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In the novel, there was an incident about the ruby necklace that Sophina secretly carried.


‘It was a terrifying jewel with a hidden explosive.’


And in that story, another main evil girl gets entangled.


A lioness with a great desire for power.


She cleverly deceives Sophina into presenting the jewel to the heroine.


Then, the heroine was almost seriously injured, and all the sins were pointed at Sophina.


In short, this necklace was the biggest source that caused Sophina’s death.


‘Did your older brothers and sisters give you that?’

(N: she was talking about the original Sophina from the novel.)


Sophina shook her feathers shuddering in shock, engulfed in thinking the day of her death.


Indeed, they were beasts who were of no help in Sophina’s early life.


Then, as if ordering her, the older sister put the necklace on the old wooden table, and said,


“Be a good girl, think about it and blow up on your wedding day. You have to avenge your father.”


Hah!? I was shocked by the ignorant remarks beyond my imagination.


Sophina puffed up her cheeks and secretly grinned.


‘What are you saying?’


So it was nonsense telling me to die for them, while not even treating me as a family until now and they’ve only been harsh on me.


‘Have you checked your conscience? Do you even have that?’


An eagle’s shamelessness at its finest.


The long tail feathers of the bluebird filled with anger fluttered and swayed.


So, in the original story, did I just have it because I failed to explode this necklace?


Then, the main villain caught the original Sophina and used her?


‘In the first place, Sophina in the novel doesn’t have the courage to detonate a bomb.’


The more I thought about the death in the novel, the more ridiculous it was.


Sophina stared at her sisters and brothers, snorting like an angry bull.


They didn’t have her in their eyes.

(N: they don’t see her as a person/family at all.)


I was treated like cold air.


‘Still, we lived together for 13 years…’


I was not disappointed because I had no expectations.


But, strangely, the feeling of disappointment rose slowly.


It was the worst.


After she acknowledged that reality, she was determined.


I’m going to look at the dirty faces of my ugly older brothers and sisters.


‘It’s a waste of time to just leave like this.


Sophina flew so hard that she wrote with her wings on the steaming window.


-Break your heads off, you damn eagles!


It was a curse I’ve always wanted to spit out.


I was trying to make fun of them.


Since it was decided that I would be the bride of the Lion family, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about me anymore.


‘Well, I’m sure he’s temper would explode.’


As expected, my second brother, who was hot-tempered, raised his hand and threatened me.


“That’s just, argh!”


Then the first sister, who was staring at Sophina like she was going to kill her, stopped him.


“Hey, hang in there, she’ll be thrown into the lions as a toy anyway. If you touch it now, it only makes things more complicated.”


She intimidated Sophina as if she knew what was inside her.


“It’s no use telling the lions. Do you think they’ll keep you alive? You, the ominous bluebird?”


It was true to some extent.


In the end, didn’t Sophina face a bad ending in the original story?


However, it was natural that she hated the eagle that harassed her rather than the lion who killed her.


“Sister, we have to go now. We barely made it out together, but if we drag it out, the lions might suspect us”


One of the idiots rushed to urge the first sister.


Her eldest sister placed her hand on Sophina’s head with great force.


She then ran out of the closet, after she gave another brutal warning.


“Make a good choice. Don’t do anything useless.”


When she disappeared, the other siblings lashed out in unison and followed along.


It was only for a moment that the storm that passed like a whirlwind swept her away.


The second brother, who remained until the end, quickly grabbed Sophina’s beak.


“Twit! Twit, tweet!”


What are you doing, you stinkin’ big brother!


Sophina flapped her wings and rebelled.


She was in the form of a bluebird, a small animal, so she couldn’t defeat her older brother who had transformed into a human.


“Think deeply about your punishment, you idiot!”


He tied a white thread to the slender legs of Sophina, and tied the ends tightly to the old lamp under the ceiling.


Unsurprisingly, Sophina was hanging upside down, dangling in the air.


It happened so suddenly that she couldn’t even resist.


“Twit, twit!”


She flapped her wings and cursed inside.


‘Wow, I’m bleeding…’


Seeing Sophina struggling, her second brother scoffed.


“So where do you dare talk back to me?”




“What else could you do in the form of a blue bird?”


He wasn’t only being sarcastic, but he also spit on the floor.


Then he left the room with lighter steps.


Sophina, who was left alone, sharply sharpened her beak.


She calmly loosened the thread using her telekinesis and twitched her tail feathers.


‘You didn’t know I was capable of this!’


This ability?


Suddenly, I came up with a fresh and good way to screw my stupid sisters and brothers.


It’s not just that I’ve just pushed my mother-in-law to work.




Sophina made a grim sound, staring at the place where they had disappeared.


Her adorable wings curled up and her fists clenched.


I’ll be leaving this place forever tomorrow morning, but before I go, I need to get my revenge first.


I also took care of the necklace.






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