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At that moment, Ricardo let out a small sigh. Because there was a fact that suddenly ran through his head.


‘When I first saw Sophina in the mansion, I must have…’


He calmly rolled up his right hand, which had an opal-shaped mark.


The opal mark gradually increased in size enough to cover the palm of his hand, but soon diminished.


And in it, Ricardo’s unique energy overflowed.


The energy that was so full was transferred to Sophina on her mark.


Thanks to this, the black spot-like pattern on Sophina’s forearm also shone softly.


Of course, Sophina didn’t notice it because she was wearing clothes covering her arms.


But the surprise has just begun.


Sophina’s white mark, the token of the contract she signed with Jane, faded and returned to its original state.


This was because Ricardo’s energy pushed out Jane’s Talite.


So Jane’s Talite was no longer felt by Sophina.


Instead, only Ricardo’s energy wrapped around the pattern on Sophina.


He muttered to himself, raising the corners of his lips in satisfaction.


“Now it’s worth watching.”


It didn’t break the contract.


After all, the other person’s Talite doesn’t disappear by itself over time.


However, it was only a kind of experiment.


I also felt this when I met her in the mansion’s garden, but I’ve never heard of such a contract connected to another person like this.’ ᴿᶦᶜᵃʳᵈᵒ


All the more so when it could exert impact to this extent.


“As expected, this pattern was a special case. It’s tainted black as well.”


Why was the pattern of the contract that should be white, black instead?


Ricardo slowly lifted his right hand.


Then he looked down at the black opal pattern, which was filled with Sophina’s energy.


This was no ordinary contract.


In the first place, a contract that could transfer one’s energy to the other could not have been normal.


Even Ricardo didn’t know how this contract came to be.


Anyhow, that bluebird could wield me as she pleases.‘ ᴿᶦᶜᵃʳᵈᵒ


If so, was it possible that we could become shackles of each other?


At the bewildering question that disturb his mind, Ricardo struggled to erase the frown on his face.


This makes me more curious...’


Ricardo leaned more deeply against the branch feeling a sense of wonder for some reason.


‘As expected, I don’t know either even if I think about it.’


He couldn’t even decide whether Sophina would benefit him or not.


Maybe I’ll find out soon if I take some time to watch her more closely.


The thing that bothers me…


The disturbance at the wedding, the rudeness of the lions, and the fuss of the maids.


In fact, she was able to solve it without my help.


It meant that she could simply leave the territory at any time and fly as a bird.


And it was really difficult.


Ricardo had so much he wanted to find out about Sophina.


What should I do to stay close to that bluebird?


“Should I hang out with her as a friend?” ᴿᶦᶜᵃʳᵈᵒ


I’m not that attracted to the thought.


Being a not so precious couple, woven by a dry document that could disappear at any moment.


This much was just right.


Ricardo bit his lower lip softly under the slightly dark shadow covered by the tree.


Then, with his hand, he wiped the small bite mark on his lips.


“We don’t have to become friends. I hate that word.” ᴿᶦᶜᵃʳᵈᵒ


Ricardo jumped off the tree gracefully as a cat’s movement.


Sophina’s figure could still be reached at the end of his gaze.




The next morning…


Sophina was working on a report.


Written in cursive handwriting on a white piece of paper, it was about yesterday’s work.


Mother said I could take care of it however I wanted, but I have to report the situation.’ ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


She drew a table with a fairly skillful touch and organized it in an easy-to-understand manner.


It’s my second life after all!


Who was the culprit, 


•What punishment was imposed, and 


•What measures to take to prevent repetition of such incidents in the future.


Sophina, who wrote all of those things, put down the fountain pen.


‘That’s right, the fountain pen.’ ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


The thought about the suspicious silver fountain pen suddenly struck me.


I hinted at Ricardo, but I didn’t get anything.


However, there was a way to guess.


‘It could be a nuisance if he comes to know that I have such a unique power.’


An object that contains a mysterious divine power.


The beasts here deified nature and worshiped it.


Sun, moon, stars, clouds… Well, such things.


‘I mean, it’s definitely weird. Why was Ricardo helping me so much?’ ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


I was thankful, but it felt a little uncomfortable and confusing.


Well, I would have ignored a reasonable favor, but if it was related to a new special object, the scale was different.


However, I had nothing to think of to say that he had a different purpose.


After we get close, should I ask him directly once we’re able to feel comfortable with each other?


