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“Mother, I… well that’s…”


At Sophina’s timid hesitation,Khan spoke softly like a spring breeze to comfort her.


“Tell me anything comfortably.”


“Uh, well, I’d like to get permission to go out.”


Sophina, who cautiously started to rush to her point, added in a gentle and cute tone.


“…I’m just curious because I haven’t been able to leave the mansion!”


My mother slowly averted my gaze as if thinking about it or maybe worried.


Because of that, I couldn’t read the emotions in my mother’s eyes.


‘Did I go straight to the point without any pretense?’


Sophina gently bit her lip and stamped her feet.


However, as if such concerns were in vain, Khan smiled with her eyes bent beautifully in response.


“It’s alway fine as long as you bring an escort. You don’t have to ask me for permission. It’s up to you.”


“Thank you, mother.” Sophina smiled the same way and expressed her gratitude.


Then her mother, Khan graciously looked at her daughter-in-law’s face.


“But you look like you still have more stories to tell.”


Upon hearing the question, Sophina rolled her eyes gently.


‘For groundwork, let’s make it as natural as possible later.’


Because she could have been seen as a greedy daughter-in-law who’s aiming for real power.


So, first of all, I turned my head slightly as if I had changed my mind.


Uh… Anyway, I think it’s earlier than the usual tea time. Why did you call me?”


Khan’s eyes narrowed at a glance as if she was about to pass.


“No other than that, the report was very useful.”


Her mother smiled and followed the will of the daughter-in-law and answered.


After receiving this report, Khan was actually a little surprised.


‘I liked the clean report status of the skilled person and the ability to find the culprit, but…’


‘The work process was almost flawless.’


Judgment that knows how to boldly abandon traitors, and inclusion and leadership that secures one’s side in the midst of that.


However, the thoroughness of preparing countermeasures because they are not completely reliable.


It was an unbelievable response that came from my little daughter-in-law’s head. It’s incredible.


‘It might be a bluebird but she has a talent like a beast, she really suits the lion family.’


Sophina always exceeded my expectations.


At first, what I initially thought that she was daring gradually became bolder.


‘It’s easy to keep an eye on her as she keeps walking around trying to do a good job.’


It was like looking back at my children’s childhood, who are now blunt.


‘Even in Ricardo, when he was a kid, he struggled and whined to catch an adult buffalo with that small body.’


At that time, I was so proud of him.


Khan recalled the past and was immersed in memories.


As the silence fell, Sophia’s voice awakened the quiet atmosphere.


“…Uh, thank you for taking such good care of me, Mother.”


Khan, who had just shaken off her thoughts, took hold of the handle of the teacup in front of her and finished speaking.


“It’s done with such a neat job, and a quick and easy report.”


Khan had a satisfactory smile around her mouth.


“Being a member of the Chadwick family, it seemed to have a lot of paperwork, so I was going to teach you how to write a report, but I was proud of what you’ve done.”


Even if the sense of responding to the problem was innate, it would have been difficult for beginners to completely fill out the documents perfectly.


It was a fascinating thing.


‘Did I do my job too well?’


Sophina, who was staring at Khan who seemed pleased, waved her hand with eyes wide open.


“I love learning! I taught myself. It’s not that hard.”


Perhaps thanks to the experience from my previous life, I just wrote a report that was written well unconsciously.


Couldn’t I just say it like this?




Mother suddenly exclaimed.


It was an exclamation with a slightly raised end as if it was exciting. Then Khan mumbled softly.


“You must be a genius!”




‘Just what?!’


Sophina stared at her mother, who seemed to often fall into her own world today.


“No, I’m just talking to myself.”


Khan went over the topic little by little, then she hinted as if to continue the flow of their talk.


However, the content was not light at all.


“Ah, and the maids who were kicked out were ordered to stay at their home forever.”


“Yes?” Sophina asked back, puzzled.


What’s going on?


Khan gave advice with a cold gaze, as Sophina had seen from the Eagle Mansion.


Like a ferocious lion who tears off the opponent’s limbs with a single gesture.


“This has to end without a hitch.”


Oops‘, Sophina tried hard to close her mouth, which was about to open on its own.


‘This house was very clear.’


The dismissal was a determined and neat response for myself, but my mother was at a different level.


Was it because she’s the head of the lion family?


Khan, who saw Sophina surprised, she just coughed a bit.


Then, calmly, I brought out the main point.


Originally, I had a different purpose for calling Sophina.


“Anyway, can I ask you a favor? Looking at the report, I thought you’d do well.”


“Oh, well… Of course.”


Sophina, who hesitated at the sudden favor, soon raised the corner of her lips.


‘I hope you won’t make me do anything difficult.’


However, I couldn’t refuse my mother’s words.


“Mother, what kind of request do you have?” So I asked in a curious tone.


Just in time, someone seems to be outside the door waiting.


Suddenly, mother got up from her seat and turned the doorknob with her own hands.


What appeared through the gap in the open door was Ricardo.


“You came at the right time, son.”


Khan naturally led him to the seat next to Sophina.


Ricardo, with a stern expression, sat on a chair flatly. Then he held his chin slowly with one hand and turned his head.


Along with that small movement, his fine white hair was also slightly messed up.


He fixed his gaze at Sophina and asked his mother.


“What did you call me for?”



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