn powder that glitters and gives off a colorful light.


It was similar to what I saw in the maid’s hand.


“Calypso bark powder. Snakes are crazy about it.”


Ricardo, who had kept silent and stood by Sophina, spoke.


“Oh my…! Knowing somethingㅡ”


Sophina swept her chest in surprise at his sudden voice she heard.


‘What? Since when have you been here?’


It was just now that Sophina had noticed Ricardo was next to her.


Because she only focused on the maids, she didn’t know he was this close.


Sophina reflexively moved away from Ricardo.


At that moment, a small pain suddenly rose from her leg.




Perhaps because she was busy chasing after the maids, she didn’t realize her sore ankle.


She bends her knee and massages her swelling ankle.


A blunt tingling pain swept over her like a wave.


Doubts about Ricardo, who had been messing with her mind until just now, evaporated in an instant.


Eventually, Sophina stumbled.


No, I almost fell.


If only Ricardo, who was right next to her, hadn’t caught her off guard.


Her fine, light blue hair fell over his chest.


It looked like she was hugging him as she fell awkwardly in his arms.


Sophina fixed her gaze on the ground, then flinched and took a step back away from him.


But instead, she stumbled again, and this time she fell on her butt properly.


“Ouch!” Sophina said, struggling to get up.


However even if she tried her legs gave out and she couldn’t stand on her own.


“Get on my back.” Ricardo said in a clear voice.




She raised her head and looked up at him.


Then she met his sunken blue eyes that looked clear as a lake.


Ricardo frowned, and his gaze turned down naturally.


Sophina clothes were disheveled and her ankles were swollen.


Ricardo’s eyebrows, as he looks at her, narrowed distastefully.


Soon, he turned his gaze to another place and indifferently wrapped his coat around Sophina’s waist.


‘Oh? Are you helping me?’ (Sophina)


She grabbed the coat, which was tied haphazardly as if it was about to fall off.


“I don’t care if you want a hug.” Ricardo said in a friendly manner.


But to Sophina it felt like a warning that if she didn’t listen to him, she would only embarrassingly squirm around.


Somehow she got carried away by Ricardo.


Sophina awkwardly placed her hand on Ricardo’s shoulder.


And her field of vision faltered in accordance with his stride.


The two legs that were held in Ricardo’s arms were also swaying.


It was early evening when the sun had set. A cool breeze blew with the sound of grasshoppers.


This peaceful evening sky was imbued with mysterious mana that made people feel comfortable.


Sophia leaned unconsciously against the back of Ricardo.


He had a subtly different and familiar scent from the first time they met.


‘It smells like warm sunshine.’


It wasn’t bad… He felt a bit reliable.


Meanwhile, the shoes that were dangling from the tip of her toes fell off.


Ricardo casually picked up Sophina’s shoes.


“My wife’s very demanding.”


Ricardo, who spoke unknowingly, hurried down the path he had been walking on.


‘I felt something strange.’


It was similar to what I felt when we danced together.


‘Male lead was a bit crazy at first, but now I think we might get along well.’


Maybe like a friend…


Sophina looked up at the star in the sky and muttered inwardly.


‘I don’t think being friends would be bad…?’





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