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Episode 1. Chapter 1. Prologue (1)

The Persian Empire won the Seven Years’ War against the United Kingdom of Gulfin.


To celebrate with the people, the Emperor held a grand ceremony.


Crowds filled the square of Saint-Eimante on the day of the event, sending cheers to those who raised the name of Persian.


Citizens who went out to welcome the soldiers sprinkled flower petals wherever chariots and horses passed, wishing that their future would be full of blessings.


‘Has it been two years?’


Adrienne was sitting at a table outside the Persian Imperial Palace when she had a thought about someone.


Cyril was the sickest person Adrienne knew in the world.


He volunteered to join the army three years ago, and a year ago, at the age of eighteen, he was promoted to lieutenant.


‘Is the time already like that?’


Cheers burst as a result of the surprise.


A parade that circled the square eventually passed through the Imperial palace’s main entrance.


When the band began to perform a more wonderful piece, everyone in the crowd stood up and cheered.


As she rose up, the sound of conversation filled Adrienne’s ears.


“Does it look like Sir Thesar?”


“Take a look at his noble figure! I’m certain. Isn’t the Duke of Thesar reassuring? His successor is just as excellent as he is.”


“Of course, Sir Thesar did a great job as a soldier but—”


The last words were said by Countess Conte, who lowered her voice and added quietly.


“—I’m confident he’ll do an excellent job for the ladies of this country. Look at those beautiful eyes!”


“You’re just as mischievous, Countess. But, when you look at Sir Thesar, it’s difficult to disagree.”


“To be honest, I was suspicious. Despite the rumors, he is said to be a really handsome man.”


Countess Conte, who had swallowed her breath for a moment, said admiringly.


“But, what the heck! It’s the first time it’s ever happened, and it’s not an exaggeration. I’d rather feel as if I’m at a loss for words.”


The chatter or adoration for the women featuring Sir Thesar continued.


Adrienne’s gaze was drawn to the front of the long parade.


Sir Thesar will be wearing the Imperial Guard’s blue uniform, so of course Cyril will be nearby as well.


Perhaps he didn’t have time to cut his hair while on the battlefield, but his dark hair lightly covered his brows, and the long golden eyes beneath him grew deeper than Adrienne’s memory.


Despite the fact that his expression was clear without thinking, his eyes seemed to be soaked in superiority due to his superior features.


In a single line, Adrienne summarized the story of women talking.


A sensual and attractive man—.


Cyril was the most perfect creature in the women’s stories, a man of fantasy who wished for a kite to reach him once.


‘Cyril Valentin is a man of fantasy. What kind of fantasy could be such a mess?’


Of course, Adrienne was not one of them.


It would be crazy to see her little friend, with whom she lived for 8 years, as a man in a fantasy she hasn’t seen in two years.


It was even more ridiculous when she considered that the little friend was very small and weak when he was younger and that he was different now.


At that time, multiple eyes were focused on Adrienne’s face like a flying arrow. Adrienne, who had been thinking about something else, was taken aback by the incredible momentum.


At the same moment, her gaze was drawn to Cyril. Cyril, who had been expressionless for the whole time, lifted an eyebrow.


Why are you there?


Cyril’s look said it all. She had no option but to realize it after living in the same castle for about eight years.


‘Don’t pretend to know each other—’


She wrote it personally in the letter, yet the skill of betraying expectations remained. Adrienne, who was receiving a stinging gaze as a result of him, laughed bitterly.


She expected it to be a difficult day.




Adrienne de Cassinel Bluea.


It was the aristocratic name given to the daughter of Count Cassinel’s oldest son and Count Bluea’s second daughter.


The Count Cassinel family was the guardian of the Empire that had served as the border for years, one of the ten original great nobles, and even a part of the new great noble family.


What else is Bluea like?


Bluea was a family that once produced an Empress, although it was roughly 200 years ago, and though it is no longer considered a great aristocrat, it was once one of the ten original great nobles.


Adrienne was a combination of two families in terms of legitimacy.


She’s lucky to be able to introduce herself to others with two aristocratic surnames!


‘How is your father? They probably did not break in again.’


Adrienne, on the other hand, did not consider herself lucky.


