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It was embarrassing to ask how he knew that. Ever since childhood, Adrienne couldn’t hide her feelings at all.


Only the party involved didn’t know–


‘It’s all a thing of the past.’


Adrienne smiled, lowering her chin and placing her elbows on the desk.


It was true that she was hurt when Cyril left without a word. She cried just like Lena said. But thanks to that, she was able to organize her thoughts quicker.


No matter how shiny it was, the color would naturally fade if it was left alone. 


For Adrienne, love was like that.


Love, which was polished like a treasure as a child, was covered with soil and buried deep inside the heart, and eventually lost its shine. Thus, when some time had passed and no more pain lingered, Adrienne heard of Cyril’s news from the war.


She should meet Cyril. Because she believed they could meet right now.


Adrienne was able to give a shabby handkerchief to Cyril, whom she hadn’t seen in years, thanks to that thought.


That’s how they met and became friends at last. 


Even if her love had failed, there was no rule that forced her to lose a friend. So, even if she went back to the beginning and was asked, ‘Do you still like Cyril?’ Adrienne has only one thing to say. 


She now only liked Cyril as a friend. 


What was left in place after all the fresh and young love was removed? There was nothing but friendship. 


Adrienne shifted her gaze away from the letter that had left her hands.






Maxel yawned lazily as he entered the military training ground. 


On the way there, he cut the time needed to reach in half by riding a horse. The sweet taste of arriving in the military camp greeted him as he lightly opened his eyes. The horse must have been smarter than its owner at this point.


A person suddenly came into Maxel’s sight as his long arms stretched out to wake up from his dreamy state.


The person running from the other end seemed more and more familiar as they got closer.


‘That– That person is doing it again–’


Finally, Maxel, who had confirmed who it was, sighed.


Captain Thesar, whose name was also dignified, had been running since the morning. Even though he was in a high position and already had physical strength greater than anyone, the cold-hearted superior was training harder than everyone else.


It was like that just now. 


Even though he arrived earlier than the scheduled training time, he felt like he had done something wrong– as if he had become an infinitely lazy human being.


It was obviously human nature to copy or follow one’s superior. However, when his subordinates looked at him, it simply shattered their morale.


‘I thought it was just for show, but that’s not it either.’


Maxel had been told by his father when he was a child that Thesar’s successor would be unlikely to hold an official position. It was because he summoned the doctors to the Duchy or something—


However, Thesar’s successor, who came face to face with him, was strong.


The same was true for his physical conditions such as his wide physique, but the look of overwhelming pressure one would feel when he simply looked down was especially true. After hearing the same story as Maxel, those who had prejudices came forward and started to deny the rumors. 


A typical response was, ‘If someone like him is a sickly child, then no one would be called a patient in the Empire.’ 


Now that time had passed since then, no one doubted Cyril any more.


‘So please do it in moderation. Captain, please…’


That was his conclusion. His little hope was that if he worked hard in the military because he was a superior, they’ll have to follow him indefinitely, therefore let’s do it moderately.




“Yes, Captain! You’re cool today, too.” 


“The lieutenant doesn’t look in good condition today either.”


Maxiel briefly lowered his head and he smiled. He drank until dawn, so he definitely wouldn’t be human if he was in a good condition. But if he said this, he would hear him nagging, so it was best to close his mouth. 


His superior who was usually silent, had a knack for nagging.


“Then I’ll change my clothes briefly.”


“Whatever– Oh, wait. Lieutenant Langred.”


If he’s going to live like that with that face, if only he gave it to me–


As Maxel turned around, swallowing his tears, Cyril stopped him. 




“Tell Lieutenant Thalerang to come to my office when he arrives.” 


“You mean Lieutenant Thalerang?” 




“Yes. I understand.” 


Why was he looking for Lieutenant Thalerang, whom he hadn’t looked for before?


Maxel wondered and thought. Upon entering headquarters, Maxel immediately began looking for Lieutenant Thalerang.




“I heard you called, Sir.”


Cyril gave permission to enter by briefly saying, “Come in.”


Lieutenant Thalerang, who walked in modestly, stood in front of Cyril’s desk.


Cyril looked up quietly at Lieutenant Thalerang, who looked a little rough.


The lieutenant with the appearance of a bandit, despite his looks, was surprisingly a married man.


He was also known as a devoted husband. 


One day Maxel said to him, ‘Lieutenant Thalerang is a devoted husband. Wouldn’t his wife breathe when he looks so scary but he could beg as well?’


‘You’re truly inside and outside, and you’re very interested in other people’s affairs,‘ he said at the time. Cyril, who had previously ignored it, had no other reason to call Lieutenant Thalerang at this point.


“I heard you bought a ring recently.” 


