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When Falden saw that the communication tool’s light was off, he shut his mouth disappointedly.


Serdel, who he hadn’t seen in a long time, was still small and arrogant. 


He was thrilled to think that she would go to the palace and do business with the emperor for some reason.


He doesn’t know how she got the Lord of the Wizard Tower out of the tower, but he was able to fill the most important positions with his people because of her.


When he heard about this from the subordinate planted in the Imperial palace, he was emotional. 


It was Falden, who had lived as if he had been kicked out of the palace since he was young.


His status didn’t protect him on the battlefield.


If anything, nobody cared about the fallen prince. Therefore, even if the opponent was a soldier, he had to try hard to win favor.


The process of getting the current subordinates was intense.


At first, no one tried to reach out to him.


Serdel was the first and only one.


The first feeling he had was gratitude.


People had betrayed him so many times in the past, so he kept trying to test her—.


But she still aided him.


Come to think of it, even when they were together during the expedition, she didn’t turn away at the most stressful and important moments and instead helped as much as she could.


She has no idea how helpful it was.


But then he couldn’t help but be shocked by the news with Count Maient because of how dependable she was back then.


Hearing that the Young Lady, who the Emperor invited to an audience at the Imperial Palace, was assaulted!


For a moment, Falden doubted his ears.


He couldn’t believe it. They were really talking about Serdel?


At first, he was dumbfounded, then he laughed because it was so ridiculous, and in the end, he was angry. 


It also brought up memories of the abuse he received from the Empress as a child.


His anger boiled over when he remembered how powerless he was and the small Serdel suffering similarly.


When their comrades at the palace told him, Addis and Redan about this, none reacted at first.


He would have thought the two siblings didn’t care if he didn’t watch the brother and sister go crazy in the enemy camp.


“Damn, I shouldn’t have asked you if you’re okay.” Falden shook his head, clearing away the memories. 


It must be something she doesn’t want to remember. When he looked back, he was afraid that he had hurt her again by reminding her.


Ha. After wiping his face nervously and sighing he got up, everyone was looking at him when he left the study.


In particular, Addis and Redan quickly pulled their faces away and stepped back, as if they were listening at the door.


After feeling embarrassed for a moment, Addis started to get angry.


“It’s been a while since I’ve communicated with my sister. Why are you interrupting me? This is beyond your power!”


Redan eagerly nodded next to her and said that she was right.


“What exactly both of you talking about—” 


“Didn’t the Young Lady say that before? She’s an adult. Aren’t you treating the Young Lady too much like a child?”


Addis’s mouth closed.


On the other hand, Redan gave a sullen answer.

“…I  couldn’t even treat her like a child when she was a kid. I don’t want to regret it now, so I’m trying to get closer before it’s too late. What’s wrong with it?”


“It’s good to be close, but this is not the right way. Have you ever thought that the Young Lady would feel uncomfortable? It’s nice to care about and think about your younger sister, but the two of you tend to push too hard. From the point of view of the person accepting it, that is neither considerate nor comfortable.”


Instead, it was just like any other violent act because she had to force herself to understand the other person’s point of view.


However, Falden didn’t speak until that point. More than that is really too much, and it’s the same as using violence against the two of them.


Instead, he took a look around


“Besides that, shouldn’t the two of you be more concerned about the castle and the estate? Didn’t you feel it when you came in? The expression on the faces of the officials, the lighter atmosphere.” 


Falden thought it was strange that they were so excited about the new business in front of him. 


“A new flower attracts bees. In the capital, the Young Lady is doing her best to protect her family despite all the bad things. This is not the time for the both of you to relax and worry about only your younger sister.”


Redan’s face hardened at his sharp criticism.


“You shouldn’t get in the way of the path that the Young Lady has made, right?”


When Addis and Redan finally looked up, they quickly went their separate ways inside the castle.


Certainly, the atmosphere flowing from everyone was different from before.


Damon walked up to Falden, who was about to walk away but paused when he saw the two people’s eyes change. 


“I think I need to use the communication tool too.”


Damon held out his hand with an indifferent look on his face.


Falden hesitated for a moment, then gave the tool to the man and left.


Is he trying to contact the Marquis?


Or is he trying to contact Serdel separately? He felt kind of bad because he felt especially close to her.


Damon, who had only thought of himself as an inexperienced person, showed a figure that was daring and brave after one failure.


He didn’t have strong powers, but he covered all his weaknesses with his wits.


