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Episode 10. Chapter 2. The Little Kid and The Little Kid. (8)


It was different, but strangely similar. It sounds strange, but it was true. Right now, the only difference between the twins was the length of their hair.


“Are you sure you’re okay? Did it hurt a lot? Did it hurt badly? If that’s the case— No, I’m sorry.”


“I just fell down. It’s not a big deal so stop saying sorry.”


Fortunately or unfortunately, their personalities were different. It was very different from Adrienne to be restless and wary all the time. The real Adrienne couldn’t care less about how nervous her brother was.


Reid, who had been pacing around the room, eventually hurried out of the room, saying he would bring something to drink.


‘Do you really need to call the maid?’ But Cyril didn’t say anything like that.


“What are you doing?”


“This is good.”


Adrienne, who replied confidently, gently rubbed Cyril’s hand. With small hands, it’s very hard. That’s what it seemed like when he was lying on the floor earlier. Cyril recalled a dream he’d had as a result of that touch.


Did he have a foresight dream?


When he thought about it like that, he doesn’t feel good thinking that Adrienne seemed to be a big existence to him. Nonetheless, Cyril remained silent. It was because the touch of sincerity was not bad.


“It must be painful. I’m sorry.”


The whispering voice got softer at the end. Well, she struck him with a wooden sword and—. Cyril, who was trying to speak without much thinking, paused.


“I was just going to quietly see you. I was worried that if I opened the door, it might break… But I saw a light inside, so Reid and I were only going to see you for a little bit…”


Adrienne, who normally blinked, kept her eyes open for some reason. Cyril only understood it was to keep her tears from falling. The big eyes glistened with water. It was just like Adrienne who was stubbornly holding on to it that it would flow quickly once it was wounded and opened. In fact, Cyril didn’t want to blame this brother and sister much. It wasn’t worth it in the first place.


Rather, the problem was with him. Because he believed in the existence of ghosts and because he was always on the verge of death and didn’t know when the ghost would take him—. As a result, he passed out when he saw the brother and sister reflected in the window.


Pass out. 


After thinking about the situation objectively, Cyril was a little stunned. What a wonderful thing this is. Of course, there was a lot more to be said about the excuse. Two identical faces appeared unexpectedly in the dark, and the lamp lights were only half-lit.


It’s a strange sight when two half-faced people look the same—.


It was even stranger if he wasn’t surprised.




However, he did not want to tell Adrienne the entire story. His heart will be broken as a result of his pathetic behavior. Cyril purposefully yawned and turned away. Normally, he would not have done such an undignified thing in front of Adrienne — or anyone else — so it was a deliberate act.


“Adrienne, are you sleepy, too?”


“I’m not?”


Adrienne yawned as if contagious, despite saying no. Even after she had done it, she seemed to be unsure of why she had done it. A stream of tears flowed down the cheek as soon as the small mouth that had opened vertically closed.


Cyril casually wipes away the teardrop.


“Now go to bed. I’m going to sleep, too.”


Cyril pushed Adrienne away, pulling out the hand that was still holding her. Adrienne blinked again as if she had never held back his tears and smiled softly.


‘Crying and laughing.’


There’s a lot to cry about and a lot to laugh about. Cyril thought bitterly, but just smiled along. But he decided it would be better for Adrienne if she smiled.




The personalities of the twin brothers and sisters were quite different. Reid is a bookworm, while Adrienne can’t stand being in one place for too long.


When it came to tendency, Cyril was in the middle, but his actions were mainly directed at Adrienne. 




“Get out now.”


Cyril, who had changed into a more simple outfit, decided to leave the room, and Adrienne, who had been resting, stood up. 






Why? That’s what Cyril wanted to say. The white shorts, just below the knee, were brand-new in any way he looked at them, and Adrienne’s pants were most clearly not. “I borrowed Reid’s clothes.” Adrienne confessed after recognizing Cyril’s gaze.


The tone was quite brazen, but the hand directed to the ear was almost certainly a lie.


“Does Reid know?”


“He’ll know it tomorrow.”


As expected. 


It’s a habit that appears when she lies, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Cyril promised not to tell her anything for the rest of her life.


“That’s a good rent.”


He sneered, but Reid probably wouldn’t care. Cyril, who had been observing the brother and sister’s daily lives for the past year, was confident. He’s not sure if Viscountess Parte, who is scheduled to visit the castle tomorrow, will have the same thoughts.


