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While Sophina was burning in her war spirit, Khan, who had roughly finished her work, returned to the garden.


“Where did the bluebird go?”


Khan asked, waking up her assistant, who was sleeping.


Still half awake, the assistant lion uttered a curious cry.




It meant that he didn’t know.


Khan smirked at him as if she was stunned.


Then she gave him a severe reprimand.


“You’ve taken a long nap in the middle of the enemy camp, and you’ve lost your discipline.”




Only then did the assistant realize that he had made a mistake and reflected on it sullenly with a gloomy tail.


“I’ll look for it, so you should reflect on yourself.”


Khan tapped the back of the assistant and sharply looked around.


‘Fortunately, I don’t think she went too far.’


Khan was an excellent hunter.


It was a piece of cake to find the trace of a bluebird.


“Is this the place?”


Khan stopped right in front of the closet where Sophina was, and muttered.


Because I could feel the presence of a small living thing inside.


Khan didn’t hesitate to just tear off the door itself.


She stopped turning the doorknob, because it was too much work.




What the hell is this?


Sophina, who shrank like a turtle in a sudden disaster, looked around.


I thought my sisters and brothers were back, but it was my mother-in-law.


‘Are you looking for me?’


If so, then this might be my chance.


Shouldn’t I tell mother the identity of this ruby ​​necklace?


With that in mind, she put the necklace in her mouth and strode towards her mother-in-law.


Khan took a step back in bewilderment at that aggressive and resolute attitude of the bird.


Sophina spread her wings and pretended to do something.


‘I have a basic but effective communication method called body language!’


In fact, humanization would have solved it easily.




I don’t have any clothes.


The winter dress was all I wore when I went to pick raspberries.


In any case, Sophina did her best to explain about the necklace by playing ‘Little Citizen 1‘, who was swept away in the aftermath of the bomb.


The blue bird, which rolled on the floor, rose bravely and wiped off the sweat on its forehead with it’s wing.


Then, she raised her wings with a proud expression.






It was a closing ceremony.


At that, Khan gave a standing ovation with a constant beat, admiring the little bluebird.


“You’re more flexible than I thought. I enjoyed it.”


What? It wasn’t a circus.


She didn’t seem to understand what I meant.


‘How detailed were my descriptions!’


I felt frustrated.


After Sophina pounded her chest with her wings, and stepped up on her explanation again.


Like that…




“Yes, rolling forward.”


“Twit, twit!”


“You’re better at rolling backwards.”




“Oh, you know how to turn sideways.”


After going through this serious communication error for about an hour.


“To sum up, that necklace was a bomb and the eagles forced you to hold it?”




That’s right!


Sophina, who was panting because of her poor stamina, nodded her head excitedly and with twinkling eyes.


Now that I told my mother the truth, it was time to move on to the next plan.


‘Don’t feed me big candy!’


She burned her will with extraordinary determination.


While Spena was wary of putting her plan into practice, her mother asked as if she had suddenly thought of it.


“But why were you talking about that in the form of an animal?”




Sophina, exhausted from performing her stunts, walked over to her mother, tumbling around.


Then she bit the end of Khan’s black trouser suit with her beak.


The dark brown eyes of the bluebird stared up to Khan’s eyes pulling the hem of her clothes.


It was a body language that means no clothes.


Mother-in-law calmly made eye contact with Sophina and opened her lips.


“I’ll have to get you new clothes.”


Khan’s muttering face looked more serious than ever.


She slowly ruffled her hair and gestured at Sophina.


“Follow me.”


Sophina managed to pull herself up and fly.


Then she flapped along with her mother, twitching her tail.


The destination was a nearby guest dressing room.


The Eagle Manor had already been completely occupied by the lions, so she could enter anywhere unguardedly.


Khan ordered clothes in a charismatic tone.


The words of the lion head was absolute.


A surprisingly large amount of clothing was piled up in layers in the dress room.


It looked like they had swept away all the clothes in the downtown area outside the mansion.


Now it was time to dress up.




Sophina, who hasn’t humanized in almost half a day, admired herself silently in front of the mirror.


Bright brown eyes and clear sky-blue hair resembling the clear sea.


In fact, not much has changed.


Still, like the saying that clothes are like wings, her pale cheeks seemed to turn reddish and lively.


She carefully ruffled the pleats of a fairly long forsythia-colored skirt that reached her ankles.


I hurriedly wore a ready-made dress because I didn’t have time to have a tailored clothes, but I really liked it.


‘I’ve never worn anything like this before.’


A strong but pleasant smell unique to new clothes.


Didn’t she wear the dress that the older sisters threw at her until sunset and worn out.


It was the first time in Sophina’s early life that she wore clothes that didn’t have someone’s body scent.


She went to her mother-in-law, scratching the back of her head shyly, and showed her the outfit.


‘What if she says it’s not good?


With a tense voice, Sophina asked.


“How do you like it?”


My mother, who was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, spoke bluntly.


The words that came out of her mouth were unexpected.



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