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ㅡHow do you know that? Whether it’s precious or not.


Canus was wondering, blinking his round eyes even wider.


Those words reminded me of a beggar’s old memory. The tearful sorrow of the days when I was living in the eagle family.


The only hobby of my most unlucky first sister was collecting plants.


So, didn’t Sophina do the construction of growing plants that are not even available.


‘Thanks to that, I have unwanted biceps…’


Sophina fiddled with her arms, which were now quite soft, recalling her memories.


‘Where did my sister get the Roneache flowers and make a fuss to handle them well cause they’re precious?’


There were dozens of specialized books I had read about it.


Rare and beautiful appearance that grows only in a specific area, and difficult raising methods.


For this reason, I said that it’s an expensive and precious flower.


‘I didn’t recognize it right away because it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Roneache flower.’


I had mixed feelings, but I didn’t show any signs and roughly glossed over it.


“Somehow, I became familiar with plants.”


ㅡOh, what about it? You look a bit smart.


As if the little snake was interested, he put out his thin, red tongue.


‘Oh, he was interested in this kind of field.’


Just by looking at it, Canus, who was obviously narcissistic, only favors people who are as smart as him.


It was for this reason that he became a helper for the female lead.


“Thank you.”


Sophina responded with a faint smile.


It felt good to be complimented by a prospective genius scientist.


Seeing Sophina graciously expressing her gratitude, Canus twisted his body.


Canus hid his face in the bag and talked about something else.


ㅡBut is brother okay?


At those words, Sophina glanced at Ricardo.


Since earlier, he had been covering his nose with his finger, furrowing his brow as if upset about something.




ㅡI guess it smells really bad.


What Canus was talking about was the stench of Roneache flowers.


Only lions could feel it.


‘It just has a unique bitter and good scent, but you lions, it smells like a stench.’


This flower contained an old legend.


「On the day when a mean leopard invaded the lion’s territory without knowing its subject, a purple flower was born with a loud thunderstorm.」


It was a tale from the point of view of an omniscient lion, in which the past wars with the Leopard clan, who were in close relationship with each other, were recorded.


Anyway, the downside was…


After the war, Roneache flowers began to bloom only on this land, and the lions were reluctant to smell its unique scent.


‘It’s a very mysterious thing.’


At that moment, an old man with a pink handkerchief around his mouth appeared.


“What? Are you a guest?”


Apparently, he seems to be the owner of this flower shop. A grandpa with deep wrinkles on his forehead.


He took the cart with a straight motion.


“Hold on a second. I’ll be back soon.”


The place where Grandpa headed was none other than the green riverside next to the store.


“Are you going to throw it away? It’s not withered yet.”


Sophina, who was standing still and watching him, questioned him with an earnest gaze.


A terrifying whisper leaked from her lips, which popped filled with worries.


“It’s quite expensive…”


It’s such a waste if he just throws them.


I thought I was being nosy, but I couldn’t help but pay attention.




Grandpa shouted once, tilting the cart set up by the river downward.


The flowers were dangling precariously as if they were about to fall. Round ripples appeared on the surface of the calm river.


‘He’s throwing money in front of my eyes, who won’t stop him!’


After making up her mind, Sophina ran and stopped the old man.


“Hold on, Grandpa!”


I couldn’t believe I was out of breath because it ran a little.


Sophina leaned on her knee and panted, carefully choosing the words to say.


Then, Ricardo, who walked casually, spoke instead.


“Elder, for what reason are you going to throw that flower away?”


Grandpa replied chicly, wiping off the sweat on his forehead.


“It’s because it’s not sold.”


‘No way!’


Grandpa clicked his tongue and explained the situation softly.


“Roneache flowers are very pretty and precious…”


Soon after, Grandpa’s muffled voice gradually became more mournful. He sighed, waving his hand.


“Lions wouldn’t buy them because of its unique scent.”


“But… Uh, are you okay?”


Sophina asked cautiously, looking at the old man’s complexion.


“It’s a breed that was originally supposed to disappear, but other beasts who accidentally visited the lion’s territory showed curiosity and raised it for export.”


Grandpa lamented and recounted the history of the Roneache Flower.


Suddenly, Roneache flowers spread like a trend and became a filial piety or something.


That means…


“Was there a problem with the export?” Sophina asked, tilting her head.


As if it was the correct answer, Grandpa’s eyes widened even more.




The explanation that followed was unexpected.


“Where? It’s hard to get back and forth because the trade route was blocked by the riot of the snake beasts in the neighborhood.”


How do things work out like this?


Sophina glanced at Canus.


‘Are you okay?’


It was a look of concern in its own way.


ㅡWhat are you looking at?


I thought Canus was worried for no reason about the crooked dispute that flew in immediately.


While bickering with the little snake, grandpa ended the story bitterly.


“Moreover, I’m having a hard time because of its bountiful harvest.”


“So you’re saying it’s a difficult situation because the Roneache flowers were left behind?” Sophina asked with a slightly somber expression.


“Yes, that’s what happened.” Grandpa admitted neatly.


