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‘What? Lion?’


Sophina’s body froze for a moment.


A fierce roar of a lion could be heard from somewhere.


The windows broke because of the loud roar.




The fact that a lion attacked the eagle family…


‘Am I getting married to the male lead soon?’


A petty dispute between the eagle and the lion and a marriage alliance to appease each family.


This was a story from the beginning of the novel.


‘The atmosphere in the family has been a bit tense lately.’


Didn’t the eagles disrespected the lion’s head and the relationship between the two races deteriorated sharply?


I expected the original story to start soon.


‘Even so, I never thought they would invade the Eagle Territory, which was a small kingdom, right away.’


As expected, the lion’s fighting power was extraordinary.


Sophina was flying hard following her older sister.


With her life on the line, she has to decide whether to become the bride of the male lead or not.


But… Why does the roar of the lions seem to be more audible than before?


It’s getting cold.


It feels like dagger flew and pierced my chest.


Why does it feel like my sister was going to the main entrance instead of the secret passage behind the mansion?


If I were a lion, I would have come majestically through the front door.


‘It’s the other way around, you bird head!’


‘My older sister was really a birdhead.’


I’m screwed.


‘I could be in danger at this rate.’


I couldn’t be put to death before I could do something right.


“Twit, twit, twit!”


Sophina flapped her wings frantically to warn her sister.


I don’t want to be bitten by a lion’s teeth and play with the Lord of the Underworld!




The roaring of a fierce beast shook the heavens and earth as if to tear up the air around them.


‘Was it too late?’


I had a bad feeling.


Just at that moment, a golden female lion with a muscular back came striding towards the end of the hallway.


The formidable claws from the large front paws penetrated the marble floor violently.


It was simply a predator that preyed on weak animals.


Sophina and her sister were so scared that they froze as if their legs were stuck in the ground.


The lion, who was leisurely observing them, opened its mouth.


‘If that mouth bites you, you’ll be dead.’


As soon as that thought occurred to me, the voice of my mean older sister hit my eardrums.


“I’m going first, you idiot.”


The older sister, who notified me, grabbed my legs, which were stiffened by tension, and threw me as hard as she could.




This crazy sister!


A small bluebird flew into the lion’s mouth in a parabola.


It had been a long time since the naughty older sister had turned into her eagle form and left here with a basket.


The bluebird floated around the air spinning like a boomerang.


‘Ugh, I feel like throwing up.’


I feel nauseous.


I couldn’t even think properly because my head was upside down 360 degrees.


Before I knew it, I could see the lion’s fangs shining in front of me.


‘My poor little life!’


Sophina, foreseeing the torment to come, tightly closed her eyes.


However, she didn’t feel the pain of her bones being crushed.




Sophina carefully lifted one of her eyelids.


And soon thereafter, I was appalled.


‘Th-this was really crazy!’


Maybe it’s a joke of fate, because I sat with my butt on the nose of the fearsome lion!


‘When did I develop this sense of balance?’


Sophina nodded her head, feeling the texture of the fluffy lion’s fur.


The raw yellow lion’s eyes glared at Sophina grimly.


The bluebird and the lion made eye contact at a distance of only about a centimeter pounding to hell.


Each other’s pupils move chaotically.


‘Ugh,’ the lion coughed low.


Sophina’s body flew away without being able to resist.


‘I-I’m falling!’




With an insignificantly small sound. The bluebird fell down and fell on its light butt.


‘I need to come to my senses.’


Sophina, lying flat on the floor, stretched out her two short legs and tried her best to stand up.


After she slipped a few times, she barely managed to balance herself.


Sophina, who raised her tail feathers, looked up at the lion with her round eyes.


A mysterious crown-shaped mark was engraved on the huge lion’s forehead.


It was a mark that only appeared on the head of the family.


That means…


‘It must be the lion who would become my mother-in-law.’


I mean the mother of the male lead…


Since the Male lead was still young and he couldn’t be the head 


Khan Chedwick, This time the great lion was the head of the state.


It was said that her strength and abilities were the greatest among the lion heads of all time.


The eyes that look down on Sophina and the charisma that comes out from her whole body.


All this was telling that the story about Khan was true.


‘It’s not someone I could face alone…’


Sophina raised her wings in a pose that seemed like she was being punished.


