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Sophina gently covered Canus’ face with the palm of her hand to block his view.


The little snake struggled and complained.


ㅡSister, it’s suffocating! I’m still seven. Are you going to choke me?


Canus wept. Feeling embarrassed by his intense reaction, Sophina shrugged and removed her hand.


ㅡWhat? Did I say something wrong? There’s a lot of people here, so what if you and brother get separated?


The little snake continued to grumble disapprovingly.


Then, he gazed at Ricardo with sparkling eyes and asked for consent.


ㅡRight, brother?


Sophina snorted at Canus’ childish behavior. Because there was no way that Ricardo would approve.


‘It’s not like we’re playing train-games for fear of getting lost.’


However, the answer that returned was unexpected.


“It was quite reasonable, baby snake.”


A compliment that’s utter with a dry voice. However, because of that, it sounded even more sincere.


Canus raised his tail firmly and showed off.


ㅡHehe, I think so too.


Let’s not worry about that. I struggled to take my gaze off Canus.


Then Sophina spoke to Ricardo with a skeptical look on her face.


“Do you want to hold hands with me?”


“…Not at all.”


He came up with a vague denial half a beat later.


‘I almost felt embarrassed for a moment.’


Sophina swept over her chest, hastening her steps. By the way…


‘You said ‘No‘. So what’s this?’


“You’ll have to hold it to know that.”


Ricardo’s slightly cold fingers were already entangled with Sophina.


His hand was intertwined unknowingly but has calluses in several places.


The palm of his hand was enough to cover Sophina’s small hand. Sophina wiggled her fingers for no reason.


Ricardo held her hand tighter at her movement.


Sticky like a swamp from which you won’t escape.


Even though the cool breeze brushed against their faces, the warmth of someone else’s was conveyed through the skin.


‘What’s this situation?’


Sophina neither laughed nor cried, and only looked up at Ricardo ambiguously.


The dark blue eyes remained without any movement.


Sophina’s eyelashes fluttered like leaves swaying in the wind at his calm appearance.


At that moment, a question that was innocent enough to change the mysterious atmosphere penetrated my mind.


ㅡSo, how does it feel to hold hands with Brother?


Ricardo glanced at Canus with his arm resting on his waist.


In those eyes, I could feel even the feeble life. The little snake whined and complained, voicing injustice.


ㅡNo, what did I do…?


“…It’s not bad.”


Soon, Ricardo replied quickly in a voice that was too small to be heard.


He was sincere.


We already did something more at the wedding, so what’s wrong with this?


Seeing that unshakable gaze, Canus raised his tail like a maid of both houses and covered his wide-open mouth.


It was the same with Sophina. Ricardo pretended not to know and coughed.


Then Ricardo said, as he carelessly organized Sophina’s messy hair.


The light blue hair, soft and thin like silk, flowed down from his fingertips.


“In the first place, there’s nothing else to do, right, madam?”


Sophina gently avoided his gaze and tapped her toes on the floor. At the same time, she tried very hard to understand the meaning behind Ricardo’s words.


A flash of enlightenment awakened my mind.


‘Right it’s such a waste for the male protagonist if you can’t even fit into the skinship axis at this level?’


It was a reasonable inference.


However, something suddenly came to mind. On the first night, he’s not the kind of husband who divided our bed in half and made a mark not to cross over.


‘It was too much to call it desperate.’


Unlike the original, it was easily understood that he wasn’t an adult yet.


‘Anyway, let’s not put much meaning into it.’


Because I didn’t even know that the ‘blood of the deadly sexy male protagonist‘ that’s inherent, was flowing.


Sophia, who was determined, nodded hard.


“That’s right! We’re just holding hands!”


Unlike her expression, which became more calm, Ricardo’s face was strangely distorted.


Even though he was the one who asked for Sophina’s consent. Ricardo stopped in place for a moment and muttered with a slightly sunken voice.


“You said ‘No‘ to holding hands, but you’re quite open-minded.”


‘It’s because I remembered Sophina, who was terrified on the first day and fell asleep in the room.’ ᴿᶦᶜᵃʳᵈᵒ


Wasn’t she naive enough to believe that she would have a baby if she slept while holding hands?


‘Was it because I’m outside of bed?’


Ricardo agonized deeply. Still, it was an incomprehensible change.


Upon hearing his muttering, Sophina asks back.


“What do you mean by open-minded?”


