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Khan let out a smirk and tapped the marble table with her finger to focus his attention.


“The two of you have something to do.”


At first glance, two opposite reactions came out at Khan’s request, which felt resolute.


“The two of us…?”


“I’ll do it.”


A fresh counter-question and a resolute affirmation.


Of course, the former was Sophina and the latter was Ricardo.


She stared at Ricador, blinking her eyes.


‘Does he know what it was?’


Sophina snorted as she drank the tea that had cooled down a bit.


Meanwhile, Mother gently wrapped my hands and continued the conversation.


“Actually, it’s not that simple… Daughter-in-law, it’ll be quite helpful for you too.” Khan made eye contact with her daughter-in-law and began to explain in detail.


“The lions go on a tour to the border area in the rich autumn.”


“A tour?”


“It’s an event where you go around to see if the crops are growing well or if there’s any disturbing energy in the area.””


Khan added, tapping the table with her index finger as if telling them to listen carefully because it’s an important story.


“And we hold a banquet in advance to pray for safety in the summer before that.”


It was something I had heard of.


Because it was the background of the episode where the male and female characters dance together for the first time.


‘Of course, it’s not at this year’s banquet.’


As it’s a waste, weren’t all the characters in the original story adults?


‘It was still a long way off.’


Sophina listened to her mother, correcting her mind to take a different path.


“Since the size of the banquet is large, I tend to start preparing around this time of the year…”


Khan paused for a moment, then let out a small sigh, “Hah…


At that, Sophina glanced at her with a puzzled expression.


‘Are you trying to entrust this to me?


It was an event that was emphasized repeatedly in the original. It was said to be one of the most important banquets for the lions.


‘I was going to ask if mother had any chores I could do…’


Maybe it was an opportunity.


Mother quickly changed her expression and returned to her usual friendly attitude and laid down the circumstances.


“In all likelihood, the child who had been in charge of preparing the banquet until now was not in the mansion, so there’s not enough work for that I could do by myself.” Khan muttered as if self-help sounded bitter.


“Still, I always stopped by at this time of the year.”


Unknowingly speaking to herself, Khan came up with a proposal that appealed to Sophina’s wishes.


“Speaking of which, why don’t you show off your skills?”


At first, Khan also planned to have his moderately experienced subordinates do it.


It was not easy for a young daughter-in-law who had just entered the lion family to take charge of the banquet without making any mistakes.


‘But I wanted to believe her once.’


The potential of that little bluebird.


It would be a very good experience for Sophina.


It would also help her understand and adapt to the family’s atmosphere.


‘If she finishes successfully, the number of gazes that reject her saying that she’s a blue bird will decrease.’


Khan now licked her lips as she turned to look at Ricardo, not Sophina.


“Ricardo will be by your side and help you sincerely.”


‘I was going to provide insurance so that she won’t fail.’


Her mother gave a mischievous smile and winked at Sophina.


“Even so, his skills are worth using a lot because he’s well-versed in the situation of the land. I’ll give you permission, so eat as much as you want.”


In fact, there were additional intentions.


‘If we do something together, it will feel like nothing has happened.’


By nature, friendship doesn’t exist between men and women.


All of this was a hypothetical effort by my mother-in-law to support the love of her daughter-in-law and son.


Since it was not easy to meet a daughter-in-law who I liked so much like Sophina.


In a situation where even the same lion betrays its own people, the bluebird, a different race, looks so special…


‘I thought I would never feel this way again because I saw enough things that I could see.’


Khan struggled to add another reason.


‘I’ll have to find out what the pattern and the prophecy have to do with my son.’


To do that, putting the two together like this would be the right choice.


Khan kicked her son’s chair and signaled as if he had to answer quickly.


“Well, if you wish, I’ll be glad.”


Ricardo shrugged after making a beautiful smile.


His eyes remained on Sophina.


As if satisfied with the favorable answer, Mother smiled softly.


Soon, she took turns looking at her daughter-in-law and son.


“Can you do it?”


Sophina nodded fiercely, shooting a twinkling puppy-like eyes.


“Of course, mother!”


As if it wasn’t enough, she clenched her fists, showing her motivation steaming from her head.


“I’ll work really hard and prepare it perfectly!”


It was as if even a stone would be chewed.


Sophina saluted her, bowing like a new soldier who was very disciplined. Then she left Khan’s office.


Ricardo shook his head with an expression that he couldn’t stop her and slowly followed.


Sophina, who was moving forward with passion, suddenly stopped walking.


‘I guess I got too excited. I really don’t know what to do first… ‘


She stood in place and scratched her neck for nothing.


At that time, Ricardo looked down at Sophina and reached out his hand.


“Give me your hand.”


Even before she could answer anything, their fingertips intertwined. He dragged Sophina somewhere.


Before she knew it, the two crossed a garden covered with green grass.


Sophina looking up at him asked, “Where are you going?”


“The library.”


Ricardo spoke, holding her hand not too tight so that his hand in contact with her would not hurt.



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