There was no family to follow as much legitimacy as there was no substance or efficiency to discuss as the guardian of the Empire.


Cassinel was a territory bordered by the Kthulten Empire and a mountain range.


He was able to act as a respected guardian for a long time since he protected his land from the Kthulten Empire, which was known as one of the continent’s losers.


However, once the Kthulten Empire was divided into several kingdoms, they did not recognize them when they had to deal with mercenaries and bandits.


The invasion was frequent, but support was drastically reduced, and the name was eventually forgotten.


It was just like a wild apricot with a beautiful color that existed over Cassinel and Bluea. (t/n : a wild apricot with a beautiful color used to describe something that looks good on the outside, but is lacking on the inside.)


“Mademoiselle Cassinel?” (t/n : Mademoiselle is a title or form of address used of or to an unmarried French-speaking woman.)


“—Ah, Yes.”


The banquet had begun in earnest following the parade.


Adrienne, who was worried over how much money she would lose this year, realized too late.


Adrienne was met by several pairs of eyes that were filled with a variety of emotions, including curiosity, envy, and jealousy.


There was an unusually angry expression among them, mainly from those close to the Princess.


Adrienne hated the precious princess because of Cyril. Could her crime be as serious as spending her childhood with him?


“You seem to be really nervous. In fact, It’s been a while since you’ve been in the capital, haven’t you?”


“Ma’am, I’m ashamed to admit yes. I couldn’t afford to go out since my life on the estate was so hectic.”


“Isn’t that right? Cassinel is so far away that the news has yet to reach us. I don’t recall hearing anything about it.”


Is it necessary for her to shout how many times the bandits have come down and how huge the gangsters disguised as mercenaries are?


If she tells her, she won’t understand it.


It’s a story she won’t be interested in anyway.


She would not have arrived at this capital if it hadn’t been for that debutante.


Adrienne pretended she didn’t know.


Fighting with a lady with a high reputation in the social scene right in front of her was stupid. Especially when Adrienne has no one on her side.


“Mademoiselle Cassinel, Sir Thesar said he spent his childhood in Cassinel. Then you two must be very close.”


“He has a deeper connection with my father than with me. Just like ordinary teachers and students do.”


Sir Thesar, whom they knew, and Cyril, whom Adrienne knew, learned swords and guns from Adrienne’s father, Count Cassinel.


Externally, it was.


As a child, it was impossible to say straightforwardly that Cyril was sick enough to come to the Cassinel estate, which has a pleasant temperature all year.


To explain it, she had to bring up a number of political reasons behind it, but it was better not to do such a thing.


“Have you been together for over a decade?”


“For eight years, I lived in the same castle. With a large number of trainee knights.”


Adrienne said cut it off. Like so many trainee knights, and so is Cyril.


“But Sir Thesar is too much to look at as a general trainee. How many trainees have such appearance and physique? It would be difficult for me to see.”


The woman’s cheeks flushed as if she was remembering Cyril, who had just passed. Those seated at the same table were sympathetic as well.


‘How can you be so nasty while not looking at me?’


This atmosphere was formed roughly.


‘Certainly not common.’


Adrienne managed to wrinkle her brow.


At the time of the first meeting, Cyril was very small. In addition, she thought it wouldn’t be strange if he died tomorrow.


Sir Thesar, on the other hand, was a tall, sensual, and most handsome dream man standing with 6.2 br (189 cm).


Cyril is heartless. To explain, Sir Thesar was truly rather weak, and Adrienne couldn’t help but remember worrying like a child that he might collapse and die.


“Sir Thesar is just a long-time friend of mine. Personally, I don’t have any feelings. There is, of course, friendship.”


Instead, Adrienne gave the same answers she would have given in the last three months of her trip to the capital.


Sir Thesar has nothing to do with her. Sir Thesar is a good friend. Sir Thesar is only one of her father’s disciples.


“Mademoiselle Cassinell could, but wouldn’t it be different for Sir Thesar?


“Yes, the way he looked at you earlier was unusual.”


“Did he see exactly this way?”


The arrow shifted in response to the strong response.


Although she didn’t dare to understand Cyril’s feelings in his absence, Adrienne wanted to respond if she could.


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