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[You led the planning and progress of the Elbash Forest exploration, learned a new type of magic, and influenced the subjugation. The resulting casualty ratio is converted into points. 


▷ 13,000 additional points will be added.


▷ Total Points: 33,000


→ Points will be used with a congratulatory message upon reaching 35,000.]


[Those who took part in the subjugation and made the most advances are also rewarded.]


[Siri – A genius awakened by a life-threatening battle shines brighter than ever. A special power is concentrated around her.]


[Terra – He begins to feel mana. If he concentrates his power he can add mana to their arrows.]


[Addis Robbesta – One step closer to the highest level of Sword Expertise.]


[Maro – To he, who was full of mannerisms and slowed down his development as a wizard, this incident makes him a hot topic, breaking barriers. In the future, he will become a much stronger imperial wizard and a strong supporter of the 2nd Prince.] 


Is it enough to come out now?


She can’t think of anything. 


Serdel glanced at Cartal’s hand that was holding her shoulder.


Then she looked away. 


His firm will to make her a successor has been transmitted through his eyes. 


‘I’m lost for words—’


She had to say no, but the words didn’t come out well. She was even more confused by what he had just said.


Cartal’s promise to protect her presence felt like a heavy burden if she couldn’t kill his temper.


His promise to protect her even after death didn’t make her happy or touched at all. 


She was somewhat anxious.




To stall for time, Serdel examined the ground.


She remembered Redan, who said he was sorry and would find his place soon.


The position of the successor was unstable, and it was probably a place he had to return to.


She didn’t want to take that. 


She was about to open her mouth, but a status window came up a few seconds later than the rest.


Naturally, her head also looked up.


[Redan Robbesta – His heart and mind grow through this event. If he leaves the capital, he will shine and gain stability.]


To call that a reward, she could say that it was full of nonsense.


She wondered again what was going on.


Isn’t leaving the capital like being demoted?


‘What happens if he doesn’t leave?’


She couldn’t help but mutter to herself. A red warning window popped up as if to answer her.


[Dies within four months.]


She felt like her heart would drop.


The status window disappeared as if it had finished its job.


Serdel’s eyes, which were looking at the clean air with a surprised look, met Cartal’s eyes.


‘Why the hell… Is there someone trying to harm Redan?’


It is said that both his heart and mind are growing.


No way. Is it temporary?




‘Even if Oraboni becomes the next successor, he will still try to find out who murdered the Countess.’


He might use his new power to find things he couldn’t have found before.


Did he get close to the truth? So close that he had to die?


Her mouth became dry on the inside.


Her throat felt choked as she forced herself to swallow her saliva.


“If you need time to think, just tell me.”


When Serdel couldn’t come up with an answer for a while, Cartal took a step back for now.


He stood up straight and took his hand off her shoulder.


Cartal’s gaze turned to the document Serdel was about to sign.


And when he picked it up—.


“I’m done thinking.”


Serdel’s eyes changed.


“I’m still lacking a lot, but I’ll do my best as a successor. Please take care of me, father.”


Serdel got up from her seat and bowed her head.


“Thank you. The official appointment will proceed as soon as Addis and Redan return.”


“Okay, then the conversation is over. Father, go to bed and lie down. You need to rest.”


“I think I’m all better now.”


Serdel grabbed Cartal by the wrist while he was holding the documents.


“If you don’t keep your promise, you have to eat this.”


Serdel placed a pill on the table in front of Cartal.


Cartal’s lips trembled.


The papers slid out of his hand helplessly.


“If possible… throw it away. It’s not made for a living person. Even the dead will be shocked if you put it in their mouth.”


Cartal laid down on the bed with a disgusted expression after murmuring a few words.


He closed his eyes quickly, and by the time the meal was being served he was deeply asleep and couldn’t be woken up.




The day was bright.


After handing over the approved documents to the butler, Serdel had breakfast with Cartal.


His complexion was quite good because he had rested well. He moved the spoon quickly as if his appetite had changed.


Monem and the head maid were very relieved to see him eat well.


After eating, Serdel forced him to go for a walk.


On the other hand, Serdel kept reading the reports that were piling up in the office.


