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For that reason, it was a power that was dangerous to use excessively.


Each of these abilities has limitations and side effects.


There seemed to be no such restriction on Sophina’s ability, telekinesis.


Suddenly, such a thought crossed my mind.


Wouldn’t it be okay to have a friend who bicker with each other instead of being obsessed with each other?


It’s been a long time since I’ve decided not to get involved with the male lead anyway.


Well, maybe because of the help I received, I was a little grateful.


Come to think of it, I thought there would be more good things about being friends with him.


There’s nothing wrong with being friendly. I didn’t know it would be this easier to get rid of the death flag.


Of course, it’s the male lead, and he’ll never let a friend die.


Let’s be friends in moderation, and then divorce neatly when the heroine appears.


Sophina decided to be very close friends with Ricardo.


A friend who makes fun of each other and wishes each other happiness.


‘If I’m lucky, maybe he could be my best friend, right?’


Sophina glanced at his calm face over his shoulder. Then she mumbled.


“I’m heavy, right?”


“Yes, very much.” Ricardo replied without hesitation.


Do you want me to hit you? Why don’t I throw a chokeslam while I’m on your back?


She clenched her fists.


Ricardo laughed softly in response.


The cold, elongated corners of the eyes gently curved in crescent shape.


The tremor of that laughter tickled over her delicate skin and tickled Sophina.


‘Oh, so you’re smiling prettily huh?’


Of course, all she saw was his side profile reflected in the moonlight.


Sophina’s eyelashes fluttered wildly.


There was something heavy in my mind.


“Let’s be friends!” Sophina went straight like a bulldozer and shouted.


However, when Ricardo heard it, he walked silently without even responding.




Sophina said it out of courage.


As such complaints crept up, he paused.


Then, with a bewildered voice, he expressed his doubts one step later.




“Friends, let’s do it!” Sophina nodded cheerfully.


But it was a cut-off refusal that came back.


“I don’t want to.”


“Why? No, why?” Sophina asked as she tilted in daze, her pupils twitched blankly.


Realizing the importance of her plan, she thought more deeply.


‘Then should I seduce him and talk about it again after we’ve gotten more comfortable with each other?’


While making that determination, Ricardo bluntly moved forward.


The destination was a new room in the mansion.


Clinging to his back, she pointed her finger to the right end of the hallway and said.


“You still have to go further to my room…”


“This way, not that way.”


Ricardo gently pointed Sophina’s fingers and turned to where he was headed.


Toward the door right in front of us.


He naturally grabbed the doorknob and turned it.


“It’s a rule for couples to share a room.”




A new room? Confused by the unexpected realization, she was suddenly led into the room by him.


The interior of the new room was quite ordinary, contrary to what I had imagined.


To be exact, it was cute and lovely, as if it had been decorated for the age of Sophina and Ricardo.


Refreshing light yellow wallpaper, ivory-colored furniture to match, dainty animal-shaped decorations in places.


When did they prepare all this?


Then she looked around like a meerkat.


“Wow!” Sophina exclaimed in admiration.


Ricardo’s lips twitched weakly at her innocent exclamation.


Because Khan asked in a letter, he also gave a little insight into the interior of the new room.


Ricardo walked around the room so that she could take a closer look.


After looking around the room. He carefully put Sophina down on the fluffy bed.


Sophina naturally reached for the soft blanket.


The white sheet was wrinkled along the traces of Sophina.


Sophina was wriggling in a clumsy sitting position because of her injured leg.


Ricardo, who was looking down at the scene, opened the drawer by the bedside.


A first-aid kit containing emergency medicine.


He took it out and sat on one knee on the floor.


It seemed a little subdued, but Sophina could hear a clear voice as before.






This time, it’s not a hand, but a foot.


As she stared blankly, Ricardo casually asked.


“We should treat it, don’t you think?”


Only then did Sophina put out her foot timidly.


He pulled out an ointment from the box.


Turns out it’s just a pain relief patch or something.


The slippery and cold feel of the ointment cooled sensitive swollen skin.


When someone else touched it, my ankle, which was quite swollen even to the naked eye, felt cold.




The pain oozed along as Sophina cried.


Ricardo applied the ointment with a calm touch, not paying attention.


Sophina thought blankly at the familiar and careful first aid.


The ability of the lions was to strengthen their body. The ability to strengthen one’s body to its limits.


Didn’t it mention in the original that he could split a mountain with a single punch and cut through the sea.


‘Anyway, you’ve done this kind of treatment a lot, so you’re good at it.’


At the moment she could have guessed according to the stream of consciousness, Ricardo meticulously wrapped the bandage in the shape of a ribbon.


