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The little snake sticks out its thin tongue cheerfully.


Then he got on Ricardo’s body and came down to the sofa.


He seemed happy to pretend to know.


Although it was a trap that he seemed to like to tease the maids.


Sophina roughly handed the little snake back to Ricardo and calmly started talking.


“There are so many things I want to ask you guys.” (Sophina)


She pulled out the leather pocket from her arms. Then she threw it onto the low table in front of the sofa.


Brown powder flowed through the gap that hadn’t been completely closed.


After checking the contents, the faces of the maids turned pale once again.


A questioning face of why the thing that they kept well was here.


‘You must feel guilty. Now I have to make everyone confess.’


In order for Sophina not to be underestimated, she had a cold expression on her face.


It was her own strategy.


Sophina tilted her head towards the leather pocket.


“First, this powder. You know what I mean, right?” (Sophina)


A low voice sharply cut the air in the room.


However, the maid, who remained the most calm, quickly remained silent and feigned ignorance.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t know. Even if you ask me to do something…”


“You really don’t know? It’s yours.”


Sophina stopped talking, and resolutely wanted them to tell the truth.


The maid still took it off with an abominable look.


“Yes? What are you talking about?”


Sophina’s eyes naturally frowned at the shameless and heinous attitude.


‘You’re coming out like this?’


If they had admitted it right away and given a reasonable excuse, I might have been convinced.


It was suspicious to tell such a noticeable lie.


Gradually, it felt unpleasant.


Phew…’ Sophina calmed herself as she exhaled.


Soon after, she spoke resolutely, as if she had been pondering over each syllable.


“On the wedding day, you sprinkled this Calypse bark on my shoes. It’s because snakes like to eat this.” (Sophina)


“We really don’t know…”


“Really? Then, what was the conversation you had?” (Sophina)


Sophina responded with a shrill tone.


The faces of the maids were puzzled by the rambling story of Sophina.


Sophina jumped up from the sofa.


No, I was about to get up.


If only Ricardo had not stopped her, who had been silent.


Sophina, who was pulled back at her seat, looked up at him with round eyes.


Ricardo went silently to a corner of the room.


Then he came back with a laundry basket wrapped in white cloth.


‘Did you notice that I got up to get the laundry basket? Well, anyway, that’s heavy…’ (Sophina)


Sophina glanced at Ricardo, who had returned to his place with a smirk.


Then, when she came to her senses, she removed the white cloth and went straight to the point.


“Those things you said while washing these clothes, because I heard it.”


Sophia glanced over the faces of the maids, one by one.


Their expressions became strange.


When they first lost it, Sophina noticed, but since they couldn’t find it, they had forgotten about it.


And that was proof that the maids were not sincere.


“At that time, you talked about the plan to ruin my first dance at my wedding.” (Sophina)


Sophina spit the decisive words.


The maids all at once let out a sigh, filled with shock and surprise.


The brown-haired maid, who had been consistent with the most passive attitude so far, bowed her head to an early guilt.


It was a situation where she couldn’t even deny it any longer.


Even so, a maid who chewed her lips as if she couldn’t admit it persisted in denial.


“You’re misunderstanding. You must have heard it wrong.”


“That’s right! We’ve never done that, Lord Ricardo.”


Then the other maid desperately fought back.


Looking straight at Ricardo, not Sophina.


‘Are you trying to look good to a stronger person? Not to me, the person involved?’


At that cunning attitude, Sophina raised one eyebrow and responded meaninglessly.




At that word, the maid poured out words as if she had waited.


“Of course, you may have been offended by our words and actions the other day, but we never did anything like that!”


Sophina listened to the story with one ear and turned to the little snake.


“Canus, what do you think?”


-There’s nothing more to see, it’s them.


Canus answered clearly.


He certainly nailed it in a clever way.


It’s the voice of the beasts who put me in the black sack and took me to the garden, the wavelengths are the same.


“What-? How could a little snake have such powers…”


The snake’s voice penetrated everyone’s minds at once.


The maids covered their mouths with both hands in disbelief.


‘As expected, these maids were the culprits that got me in trouble.’


Sophina clenched her fists tightly. Her fingertips turned white.


There are still more surprises left for the maids.


Because Canus’ revelations didn’t end there.


-Oh, and when I was in the sack someone said, ‘Don’t worry, Jane.’


The little snake stuck out its red tongue and wiggled it cheekily.


-Was Jane here?


It was the same question as a village murder.


‘If it were Jane, she would be the brown haired maid who seemed to be the owner of the note I found under the cup.’


Sophina glanced at the maid.


“What happened, Jane?”


Jane flopped and knelt down, and sobbed out a story that was nothing less than an acknowledgment of her crime.




“It’s a trap, Sophina!”


Just then, another maid quickly interrupted Jane’s words.


At the same time, she equally sat on the floor and shook her head desperately.


A trembling, weeping voice appealed to Sophina with a pitiful voice.