Just as Sophina was about to think deeply, the maid, who was standing next to her, spoke.


“Little Madam, are you done?”


“Oh, Jane. Please deliver this to my mother.” ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


Sophina ordered the brown-haired maid who became much faster than she used to be on obeying the orders.


“…Yes, little madam.”


Jane, who was guilty, bowed her head politely with a prickly guilty expression on her face.


I’d be able to live a proper life now!” ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


She, who was wary, bowed gently like a newly released prisoner.


Sophina, who was left alone in the room, shook her head in a strange voice.


“Was the effect of the contract very strong? I felt too much energy.” ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


There was a white pearl-shaped mark, but nothing seems to have changed much.


In spite of the fact that they each shared Talite, there was nothing the contractors could do.


It felt like I just got a pretty tattoo on the back of my hand.’


Sophina leaned deep against the chair and spun around.


‘Since I’ve just finished things roughly, I have to do what I originally planned.’


Sophina pondered by folding her fingers one by one.


It would have been good for my situation to be friends instead of obsessing over Ricardo, and seeing what happened at the wedding, it seemed quite doable to be recognized by lions.


Shouldn’t I also try to coax Canus to help me make my retirement funds?


‘From now on, I could do it step by step.’


Sophina smiled with her hands clasped together on her chest.


What should I do first…?


At that moment, I thought of a very good way to get one step closer to these goals.


Without realizing it, Sophina clapped her hands and shouted in a hoarse voice.


“I should go out!”


The basis of everything was a market research, wasn’t it?


Land management and business.


Sophina had too little information about the lions’ territory.


Important things were something that could be obtained only when faced directly.


‘Then, should I ask my mother for permission to go out and ask her if she has any chores I could help with?’ ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


Sophina rolled her eyes and agonized fiercely.


Moreover, there was a unique information desk on the street outside the mansion.


It was a place that was mentioned occasionally in the original work.


‘Because it was sponsored by another main villain.’


If I take over it in advance, it would be helpful in some way in the future.


‘It would be easier to avoid the dead end and prepare to enjoy life after the divorce, right?’


A twinkle shone in Sophina’s chestnut-colored eyes.


As expected, the opportunity to look outside came sooner than expected.




At that time, Jane knocked on the door of Khan’s office.


“Come in.”


Jane bowed and handed over the documents politely.


“Lord, this… It’s the report written by the little madam.”


Khan answered with a calm and profound low-pitched tone, even though Jane didn’t give any further explanation.


“Yeah, you must have realized a lot from this.” ᴷʰᵃⁿ


It was the figure of a ruler who had already seen through everything.


Khan continued to speak with a stern expression that exuded the charisma of a lion ruler.


“I’ve entrusted the punishment to my daughter-in-law this time, so let’s see. But you know that there won’t be a second chance, right?” ᴷʰᵃⁿ


“I’ll keep that in mind, my lord.” ᴶᵃⁿᵉ


At that resolute gesture, Jane swallowed dry saliva and nodded firmly.


Khan, who confirmed the determined day she had anticipated, issued a congratulatory order bluntly.




Inside the quiet office. Khan carefully looked through the documents Jane brought.


“A report? I didn’t even ask for it, but the more I see it, the more skillful she gets.” ᴷʰᵃⁿ


In that brief muttering, an indescribable satisfaction was revealed.


“I’ll have to check if the content was also plausible.” ᴷʰᵃⁿ


She dug into every detail whether there was anything lacking or wrong with the report.


Like a cold-hearted but warm teacher.


Before long, Khan blinked, her eyelashes fluttered a couple of times and uttered indifferently.


“I think my daughter-in-law might be a genius.” ᴷʰᵃⁿ


She pulled another document out of the desk drawer with sunken eyes, as if deeply troubled.


…I could leave the work to you?


Khan pulled the string next to her faster than ever before.


“Bring my daughter-in-law right away.” ᴷʰᵃⁿ


Khan gave the order and 10 minutes later.


Knock knock- 


The owner of the knock was Sophina.


“Are you here, baby?”


Khan naturally got up from where she was sitting and pulled out the opposite chair.


Sophina swept her hair awkwardly, as if she couldn’t hide the joy from her call.


Soon after, she answered in a sweet cheerful tone.


“Yes. I was just about to visit you, Mother!” ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


My mother slightly smiled, pouring scarlet tea into the white ceramic teacup on the table.


“Really? Do you have anything you wanted to talk about?” ᴷʰᵃⁿ




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