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1. I Broke My Engagement With Him Today


The results in front of her eyes were horrific.


[You didn’t make it all the way to the ending]


Serdel smiled in vain as he watched him enter the ceremony hand in hand with the heroine in a pure white gown.


[Ending failed and will be reset

※You will not be able to return to reality until you complete the ending.]


Staring resentfully at the status window, which has spread out as if blocking the path between them.


With a flash, the world she was standing in vanished.


At the same time, it flashed back to countless scenes, like a fall down a hill.


They were all a part of what she had gone through here. Sadness, gloom, frustration, and anger washed over the body. 


After being run over several times.


The soul was sucked into a scene that hovered just above the abyss.


Her mind had gone blank.


How long has it been like this?


The sensation, which had been forced to halt, began to reorganize, and the surrounding energy was only vaguely felt.


At the same time, the heat in her nose smelled like tea.


Serdel had a feeling she’d returned to her first possessed state.


‘It’s a teahouse,’ 


Count Hershe Maient, her fiancée and traitor, will be sitting in front of her.


And then he—


“Let’s break up, Young Lady.”


On that day, he must be spitting out the words of breaking up the engagement. She can’t hear it well, but she can easily predict it because she has seen it before.


Her eyes filled with tears.


Regardless of the will, it was a random phenomenon.


Damn it. At a time like this!


Her eyes welled up with tears as she thought about how unhappy she was.


“I’m sorry.”


She could imagine him staring at her.


‘Those who have come to drink tea may be listening.’


There must be a serious vibe between him and her.


The more Count Maient grows, the more aware he will be of having a sinful day.


He was that kind of man.


A man who pretends to be polite while using cruel words when necessary.


He’s such a jerk who only cares about how she appears in the eyes of others.


The Hershe Maient was the name of the character.




She couldn’t even raise her lips due to the dull sensation, so she just cried.


‘I’m so annoyed!’


Her stomach felt like it was going to burst.


When are all of this jerk’s senses going to return! 


Is it a punishment for failing in the end? 


The combined speed of soul and body was significantly faster.


“I’m truly sorry. I’ll send the letter to the House of Young Lady as soon as possible.”


With that, he carefully rose from his seat and bowed his head deeply.




“Then I’ll proceed because I have work to do.”


….3, 2, 1.


Light up!


Her fingers wriggled as the curtain of vision, which had only been sprinkled, lifted.


She believes she has regained her senses.


Serdel purposefully pushed the chair back.


“Why do you simply say anything you want and leave out the most important part? You must return the Elbash forest development rights you obtained in exchange for your marriage.”


Yes, that is the game’s first main story and the most important starting point.


‘I can’t have you involved.’


She will not make the same rash decision she did back then.


Serdel put her handkerchief on her cheek and wiped away her tears first.


Because the cosmetics here are all of the low quality, the eyes are most likely ruined.


She didn’t want to seem foolish, Damn it. 


“You’re going to cut your hands on our family’s business if you’ve mentioned the annulment of the engagement. I don’t believe it’s supposed to go on like this, do you?”


“Young Lady—”


“Even if they are not the Count, there are many people who wish to help grow the Elbash Forest. You abandoned me, and I hope you’re not up to something dirty. Why don’t you properly prepare the proper documents and submit them along with the letter of cancellation of engagement? Then, I’ll get going as well.”


To him, who was bewildered as if he had not expected such a knife-like reaction, Serdel snorted and came out without any regrets.


Crazy bast*rd.


She is feeling better on the inside.




She was trapped in the game three years ago.


She had just finished a hectic assignment when she was told to end her relationship with her boyfriend.


She was embarrassed. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


“Hey, you didn’t forget we were getting married, did you? Is it April Fool’s Day today? 


“I’m sorry, I have someone I love.”




“We’ve been seeing each other for so long, aren’t we a little tired of each other? Wouldn’t it be easier to live with loyalty if we married in that state?”