It was because of rumors that Lieutenant Thalerang traveled around the entire division to find talented craftsmen and famous jewelry stores. 


The choice had already been decided from the beginning, and now he was on the verge of facing the consequences. 


As long as he decided to comply, he thought he had to prepare for the future in advance. 


Apart from saying it out loud as a confession, he had to do something anyway. 


Anyway, marriage is marriage. There would be no romance in their relationship as the other person was someone he had known for a long time, but shouldn’t he at least provide something for her? 


Apart from the wedding gift, whatever it is, it was courtesy—


For example, a gift. 


When he thought that far, Cyril realized something else. 


The reality was that he didn’t know what to give or where the best place to get them was. 


That was why Lieutenant Thalerang was called by Cyril. 


“Yes. She said that she would only accept gold for her birthday present, so I prepared it that way.” 


“Yeah, gold–”


The expression was elegant. Somehow, the lieutenant’s marriage seemed to be clear. 


Still, Lieutenant Thalerang’s expression brightened just thinking of his wife.


It was far more exemplary than the beast that wanders the streets at night. 






“I wonder where you bought it.”


The main topic was brought up by Cyril, who had his eyes on the wall clock, his lips twitching.




“—Because I need something.”


“Ah. Yes.”


The lieutenant, who had momentarily shook his head as if he had heard something wrong, straightened his posture. 


And he asked back with a serious face.


“Do you need a ring or a bracelet or other accessories?”




“Did you know a little bit about jewelry? There are different places that are good at crafting for each type.” 




He hadn’t considered it on such a deep level before. When Cyril remained silent, the lieutenant asked again, as if in a hurry. 


“What should I tell you?”


“All of them.”


After thinking about it, Cyril responded as if spitting out. 


“Yes, then I’ll borrow some paper,” replied the Lieutenant, and began to write. 


The appearance of the lieutenant writing with his large body bent looked as if he was writing a pledge of loyalty. 


Cyril felt like he had made a mistake, but he didn’t stop him. Instead, he thought of convincing himself. 


‘If there are many, she can pick and use them when needed. After all, she’s gorgeous even if she’s standing still, so even if she puts several on, it won’t be too much.’ 


Shortly thereafter, Cyril was given a sheet of paper filled with the Lieutenant’s list of recommended jewelry stores. 




Reid first went up to the capital to work, and Adrienne remained in Cassinel and packed slowly.


Unlike in the past, where she had to pack her luggage to prepare for the debut, this time it took more time because she was preparing to go stay for a long time. 


In reality, the burden was not that much, so it was more of an excuse for thinking of a father who would be left alone. 


Emma and Lena, who had decided to leave Cassinel together, were also aware of their feelings, so they matched the timing appropriately. 


Fifteen days later, it was the day she returned to the mansion in the capital, Ruther.


Thanks to the diligent carriage, she was able to arrive at the mansion before noon. 


“Lady, would you like to heat the bath water?” 


“That’s a great idea, Emma.”


Lena, who had been bothering Emma the whole time, turned quiet when she arrived in the capital city, asking if she was truly getting married. She seemed to want to deny the reality.


“Are you going to have dinner with Cyril?” 


“Yeah. I think so.” 


Emma, on the other hand, waited quietly, as if everything was normal. That calm attitude was a great help for Adrienne. 


After taking a brief break for the afternoon, Adrienne prepared to go see Cyril. 


There was no great preparation, but she was dressed more formally than usual as she rode a carriage engraved with Cassinel’s crest. 


“Do you want me to put on some makeup?”


“Um– No, that’s fine. It’s not like I’m going to look good for him.” 


Adrienne thought for a moment, then shook her head. 


She was a little embarrassed to dress up in earnest while they grew up after seeing everything they had to see. In addition, Adrienne felt awkward being stylish. 


In Cassinel, noble formality and dignity were not revealed through appearance, but in the capital city, it was a natural thing. 


‘That’s why I’ve heard that it’s out of style.’ 


Cassinel was, to put it lightly, a frontier, and to the capital’s aristocrats, it was nothing more than a historic countryside. 


Despite the fact that she was still a great noble, they pretended to respect her in front of her, but they chatted freely behind her back. Saying they dislike her because she was from the countryside.


However, if she was a sociable person who had just moved to the capital and had a personality that could adapt to fashion, she wouldn’t have lived in Cassinel for 19 years. 


Adrienne decided not to worry too much about it, because if they came to Cassinel, they would become the capital nerd anyway. 


“But you know, Sir Cyril might fall for Lady in the capital.”


Emma, who put her hands together, suggested one more time as if it was a pity. 


Adrienne fully understood her feelings, but she didn’t change her decision.


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