“Trust me. I don’t know how that wicked baby snake found out Jane’s name, but it’s just a trick.”


“The words of a deceiver. You are being fooled, both of you!”


The maid, who was the only one standing there and grasping the situation, also bowed her head and helped from their side.


The two maids begged, squeezing tears.


It was a performance that could fool those who did not know the reality.


It seemed like it was going to be like this until the end of the day.


-Wow, that’s so blatant.


The little snake, who had suddenly become a liar, admired their acting.


Spena also smiled in a short feeling of exhilaration.


If it went like this, I think we would just repeat all over.


Soohina slammed the armrest of the sofa with her clenched fists and smashed the counter.


“I and the snake have seen and heard it. Was there anything more certain than that?”


That sharp blade-like word cut through the air fiercely.


There was no particular regret for the maids.


‘Because I knew you hated me. But still…’


Trying to deceive everyone like this was a different matter.


It was obvious that they would continue to act recklessly in the future if I overlooked them now.


‘Then I would be one step closer to the dead end.’


Moreover, Sophina needed to establish her position in the mansion for her future plans


As I got permission from my mother, shouldn’t I punish them for sure?


That way, they won’t be able to do something like this again.


Sophina deliberately smiled at them.


Then she sarcastically spoke calmly.


“I have witnesses and evidence, how long would you pretend to be ignorant?”


The maids instinctively sensed the atmosphere, and changed their target, and now begged Ricardo again.


“Lord! Please believe us. As the same lions…”


“You’re bothering me. It’s not even fun.”


Ricardo looked down at the maid, who seemed to hold onto his legs, and shuddered with his shrill voice.


He suddenly crumbled as if trying to get something out of his arms.


Ricardo slipped out something and gave Sophina the unidentified object.


Silver fountain pen?


She stared at him with puzzled eyes.


In those eyes, Ricardo whispered so low that only Sophina could hear him.


“Draw a line obliquely in the air. Because that’s the starting word.”




Sophina unknowingly lifted up the fountain pen and scribbled it diagonally.


Shortly thereafter, a strange thing happened.


Something like a soft light leaked out following the movement of the pen nib.


The colorful particles gathered to create a shape.


The figures of the maids hidden by the green branches.


To be exact, it was the scene where the maid was washing the clothes that Sophina had entrusted the other day.


Before long, the painting began to move as if it were alive.


Making sounds like this.


[…You said you caught a baby snake in the border area. You should release it at the wedding. Snakes are birds’ natural enemies, so let’s just scare her.]


It was such vivid evidence that everyone was astonished.


“No, that’s ridiculous! How could this…”


The embarrassed maid stuttered when she saw Sophina.


However, Sophina also had no idea what it was.


‘What the hell was this fountain pen?’


She squinted and stared through Ricardo.


He shrugged his shoulders and stood up with a gentle gesture.


“My wife seems to have solved it well, so I’ll get going.” (Ricardo)




At the sudden remark, Sophina involuntarily grabbed the hem of Ricardo’s clothes.


Ricardo said, holding Sophina’s arm down with a soft touch.


“It would be better without me. You could take care of the rest, right?” (Ricardo)


‘What does that mean?’


Without having to feel such a question, Ricardo hastened his stride.


‘Click’, He turned the doorknob and glanced back to look at the little snake.


“Baby snake.”


-Why, brother?


“If they mess up, bite them.” (Ricardo)


With those merciless words, the door closed.


Sophina blinked blankly.


-I’ve been itching to grow new teeth these days!


Canus chatted brightly next to Sophina.


Then, he opened his mouth wide and vomited a cry.


Seeing the transparent venom dripping under the baby snake’s long fangs, the maids shook their arms.


Soon, I glared fiercely to see if their pride was damaged as a beast.


‘I’ll have to ask the maids after I deal with the fountain pen first.’


Spena turned to the maids and asked a cold question as if to answer.


As Sophina turned her gaze towards the maids, she asked coldly, as she wanted the correct answer from them.


“Would you deny it again?”


After Sophina’s words, silence fell in the room.


A few minutes later.


Jane admitted her mistake with a calm face as if she had made up her mind.


“I’ll take any punishment sweetly. I’m really sorry.”


The other two maids rolled their eyes at Jane’s apology.


“Jane, you…!”


But what more excuses could she make when her colleague has confessed to her sins?


The rest of the maids, like her, also clashed and begged for mercy.


“Sophina, no, littleㅡ! I mean, that’s…”


Now they seemed to realize how things were going.


Sadly, the words that came out of their mouths only aggravated Sophina’s anger.


“Well, I’m really sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose, madam.”


“We didn’t know that the snake was a poisonous snake, and we did it as a joke… Please forgive me! Madam, please…”


A selfish excuse that only the selfish ones think of.


Sophina approached the two maids who didn’t repent properly of their sins until the end and only hoped for leniency.


The maids naturally had no choice but to look up at Sophina.


Sophina spoke in such a clear sharp voice enough for everyone to hear.


“You two are fired.”




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