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As Cartal said the other day, the rat trapped in the jar finally knelt.


Although not on his own.


Serdel looked down at him indifferently.


‘Have you ever imagined this in the past?’


The current situation.


The fact that he knelt down in front of her. 


In a miserable and obsequious way.


“I sincerely apologize to you, Young Lady.”


Carlon bent towards Serdel.


The person standing behind him held out a luxurious looking box.


“This is a way of compensating for a one-sided broken engagement.”


The vice butler, who was paying attention, approached and opened the box. 


The inside was full of fancy jewels.




At Carlon’s beckoning, another person stepped forward. In his hand, there was a huge box. 


When she opened it, she saw a lump of gold inside.


“This is the compensation for this unfortunate incident. I should have come up and done this right away, but my situation has been unsatisfactory and it has been delayed. However, these are all just excuses. I apologize again.” 


He was quite polite.


His figure was not rude.


Hershe used to be like that.


In the past, he was always bold. That’s why Carlon didn’t wabt to look like that. 


 But she doesn’t know what else might be inside.


Serdel turned from him and approached Hershe. 


Then, the one who was pressing Hershe’s head gently backed away. Hershe, who had become a little free from the pressure, gently raised his head. 


His eyes were empty, and his face was so messy. 


“Please, please save me. I must have lost my mind for a moment.”


He was ugly to the end.


Yeah, so it was better.


“It looks good.”


When the bitter relationship and a 10-year-old congestion seemed to disappear from her chest, she felt relieved and refreshed. 


She was just calm.


The fact that he had already been demoted to a supporting role made him much more of an outsider.


“Don’t forget this moment, when I looked down and saw how pathetic you are.” 


Of course, the bad feelings didn’t completely disappear, so she returned what he had said in the past. 


“And don’t forget your ugly self right now.”


She looked at his eyes, which were slowly starting to distort.


“I hope you are trapped in a nightmare. For the rest of your life.”


With those words, Serdel turned around.


Never again.


She will never see Hershe Maient again. 


Hershe was dragged out again by Carlon and those he had brought.


On the contrary, the knights of Count Robbesta, who had no reason to press Count Maient any longer, returned to the training room without following them.


And they slowly returned to normal life.




Blenn chased Serdel, who was about to enter the office.


“…It’s been a while, I think.”


“I know.”


It was her first time seeing Blenn since what happened with Hershe at the Imperial Palace.


“Are you okay?”


“Is there anything that wouldn’t be okay?”


“Well, that’s right.”


His awkward smile subsided quickly.


“I was very worried.”


He took a step closer.


Naturally, Serdel raised her head.


His eyes were full of complicated feelings for her that seemed to be held back.


“It was very painful to know that when I was in the training ground such a thing happened to Lady. I was upset that I could not be by your side.” 


Between his shaking eyelids, a single tear ran down.


She could see that he was very anxious.


“I was grateful to the Lord of the Wizard Tower for saving the Lady, but I was jealous. Why was I not the one who saved you from this crisis, and if I were there in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened—”


Blenn’s eyes turned to the necklace on Serdel’s neck.


“Why didn’t this trigger then—!”


Hershe wouldn’t have thought of killing her. It was natural that it didn’t work unless the owner was threatened with deadly intent.


“I wasn’t there, and the one thing I gave. It didn’t help anything in the end. That’s why it hurts me even more. I’m sorry.”


“Don’t say that.”


“I’m sorry, Lady.”


From behind his slightly closed eyes, more and more frustration was coming out.


Disappointment and anger at himself came from his trembling lips.


Serdel handed him a handkerchief. But he didn’t take it. 


She had no choice but to reach out and wipe his cheek.


“I’m going to ask my father— for you and Laura’s imperial citizenship.”


It’s been a bit delayed due to a lot of work. But to be more honest, she deliberately delayed some things. 


Even if he said he wouldn’t betray her, she couldn’t help but be wary of Blenn. 


“I will not betray Lady, as I swore before.”


He put his forehead on the back of her little hand and spoke with more effort.


“If I betray you again, then I will offer my head. Please kill me.”