“…The one you love? Loyalty?”


She was stunned because she was so dumbfounded.


“Let’s simply break up cleanly before the wedding invitation comes out.”


She couldn’t help but catch her boyfriend as he was leaving the cafe.


Shame? Pride?


She didn’t have time to deal with it. She simply couldn’t let this guy leave like this.


In truth, she isn’t much better than he is.


It was more frightening to be abandoned than to die. She wants to start a family as soon as possible in order to relieve her terrible loneliness.


“Are you upset with me? Did I make a mistake? Huh? So, why do you become so sensitive when planning a wedding? Is that the case?”


“I’m not interested in marrying you, and what about being sensitive? Let’s not be mean.”


Those were his final words.


She has no idea what spirit she brought home with her.


She made a few mistakes that the company did not, and she was constantly scolded by her boss.


In the end, she went on vacation and stayed at home for a while.


She watched movies, dramas, and entertainment shows, but they only made her feel worse.


She then began playing a game called “The Female Lead’s Men.”


It was a reverse harem love simulation game in which the female protagonist, Alexa, ended up switching between the four male protagonists.


It’s difficult to fall in love with just one person, but there are four of them!


For the first time, the virtual world she was experiencing was enticing enough to keep her awake.


She became engrossed in the male protagonists, who used them as escapes from reality.


Possession is the result.


She became the fiancee of the main characters, Hershe Meiant, and became the Count’s second daughter, Serdel Robbesta.


And she clung to him for a long time before breaking up with him again.


She didn’t want to be left behind in this world after her ex-boyfriend.


She was terrified of being abandoned as a result of the trauma of her childhood.


Her self-esteem was low.


There was also longing in her body for Count Meiant, and her lingering feelings grew stronger in him.


‘What’s more, I’m not sure if Alexa was with him.’


She moved on to another male character in the middle, so she circled him.


She, too, was reliant on him at the time. No, she acted in such a way that she couldn’t help but believe she was relying on him.


She had no idea that a single delusion would send her to hell.


She was completely swayed by his soft smile.


She should’ve acted weakly like a heroine.


She couldn’t complete the ending because he gave all his heart to one person.


‘I want to go back—’


To her own personal reality.


‘I’m sick and tired of dating,’


There has been far too much emotion consumed.


She was now afraid to love.


But only for as long as she’s stuck here, if she doesn’t want to be reset again, she must connect with one of the male characters faster than Alexa.


‘I won’t fail anymore. I’ll definitely go back.’


Except for Count Maient, who is a dumpster, she is going after the rest of them.


‘How should I approach it?’


Serdel reached out in regret after a long period of thought.


It was too painful to walk to the house in these shoes with no path.


Her toes felt like they were going to break off as soon as she realized this.


And the sloppy dresses were an annoyance as well.


‘Why did this woman send the family carriage back in the past!’


She reached for the carriage that was coming this way, grumbling inwardly.


The white roof appeared to be a two-seater luxury carriage primarily used by aristocrats at first glance.


It was a mode of transportation similar to a taxi here.


Serdel opened the door before the horseman could get off.


“I’m sorry, but could you please hold my hand?”


She didn’t even look to see who was already on board. She was completely insane.


It was easy to climb at once as she tightly clasped the hem of the dress with one hand, and her hand came close.


“Thank you very much. I’m in a hurry.”


Ugh! She sat down and adjusted her dress after taking the hand and getting into the carriage.


She didn’t forget to remove her shoes.




‘It’s as if I’m alive!’


Only then will she be able to take a look around the carriage.


‘It’s a fancy carriage, but it’s too fancy on the inside.’


The sensation is a little—.


“Where should I take you to?”


Then, all of a sudden, she heard a sweet voice.


Serdel’s eyes turned opposite.


A man with shining hair, dark eyes, and a terrifyingly beautiful appearance was smiling slightly at her.




“Count’s Young Lady Serdel Robbesta.”



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