“I was talking to myself.”


Ricardo responded with a clear expression and made an excuse.


‘Why are you talking to yourself like that all of a sudden?’ Sophina laughed awkwardly, and dragged him.


“We have to hurry. We came here to work.”


Ricardo followed Sophina and walked leisurely. As they saw earlier, the atmosphere of the market was lively.


Sophina meticulously traversed every nook and cranny of the market like an expedition that discovered a new continent.


There were so many rare things in the marketplace.


She then turned to one of the many shops.


‘What should I do?’


Sophina pondered as she glanced at the fruits displayed on the stand.


There were various items used in past blessings.


Weapons for self-defense used when traveling, medicinal herbs that are good for health, and fruits full of fresh vitamins…


There were so many choices.


‘So we should definitely do something bountiful and meaningful.’


I’ve been thinking about it when Ricardo and I were in the library, but nothing has been decided for sure.


‘The problem was that I don’t like all of them, so I think I’d have to look around again.’


Sophina, who glanced at everything, shook her hand with a polite smile on her lips


“I’ll go look around other places, Sir.”


Sophina winked, striking Ricardo painlessly with her elbow, who was weighing the watermelon in the corner.


“Let’s go to the next store.”


Next was the herbal medicine room.


Unfortunately, the medicinal herbs that looked good were used up at the previous banquet, so there were only a few left.


After several hours of no outcome, Canus, exhausted, grumbled bitterly.


ㅡSister, how much more are you going to waste?


On the subject of the bag, saying, ‘This has a nice color’ and ‘That doesn’t look good because it’s green.’


‘This Canus, are you my mother-in-law or what?’


Sophina, who recalled the hellish nagging, stared at the little snake. Canus swung his tail copter and made another request.


Still, it was not that I had zero outcome.


Well, naturally, I did market research like ‘what kind of products are produced in the lion territory‘ and ‘what the beasts prefer more?’


While comparing the prices, I also checked whether there’s an error in the temporary budget plan I made with Ricardo.


‘As long as I solve this, that’s all I need.’


Sophina wandered around the streets.


Then, I found a row of flowerpots along the road. As I walked along the path covered with colorful flowers as if possessed, I came across a shabby, bright building.


A flower shop where blue vines and red flowers cover the white exterior.


“A flower shop?” Sophina whispered to Ricardo


“Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard a story about giving flowers at a banquet, right?”


“Because lions don’t like flowers.”


Originally, lions had a tendency to prefer practical things.


It was famous as a race that preferred trees that provide shade rather than flowers that are pleasing to the eyes.


Of course, that didn’t mean that the lions didn’t like flowers at all. Ricardo put his hand on his chin and pondered, then nodded slowly.


Then Sophina’s half-confident voice cut through her lips and flowed out.


“Wouldn’t it be good to give flowers instead?”


“I think it’ll be different.”


It’s a bit vague to say yes. But Sophina has decided.


“For now, let’s take a look.”


Taking a step forward, Sophina asked “Uhm… Hello? Anyone there…?”


Sophina’s voice resounded. However, the atmosphere inside the flower shop was desolate and still.


Ricardo naturally took the lead and searched the inside of the building. There was nothing special inside.


It was just an ordinary flower shop with a cozy smell of soil and fresh flowers showing off their natural beauty.


Judging by the traces of how the flowers were trimmed up until recently, the owner seemed to have gone out for a while.


Sophina looked a little further inside.




Then, I found something strange in the corner. A pile of purple flowers in an old cart that seems about to collapse.


“But… What are the things piled up in that cart…?”


It was too unmanaged to be for sale. The soil wasn’t even cleaned properly.


‘Did the owner save it to throw away?’ That’s what it seems.


But I have a feeling that it could be used amazingly somewhere. So I dragged Ricardo and asked.


Because there was nothing he didn’t know about based on the record.


“Do you know what that flower is?”


“Perhaps, by the way it smelled…”


Ricardo did not respond, but abruptly covered his nose.


‘Smell? What smell?’


Sophina also followed him and covered her nose. Meanwhile, Canus answered excitedly.


ㅡI know! I know what it is!


Canus waved its tail and shouted.


ㅡThat’s a Roneache flower!


Sophina acted to also know at Canus’ muffled shout that penetrated her mind.


“Roneache flower? That precious thing. Why’s it all over the place scattered like that?”




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