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At that time, Ricardo’s subtle and deep voice pierced my ears.


“You don’t look so happy.”


He tilted and carefully looked at Sophina’s face.


“Do you want to? It’s very important.”


I shook my head and denied it.


Ricardo strode to narrow the distance as if he was trying to ascertain the truth in Sophina’s words.


His beautiful face stuck out in their short distance.


‘Hey! Wasn’t his handsome-attack too much?’ ˢᵒᵖʰᶦⁿᵃ


I twisted my hair to hide my embarrassment for no reason.


“I mean it.”


“Try a little more. Then I’ll think about whether to believe it.”


Then I crossed my arms defensively and slowly shifted my gaze.


Sophina’s face crumpled like a squirrel who received unfair treatment.


‘What? I feel like the question turned upside down.’


But I’ll do whatever you want. What could I do to strongly express my sincerity?


While agonizing, I soon made a decision.


“Well… I’ll prove it with my wallet.”


It was a pitiful amount, but because of that, I was more determined and sincere.


Sophina bit her lip in embarrassment. Then, soon after, she hid her awkward feelings and burst into laughter.


“If we go together, do you want me to buy you snacks? A particularly expensive one.”


As soon as those words were finished, our gazes intertwined in the air.


Still, Sophina was smiling with her eyes curled in a crescent shape. Her white and soft cheeks popped out cutely following her cute smile.


It was the brightest, pure smile Ricardo had ever seen. Ricardo’s blue eyes had a great stir for a moment.


He turned his head abruptly and stepped forward.


‘Wasn’t that a little bit?’


Sophina put both hands around her mouth and shouted awkwardly.


Uhm? This is a very difficult decision, but it’s true…”


That sounded really embarrassing!


Ricardo covered his mouth with the back of his hand, laughter almost leaked out.


Then, he pretended to act as blunt as possible and gave an answer.


“When my wife begs me so much… I think I should go.”




Sophina blinked puzzledly.


Having said that, Ricardo coughed, and went ahead of Sophina.


Sophina muttered as she watched Ricardo walking away.


“What? I guess the snacks bribe worked according to his taste.”





Meanwhile, two days later.


I was preparing briefly with Canus in my private office.


ㅡYou’re taking me with you, right? I like it so much!


The little snake cheerfully curled its tail innocently.


Of course, that voice echoed only in my head.


I diligently shoved small items such as pens and notebooks into a spacious bag.


‘I took the budget and data that I prepared with Ricardo.’


Although it was not planned, Canus also decided to accompany us on our outing.


How Canus heard the news was due to the little snake’s hunger strike, refusing to eat five meals a day.


And because Canus might help.’


Maybe he’s a genius? Rather, he might have grasped and had better information about the atmosphere of the estate better.


He wasn’t the type to give a favor without price.


Anyway, I was worried about the information. I knew it was operating under the guise of a watch workshop, but I didn’t know exactly where it was.


‘Don’t be impatient Sophina! Let’s do it step by step!’


At that I felt determined.


Then, I turned to a little snake wearing a cute red ribbon as I was ready.


“You have to go around with me. You know that, right?” Sophina urged Canus to do so.


ㅡI know. We’re in the same family. Would I run away?


Canus responded naturally.


The negotiations between the Lion family and the Snake family had ended so that they could stay here at the territory.


It would take some time for the chaotic situation of the snake-beasts to calm down.


Anyway, Canus seemed to have adapted quite well to the Lion territory.


ㅡBut, you’re buying me the Calypse bark powder, right?


The little snake asked with twinkling eyes. To that, Sophina replied playfully.


“Yes. It’s a bribe.”


ㅡWhat? Do you have anything you want from me?


Canus crept around and whispered in a shaky tone. It was his defensive posture.


‘Because snakes are unpredictable. Even though he looks gentle, it’s so obvious that he’s a cunning beast.’


I envied and sweetly praised the little snake.


“Not yet. But I might have one, and you’re very smart.”


ㅡTsk. Why would you do that… But how did you know that?


Canus, who was smiling brightly, responded coyly.


I spoke naturally and in a polite manner.


“I heard you were famous for being a genius in the snake family?”


ㅡOh really? Has the rumor been spread so far?


Canus hid her face behind Sophina’s bag in embarrassment.


‘It’s better to go out using the standard method.’


To compliment him and bribe him a lot.


Canus, unaware of Sophina’s plans, showed off to the fullest.


Unfortunately, the end was a cute act.


ㅡLiving the life of a genius is hard. I’m still seven years old.