It was a neat finish.


“It’s done.”


“Tha-thank you.”


Ouch~ The slight pain was still felt, but it became more comfortable.


Somehow I felt that I owe Ricardo quite a lot.


‘I think it was said that in the original work, there was no exchange of favors like this, and it was a lukewarm relationship.’


A while ago, my request to be friends was cut off at once.


It was a personality that I didn’t even know.


Well, if you look at someone who got hurt, it’s hard to get past it because of a beast’s psychology.


It’s just…


It’s a little suspicious.


When he carried me, I was distracted by other things, so I didn’t think about it deeply, but there was something strangely bothering me.


Ricardo’s attitude as if he knows everything.


Aren’t all main characters of a novel walking encyclopedia?


It might be because of that.


‘The problem was that I don’t know if that kind of ability would be good or bad for me.’


Still, seeing Ricardo treating me like this, it didn’t seem too bad after all.


‘Well, thank you because I’m grateful.’


There’s a light smile around Sophina’s lips.


Ricardo’s blue eyes, looking up at me made me a bit nervous.


Sophina turned her head without thinking.


Naturally, the moment when she almost met Ricardo’s gaze.


A polite knock came from the door.


“Lord, I have brought you some delicious food as ordered.”


A servant brought a tray full of appetizing food.


It seemed that Ricardo had ordered for a light food to be brought in advance even before looking around the room.


It was late for dinner as usual.


“And this was the cocoa that Lady Sophina had ordered.” Said the servant, pointing to the hot cocoa.


Seems like the maids had prepared it


‘Oh, they didn’t forget this.’


Sophina grumbled inside and took a step.


“Thank you for the meal.”


After the servants left, Sophina and Ricardo sat side by side and ate the savory soup.


The room was filled with silence, so only the sound of tableware could be heard.


‘It’s so awkward, when would we get to know each other?’


Thinking of her dark future, Sophina shook her head and drank the cocoa.


Just then, she found something under the glass.


-I’m so sorry. 


A small note with no name and difficult to recognize with it’s handwriting.


But I could guess who it was.


I remembered a brown-haired maid, who was the most docile.


‘What’s this…?’


Sophina took a big bite of the bread in front of her.


She remained determined to uncover the faults of the maids.


Earlier, Ricardo said the powder makes the snakes crazy.


Sophina was almost certain that what happened at her wedding was the work of the maids.


But her heart was a little strange.


She quickly folded the note and put it in her pocket.


Anyway, the meal time was getting ripe.


It was Ricardo who put down the spoon first and said calmly,


“I’ll wash up first.” (Ricardo)




Sophina looked surprised, biting the fork she was holding, hiding her mouth that almost opened like a pelican.


Meanwhile, the bathroom door, which was connected to the room, slammed shut.


Whoosh~ There was a faint sound of running water.


Sophina gulped down her cocoa during the gloomy days. Then she would often walk and lay on the sofa.


She pulled up a large blanket up to her neck.


It’s been about 20 minutes already.


Suddenly, the door opened and Ricardo returned to the bed.


Well, he wasn’t dressed in a casual outfit like in the novel.


He was wearing animal-pajamas for teenagers!


After a moment of reassurance, Ricardo swept back his wet hair and said,


“Why are you doing that?”


At his question, Sophina ran and locked the bathroom door and spoke.


“Me too! I’m going to wash up and sleep! Cleanliness was important.”


‘Why was cleanliness important…?’


Sophina mumbled as she banged her head against the hard bathroom wall.


My ankle throbbed because I suddenly ran.


‘Oh, I don’t know. Let’s not worry about it.’


As she was shaking her head, she sighed and went into the new bathtub.


As she immersed herself in the warm water, she didn’t feel her heart flutter anymore. The tingling feet seemed okay too.


Sophina’s eyes kept closing.


‘I felt like I was going to lose my mind that I was barely maintaining.’


‘Today, I used a lot of my power and it was a lot of fun. It’s a good thing I endured everything!’


Could it be that my skills have improved a little thanks to the training that I’ve been doing consistently so far?


Sophina smiled thinking so, as she poked her finger into the white foam that filled the bathtub.


The sound of water echoed in the bathroom.


“I should get out of here…”


Sophina pulled herself up and grabbed the side of the ivory bathtub.


Spending the whole day using her powers and having a warm bath at the end of the day, she felt tired and drained of energy.


To the point where it’s hard to maintain my human form.


‘Huh? I don’t want to turn here. That’s really bad.’


A white cloud with a completely different feel from water vapor spread around it.




Soon after, the cute blue bird that appeared fell into the bathtub.




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