He took a dagger and put it in Serdel’s hand.


The handle and scabbard were splendid. 


‘It looks pretty expensive—’


“No, you can’t. I can’t put blood on your hands. Just give me this sword if I have to die. I’ll die on my own. I swear, my life belongs to you.”


His passionate eyes, which slowly began to boil, were filled with sincerity.


A sense of tension was about to climb up her spine.


Suddenly, he raised his upper body and stepped back from her.


“Then, I’ll be on my way.”


Blenn’s head bowed slowly.


After that, he turned around and walked away as quickly as when he approached. 


She, who was left in the hallway, looked at the dagger in her hand for a moment, then grabbed it tightly.


Three hours later.


She was busily holding papers while sitting at her desk when a status window popped up in front of her.


[Hershe Maient, who was demoted as an extra, is dead]


[Types of Death: Honor killing]


‘If it’s an honor killing, was it Carlon?’


There was not much to say about the the one who was pushed out of their position. 


Serdel swung her hand through the air as if annoyed. 


Then the status window disappeared.


‘It has nothing to do with me.’


She concentrated on her documents again.




She got the mansion interior view, but Serdel was stuck in the office.


As the subjugation squad was coming, it was necessary to hurry the development of the forest.


After sending off the talents she had gathered from the capital with various tasks, she also contacted Marquis Spendar and sent those he had chosen to the Count. 


In order to communicate the situation with the officials of the other estates, letters were exchanged two or three times a day.


They continued to post a number of agendas, including ideas to develop the estate. 


However, there was mostly a lot of nonsense and only useless content.


Perhaps the tension that had been well maintained up until now was greatly relieved, and they couldn’t easily catch their excitement.


Cartal and Serdel told them to stop flapping around more than once, but they didn’t listen.


‘I need someone to help me and be by my side.’


No matter how centered and planned, she didn’t know what kind of problems would arise if the officials’ protecting the Counties were in a relaxed state. 


After worrying about this for quite a while, a familiar figure came to the office.




It was Terra. 


Serdel’s eyes grew bigger.


She got the message yesterday that they were arriving soon, but she didn’t expect to see them here today.


“I came first, as a messenger, the rest will be here in 30 minutes.”


Serdel got up from her desk and hurriedly moved her feet without even having time to ask him if he was okay. 


After that, Cartal also heard the news and came out with his monocle, which he used only when at his desk, his head was all messed up because he had moved so quickly. 


Although he saw that everyone was fine through the communication tool, he was still fraught with worry.


Serdel was pacing endlessly when she heard the distant sound of horses.


“Woo hoo—!”


Addis, who forcibly stopped her horse that was galloping at high speed, jumped off.


As soon as she saw Serdel, who approached her, she hugged her tightly.


Redan, who arrived after a while, also ran and tried to hug Serdel, but he frowned when there was no space.


Then he made eye contact with Cartal and felt awkward.


“…You’re here.”


“…Yes, I’ve arrived.”


Cough, after a while, Cartal slowly opened his arms. 




Redan, who was rolling his eyes awkwardly, approached and bent over.


“You have worked hard. I’m glad you’re safe.”


As Cartal swept his arms over his son’s back, Cartal exuded relief. Redan’s arms, which had been stiff, also wrapped around Cartal’s back more naturally.


“Yeah, well. I’m back safely.”


At the end of the sentence, the two let go.


It made the awkward atmosphere subside.


“Ugh. Unnie, I can’t breathe!”


“Yeah! Nuna, she can’t breathe!”


With deep regrets, Addis let Serdel go from her arms. Then Redan hugged her right away.


“Ugh! Oraboni! It’s suffocating, it’s suffocating!”


Tsk. Redan let her go as he clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction.


Cartal opened his arms to Addis, but her gaze was fixed only on Serdel.


“Woo hoo—”


It was then. 


Falden and Belters, who stopped their horses, came down at the same time. 


Serdel’s gaze turned to Belters. His gaze was also fixed on her.


He said she would hear more about it later, and his focused appearance when he sent her back overlapped with his focused face now. 


A new tension has arisen.


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