A few hours have passed since then.


The light came from the communication tool in front of her and showed the faces of the people about whom she had been worried.


“Unnie! Oraboni!” 


After that, Damon and Belters were seen.


[You must have worried a lot… I’m sorry I couldn’t contact you.]


Addis scratched her nose with an awkward smile. Then, Redan, who took the communication tool from her, put his face in.


She felt like she was about to cry.


[Hey. The subjugation is over, and we’re at the Count’s Castle now. We immediately found a communication device and contacted you when we arrived at the castle. Don’t worry, we’re okay.] 


“That’s a relief. Father was very worried, too.”


[What about you?]


“Of course I did worry a lot. I was anxious. I’m really happy that you’re safe.”


Redan coughed for no reason.


[You’re not sick anywhere, right?]


After hesitating for a moment, he asked carefully. The way he looked at her was full of worries.


[That, I saw you in a dream a while ago. I wanted to call you as soon as I came to my senses, crying sadly—but somehow it was too late. I’m sorry I couldn’t be by your side during difficult times.]


Serdel shook her head.


“It’s okay, Oraboni. Father had fun beating him. So I feel better. So don’t be too sorry.”


[Are you really okay?]


Addis asked again with a stiff face.


“It’s okay.”


[Because I’m incompetent…]


“Unnie. I’m okay. You continue to treat me as if I’m a child, but I’m also an adult.”


[That’s why I’m even more sorry. I couldn’t even protect your childhood, and until you grow up…]


As soon as Addis started biting her lips, Falden took the communication tool from her grasp.


He also had a communication tool in his hand. He seemed to have contacted someone separately.


[What are you doing to make the atmosphere gloomier? Young Lady says it’s okay. Asking the wrong thing repeatedly is a bigger disrespect to the other person.]


Falden, who was criticizing her for a short time, went somewhere with the communication tool.


It was a study room.


He locked the door and ripped the scroll to stop the sound from leaking out.


Then, as if relieved a bit, he turned his gaze back to the communication tool and stared at Serdel.


“Thank you. Maybe my sister and brother would have just kept telling me they were sorry if Your Highness hadn’t come forward.”


[…Yeah, I thought it would be a little… uncomfortable.] 


He moved his lips slightly a few times.


“I’m fine. Are you all right, Your Highness?”


[Aah, about me, well. I’m fine. Oh, my subordinate will be in touch with Edwan soon. There are quite a variety of items we procured, so it would be good to get an early start, so tell them to prepare well.]


“That’s a relief. Even with my assurances, Edwan was very worried because the supply for the foreign goods he had to bring in was nonexistent.”


[Yeah— Oh, I heard that Young Lady worked hard in the capital. Maro grumbled a lot about why he had to become an imperial wizard, but I think it will help build a solid foundation. Thank you. Even though it’s late.]


Serdel smiled instead of answering.


[His Majesty’s character must have been difficult to bear… so much, that—]


Ah, this is not right. Falden scratched the back of his head and mumbled.


Unlike usual, he felt a little flustered today.


He didn’t just blurt out what he wanted to say or what he couldn’t say. Instead, he was very careful with her.


[It’s not right to ask this question after all my criticism of Dame Addis, but— are you sure you’re okay?]


He lowered his hand and asked with a serious face.


[If you were next to me, I wouldn’t have let that happen.]


“That wasn’t the case.”


[Yeah. That’s right, but still… I can’t help but worry about it…]


Falden’s head slowly went down, and this short action showed his frustration.


“Count Maient’s reputation is over. He will be leaving the capital soon.”


[Ah, of course, he should. He’ll have to leave the capital. If not, I’ll kill him as soon as I get to the capital.]


For a second Falden’s eyes became dangerous and cold,but then he scratched his head seemingly flustered again.


[Young Lady is my precious business partner. If your partner is treated like that by others, you get really angry, right?]


His ears were red when he said that.


[Anyway, we’ll be leaving soon, so let’s meet in the capital.]


“Yes. See you in the capital.”


After staring blankly at Serdel’s smile for a moment, he nodded.


The tension on his face began to ease slowly.




The tone of his response was also soft.

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