As he fought, his eyes became sharper, his judgment was as fast as his sword, and he gave his subordinates only accurate orders without any errors in judgment. 


Perhaps he will have a bigger status in the family starting from this time.


Maybe he’ll push his two brothers down and go straight up to the Marquis—.


“Is the Young Lady doing okay?” 


Falden, lost in thought, turned his head. Belters were standing next to him.


“Didn’t you see something good before?”


“Yes, but— well, no.”


“What is this?? What are you curious about?”


“It’s nothing, we’ll meet when we get to the capital anyway.”


“…Why is the Duke meeting with the Young Lady?”


Duke Belters had a relaxed expression and seemed to be contemplating something with his chin raised.


It was terribly annoying to Falden.


“It can happen.” 


“What’s the matter? You’ve never talked to the Young Lady before, have you?”


“Once. It was pretty dramatic.”


Falden’s eyes darkened. He thought there was nothing big going on between Serdel and Belters.


“Don’t joke around.”


Belters shrugged instead of answering.


At that, Falden’s fist tightened.


His stomach was boiling.




Cartal reported to the imperial family that the subjugation of the Elbash Forest was successfully completed, and at the same time, he had a related article published in the newspaper.


No matter what side they were on, the nobles sent invitations to Count Robbesta to say congratulations.


Some people even wrote to Redan and Serdel to ask if they were betrothed.


When Addis entered the Imperial Knights, she said that she had no plans to get married, even though she was the heir apparent to the family.


So, even though it was hard to go after her directly, Count Robbesta had Serdel, whose engagement had just been broken, and Redan, who had to leave the house and could not decide on marriage.


There were a lot of people who especially wanted Redan, since if they got married to Redan and had a child the child would likely be Addis’ successor.


But everyone was wasting their time because Cartal had not yet revealed who would be his successor.


“First, return all the invitations.I have no interest in engaging with those people.” 


Serdel pushed the invitations in front of her with her hands.


There was sure to be a big difference between going to this event as a Young Lady and going as an heir.


The butler said he would take care of it, and he took the papers with him.


Soon, the communication tool burst into light, and Edwan’s image appeared.


[The mercantile is ready to open. The day after tomorrow, we will officially open it.]


He showed her a video he had taken of the inside of the store.


“You both organized it well.”


Edwan blushed at the brief compliment. Rudella, who was standing next to him, also blushed and liked it.


[Oh, and Ashley Rovello, who you told me to look into before. I think you need to give me a little more time.]


Serdel nodded.


She didn’t think he could gather information right away.


The documents that Dell brought from Count Maient also only had that name written next to Count Deriens.


There was, otherwise, nothing special about it.




[Yes, then I will contact you the day after tomorrow.]


After finishing the communication, Serdel lowered her head to focus on the document in front of her again.


However, Monem came in with a knock and great timing.


Serdel thought the head maid had brought tea, so she was going to tell Monem to put it next to her—.


“Lady. A person has arrived from Count Maient. I think you should go out and see.”


Serdel put down her fountain pen when she heard the tension in Monem’s low and heavy voice.


Monem’s expression was also serious.


Eventually, she got up from her seat and went out.


Cartal, who came out first, had a cold expression on his face.


Serdel’s gaze turned to the other side.


The knights of Count Robbesta, who had been oppressing Count Maient for some time, were surprised to see a familiar person standing in front of them while random strangers restrained him.


One of the strangers, who seemed to be the representative, walked out. 


“I’m meeting the Head of Count Robbesta. My name is Carlon Maient, and I’m the new head of Maient County.”


It was Hershe Maient’s half-brother.


She had heard that he was going to come up to the capital when he had successfully assimilated all of the territory’s power with the assistance of his followers, but she didn’t know he would arrive so soon.


As he beckoned, the captive and struggling figure was dragged out.


It was Hershe, who was once the head of Maient and Serdel’s fiancée.


“Kneel down.”


At Carlon’s cool command, the knights hit Hershe’s leg and forced him to kneel. 


Then he pressed it with his hand and forced his head to the floor.


The look was terrible.


“I want to express my deepest apologies to Count Robbesta for the irreparable harm that our former head of family caused you.”


Carlon also bowed his head.


And over their heads–.


[Hershe Maient, one of the supporting actors, loses more than 90% of his presence and is demoted to an extra.]


The worst death sentence for a character was revealed.


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