It was a clear gesture of surrender.


Khan Chedwick, who had been watching her silently, thrusts her face at her.


Thump, thump…


She even smelled it.


With dynamic movements that seem to eat her up at any moment.


‘Woah, scary!’


Sophina lifted her wings higher.


Even though I had poor physical strength, I felt like I was going to get cramps…


‘Surrender, s-surrender?’


Oh, was it supposed to mean obedience for lions to show their bellies?




‘Okay, here you go!’


Sophina hurriedly overturned the boat.


And she cried like a lost child, weeping pitifully.


She was begging for life.


Even so, Khan didn’t care and looked at Sophina, who was rummaging around her.


Grooming her belly, patting her feet, biting her nape without pain, she lifted her up.


For a minute…




A gentle, middle-aged woman’s voice resounded in Sophina’s head.


She glanced at her prospective mother-in-law with a startled look.


I heard that a high-ranking beast could convey their thoughts to others.


She must have used that ability.


‘As expected, my mother-in-law was amazing.’


If you’re cool, you’re cute. If you’re strong, it’s my mother!


It was Sophina who unknowingly called Khan her mother.


She admired her as she looked straight up at Khan with her dazzling eyes.


Khan’s eyebrows slid upward and her eyes curled strangely.


Do you have any big meals like that? She looked like she was going to say that.


‘I must have looked at you too openly.’


Sophina lowered her eyes timidly.


However, the atmosphere wasn’t as if she was going to be chewed up right away.


It must be similar to how a cat rolls around a mouse it has caught and plays with it.


‘I don’t think she’s going to kill me…’


Sophina glanced at Khan’s eyes.


After playing with Sophina for a long time, she concluded clearly.


-That’s fresh, the response was quick.


What? Doesn’t that mean it looks delicious like live fish?


Sophina, frightened for a moment, smiled innocently at her and fell back to the floor.


She then pretended she wasn’t fresh as she cheaply exposed her tummy.


Like a dead fish floating upside down on the water.


But mother’s face was still furiously grimacing.


‘Wasn’t this right?’


Sophina, who had been agonizing, quickly returned to the upright position and raised her wing.


Then, soon after, she bent her wings, which she was holding, to make a heart shaped wings.


‘It was a trick to shake a sheep.’


Calmly appreciating the desperate efforts of Sophina, Khan expressed her doubts bluntly.


-‘Are you asking for a fight?’


No, this doesn’t mean to split my mother’s skull in half.


Sophina shook her head and strongly denied it.


Khan slowly moved her large front paws.


Frightened by her movement, she looked around and quickly searched her surroundings.


Just in time, I noticed some blue jewels that my sister had dropped.


Sophina picked up the sapphire at the speed of light and handed it to her mother.




‘…It was a bribe.’


-‘It’s small, but it’s weird. And that pattern…’


Khan’s head tilted to the side.


It didn’t look bad.


The lion’s eyes remained on Sophina’s right wing.


Spena raised her wings and looked at her mother-in-law with curiosity.


There were jewel-shaped spots on her blue wings that she had from birth.


‘Why are you looking at my body so carefully? Do you want me to clean up everything I have and everything I don’t have?’, 


Sophina had a flash of realization.


Because they were shapeshifters…


Grumbling inwardly, she first took the jewels in her mouth and flew them to Khan’s back.


‘Even doing a delivery service.’


‘Would this be enough to let me live? I don’t have anything more…’


Sophina gave a pitiful look, and then she quietly hit her back.


It didn’t work.


Khan, who was watching her with cold-blooded eyes, grabbed her back and bit her.


Fortunately, it didn’t hurt much as she controlled her strength.


However, Sophina’s ordeal had only just begun.


‘Where the hell are we going?’


Mother roamed the mansion with a forceful stride.


Perhaps they had already finished occupying the mansion, and the more they went on, the more the lions with a harsh impression increased.


They growled and whirled around us.


It must be the first time they’ve seen the head lion carrying a blue bird.


I felt suffocated by the curious gaze of the predators.


Sophina, dangling from Khan, covered her eyes with her wings and trembled softly.


Eventually, as if arriving at her destination, Khan stood still.


Sophina glanced away.




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