Then, he tried to pour the flowers in the cart into the river.


“Grandpa, please don’t throw it away yet!”


Sophina struggled to dissuade the old man again.


‘I think I could use it for the banquet if I do well.’


I still didn’t know if there was a way.


Legend has it that the destructive power of lightning polluted the flowers and made them smell bad.


If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be possible to wash it off with something like the power of purification?


‘Because this might be purely a hypothesis.’


Sophina thought as she mentally calculated the outcome.


‘But if I succeed, it would be a pretty special gift.’


Roneache flowers that no longer stink.


I think that’s a unique title?


Originally, the beasts tended to pay attention to things with rarity. If it’s intertwined with a story, even more so.


‘The merchant who was suffering and the daughter-in-law of the Chadwick family who recognized his hardships, and thus the creation was born.’


It was perfect for building my image and reputation.


A competent bluebird that listens to problems within the lion’s territory.


‘It should be worth trying.’


Sophina gently stroked the little snake’s head, which was quietly hiding in the bag.


“Our lovely, cool, and smart Canus.”


The smooth texture of the scales was conveyed through the skin. The little snake had a twitch in his face with a frightened look.


‘It’s a genius, but if I poke it, something might come out.’


It was somewhat of an impure purpose.


“Couldn’t we get rid of the smell of that flower with the power of purification?”


ㅡDo you think I’ll tell you with my bare mouth?


However, the clever little snake did not easily get caught.


“Does that mean you know something?” Sophina pouted and responded.


ㅡOf course.


“I don’t know, but aren’t you bluffing?” Sophina provoked.


At Sophina’s very mean remark, Canus snorted.


ㅡThat’s not the question. The problem was that you don’t even need to use such an ability!


“How?” Sophina cast the bait with a subtle look.


ㅡIf you plant it under the tree in the mansion garden with similar power…


Oh, my…


Canus was caught on nicely.


The little snake beat itself on the head with his tail.


ㅡI gave too many hints.


Well, botany was my specialty. That was generous.


Unlike Canus, Sophina smiled bashfully with her eyes curved to a crescent shape.


‘Tree? Then, no way…!’


I got the hang of it.


A white leaf tree that I saw when I first arrived at the Chadwick mansion came to mind.


She counted as she folded her fingers with a focused expression.


Sophina’s face grew brighter and brighter.


As the little snake said, I thought it would be easier than I thought.


Sophina suddenly lifted her heel and whispered in Ricardo’s ear next to her.


“Ricardo, how much extra money cou6 we use now?”


“The treasury of the House of Chadwick is always plentiful.” Ricardo declared softly with a relaxed look.


Then he added a decisive word.


“To the extent that it can achieve everything my wife wants to do.”


Sophina covered her mouth with her hands, shedding admiration.


Of course, I knew that the lion family was rich, but the comment was art itself.


After all, people were excited by a wealthy wallet.


‘I need to become such a wealthy beast.’


She longingly gazed at Ricardo.


Soon after, Sophina proudly pointed to a pile of flowers in an old cart.


“Grandpa, give me all these flowers.”


Excited by the unexpected flex of wealth, Sophina’s voice sounded innocent like a nightingale.


“The price is…”


“Just go. I was going to throw it away anyway.”


I was going to ask him to charge the Chadwick family. But Grandpa coolly handed over the cart to me.


Sophina accepted it and bowed down like a kindergarten student who had just learned manners.


“Thank you, grandpa!”


But her conscience was pricked.

However, my conscience has been prickly.


He was already having a hard time, but I thought he was sucking his spine too much.


Sophina pulled out a heavy leather pocket from her bag.


It was Sophina’s personal savings and banquet expenses budget.


‘I can’t take it for free, so I’ll pretend to buy something else.’


In fact, we came out with light pockets and didn’t bring much money. Still, it would be enough to express gratitude.


I could go back to the mansion and send the rest.


Sophina quickly went back to the store and hid the money at the counter.


Ricardo, who followed, sneakily stole the old man’s attention.


“Old man, there’s”


Apparently, he immediately noticed Sophina’s plan.


In the meantime, Sophina, who finished her plan perfectly, only fixed her clothes as if nothing had happened.


Then, she handed over the items she collected from the Eagle family to the old man as she ordered from him.


“Please wrap the other flowers beautifully instead.”


‘I want to buy flowers with my own money. Well, I had a plan for everything.’


A plan to show the courage of a shabby wallet.


“That’s good for me.”


Grandpa gladly brought tools and trimmed flowers.


A translucent, pale pink packaging material wrapped around the simple stem of the mistletoe.


A rich bouquet of flowers was quickly completed.




There are a lot of flowers.


Sophina accepted the bouquet and admired it purely.


Then she gave it to Ricardo.


“Take this. It’s not that terrible.”


He was suddenly buried in a pile of flowers large enough to almost cover his upper body.


The fresh scent of sweet and fresh flowers spread through the air.


The afternoon sunlight smeared through the gap in the open door, glimmering into pieces under Ricardo’s pure white hair.



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