Adrienne seemed to be completely unconcerned. Her curly hair was tied up high, giving the impression that she was about to jump around. In that way, Cyril liked Adrienne. When he went out with Adrienne, he felt as if his body had been confirmed to be this healthy.




Cyril, who was looking at her round forehead, suddenly thought of it and called out to Adrienne. Somehow, it felt like their eye level had become a little similar.




“No, it’s nothing.”


But bring this up, and Adrienne will rush to the tree to measure his height. The multiple small drawings on the tree were always placed higher on Adrienne’s than on Cyril’s. Cyril didn’t want to suffer another defeat with a sense of uncertainty. 


“Let’s go to Mount Faradi today!” Adrienne, who had tilted her head as if it were bland, quickly brightened and shouted. Cassinel was a structure that surrounded the land, similar to how the mountain range itself serves as a border. There were many names for mountains, ranging from small hills to large mountain ranges. 


They’d always climb the smallest mountain near Castle Cassinel. It was referred to as a mountain, but it was more of a hill. But just getting over it took months.


Of course, the main cause was Cyril. 


“Faradi? Did the Count agree to it?”


“Yes, he said it would be quiet for a while.”


According to her intact hand, it wasn’t a lie.


If the cautious Count had readily allowed it, there was a good chance he would have released the Knights and organized the mountain. Because the Count was very fond of Adrienne. It’s another mountain. Cyril nodded and said, ‘Whatever,’ but he was actually very excited. He won’t be able to climb that high, but it’s still a good idea for him to go somewhere new.


Cyril, who always looked out the bedroom window, was like a dream in itself. No, taking this for granted felt like a dream. Much of what could not be imagined in Teshar was routine in Cassinel. And, as much as he hates to admit it, Adrienne was a main contributor to making that dream a reality.


It wasn’t wrong because the minor desire to defeat Adrienne sparked his will to live.


“I’ll go first, Cyril!”


“Wait for me!”


The top contributor, who shouted the loudest, continued. Cyril began to hurry along with Adrienne, who was already far away.




“Come on in.”


Knock knock. 


Cyril replied to a short knock. It’s Adrienne and it was obvious. Adrienne, who had been in her room for some time, began knocking once more. There had to be a reason, whether she was scolded by the Count or told by the Viscountess Parte.


Whatever the circumstances, it was not a bad change for Cyril. She’s now eight years old, and it’s time for her to grow up. ‘Adrienne is doing what is called growth,’ Cyril said boldly.




“I told you to come in.”


“Pull open the door!”


If she’s going to change, her irritating personality will as well. Cyril frowned, disturbed by his leisurely reading time.


“How come you can’t open the door by yourself when you have a hand to knock on—”


“Take a look, present.”


He was greeted with a faint floral scent as soon as he opened the door. Adrienne pushed something before he could figure out what it was. Cyril then placed a sprinkling of yellow flowers on his face. It was Coreopsis, which can be easily seen in the mountains behind the sun around this time of year.


 “…..” So that’s why she can’t open the door. The untied bouquet was so large that she had to hug it with her arms wide open. It was amazing that she could knock at this point.


Cyril lowered his gaze to the flowers Adrienne had forced him to bring. It was all yellow and yellow again. It was nothing more than a yellow flower.


The problem was that it was so yellow that he couldn’t figure out why she had given it to him. “I brought it because I thought of you. Pretty, right?” Adrienne grinned, looking at him without doubt. The smile put pressure on him to agree quickly.


However, rather than the pressure, Cyril took note of Adrienne’s words.


Did this flower make you think of me? Why the hell?


“…why do you think of me when you see this?”


“Why, it’s the same color as your eyes. They’re both yellow!” 


It was a simple reason to waste time thinking about it. Because his eyes are yellow and this flower is yellow, she was reminded of him—


“What kind of flowers do you bring to the man?”


“What man? You are Cyril.”


“I can’t show you anything.”


Cyril murmured in low voices.


That’s what he said, but he didn’t mean to show it anyway. Why would he have to prove to Adrienne that he’s a man?


“What do you mean to show?”


“I’ve been feeling this way for a long time, but you have good hearing.”


“Isn’t it good to be good?”


“What can I say to you—”


How does it feel to live happily? 


Cyril sometimes had the urge to look into Adrienne’s head. Isn’t it just a blank sheet? Maybe it was an empty field everywhere. But it’s okay because she look happy.


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