Hearing the sound of his short tongue, I instinctively frowned.


The little snake who witnessed the scene was sulky.


-Oh! Sister, are you jealous of me because I’m cute?


Canus stuck out his head once again. The angry little snake’s head seemed to be a particularly pointed triangle.


‘Hey, you’re not secreting poison right now, right?’


Sophina fixed her expression as she swept on her forehead.


“Oh my! How could such a cute little snake exist in this world?”


ㅡReally? I don’t care anymore.


Canus glared at Supena trying to play hard to get.


So I did my best to appease the little snake’s mood.


It’s been 15 minutes.


Tired, Sophina stroked the little snake’s head.


“You’re so cute that I want to dip you in snake liquor.”


Then, she looked up and down at the Canus and cast a creepy expression.


In the first place, even an earthworm wouldn’t wriggle if I stepped on it.


Besides, this was the realm of the lions. Canus noticed that fact and curled up his tail while crying.


ㅡI don’t want to become a fermented food…


“I’ll cut you some slack once.”


It became comfortable enough to be able to talk to the little snake without hesitation.


Maybe it’s because of his personality, or we were able to chitchat from the beginning.


Sophina, who smiled without realizing it, reached out to the little snake.


“Let’s go now!”


Canus crawled and wrapped around my wrist like a bracelet. I took the bag on the floor and went out on my way.


Sophina, who was navigating the hallway recklessly, bumped into someone at a turning corner.




A familiar voice crept to her ear as she rubbed her tingling forehead.


“I guess you’re all ready.”


It was Ricardo.


He pointed at her smirking.


“But you almost forgot something important.”


A playful smile was drawn around Ricardo’s lips.


‘Are you protesting that I almost left you behind?’


In fact, it was true that I forgot about him because I was bickering with the little snake, but of course I acted normal.


“I didn’t forget about it. I was just looking for you!”


“I thought you completely forgot.”


Sophina closed her lips and took the hint.


“It’s painful because I’m hurt by someone.”


Sophina pursed her lips as she glanced at him. Ricardo calmly blackmailed her with his unique indifferent expression.


ㅡThat older brother said he’s in pain! Take responsibility now! Take responsibility!


At the same time, Canus fanned excitedly.


‘What’s wrong with those beast people?’


Sophina stood in place like a meerkat and tried to look elsewhere.


Ricardo, who was enjoying Sophina’s absurd reaction, stopped joking around long after.


“Why aren’t you leaving?”


Then he nodded his head casually as if asking me to follow him.


‘Am I being teased?’


I stared at the back of his head with all my might, belatedly realizing the reality.


It was a bonus to slap the body of the cheeky little snake.


Eventually, Sophina got into the carriage heading out of the mansion with two humps.


There was also the option of a steam car because of the worldview of this novel with its own advanced technology, but today I wanted to ride a classic one.


It was just a short while to the downtown area that was always crowded with beasts.


Escorted by Ricardo, I got off the carriage and looked around.


Looking around curiously like a baby bird that just hatched from an egg.


With a curious expression like a baby bird


“There are a lot of people”


“I think it’s because of the day.”


As the saying goes, the street was filled with a particularly large crowd.


Ricardo got on the road, focusing his attention on Sophina.


As I took one step at a time, we arrived at a lively market full of beasts.


It’s a very large marketplace, so special products from all over the lion territory are gathered.


It was the best place to choose things.


Noisy chatter of people, adorable children coming out to play in tight clothes, and a bunch of yellow and blue flowers adorning the rippling riverside.


It was a friendly and peaceful scenery that unfolded before my eyes.


Suddenly, Canus, who settled in Sophina’s bag, licked his lips again and spoke.


ㅡA savory smell!


Sophina responded cynically to him.


“Canus, you have a bad taste.”


Don’t snakes have inherently bad taste buds?


ㅡWould sister find my favorite? It’s still sad, but it stabs the sore spot, cruelly.


Sophina and Canus exchanged affectionate conversations as usual.


Then, I almost caused a small collision without knowing that someone was passing by next to me


Sophina, who was staggering, inadvertently held Ricardo’s arm.


Contrary to what I expected he would push me away with a nudge, he pulled me firmly.


“You could just hold on to me.”




“Looking at you, it seems like this would happen again.”


‘What do you see me for?’


I shook my head and pouted.


However, my words did not finish until the end.


“No. I’m fineㅡ”


ㅡYou don’t look fine at all. Just get along and walk hand in hand!


The little snake with its head sticking out of the bag looked at the two alternately with twinkling eyes.



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