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She was thinking of sending Redan down to the estate because it would be dangerous to leave him in the Capital, but she didn’t know that he would make such a request first.


Serdel looked at Redan with astonished eyes.


“The territory is not very fussy. But, at this rate, it will be overflowing with people trying to work outside.”




“It’s a territory that hasn’t changed for a long time. Since the situation has changed dramatically after moving as planned, it is natural that everyone can’t keep up. So, please send me as an acting successor.”


“…Yeah, I happened to be nervous about it, but that’s good.”


Cartal didn’t show that he was surprised either.


“Thank you. I will never let my father down again.”


“Addis, Serdel. You can go out for now.”


Addis, who had been hesitant, first stood up.


Serdel followed from behind.


Tak. Watching the door close, Cartal turned to look at Redan again.


His son looked very different now than when he last saw him long ago.


If he used to be unhappy and anxious, he seemed a little clearer now that a single layer of emotion was gone. 


“Don’t you resent your father for making this decision?”


“It was surprising. To be honest, I thought I would take over the successor position again. I had talked about it with Nuna in advance.”


“Are you disappointed?”


“No, rather, it was a relief.” 


Redan continued with a slight smile on his face.


“Because Serdel is a much better fit for the heir position than I am now.”




“She has the power to lead the people around her. It was because of Serdel that I decided to change—. She’s my younger sister, but I respect her.” 


For him, the memories of his childhood with Serdel are more painful than the childhood itself, and now that she has grown up, he’s pretending to care for her and acting childishly. 


From the beginning, he knew that his younger sister was the coolest adult of all.


But he was just worried.


She had to take on so many responsibilities as the heir that her shoulders were bound to be heavy. 


Even Addis, who was like steel, cried, saying it was difficult, even though it was said in a dream. 


It was heartbreaking to let her younger sister suffer such pain following the same path as his Nuna.


“Honestly, I thought you wouldn’t accept it right away.”


“It’s not that I don’t know how important this time is for my family, no matter how much I lost my mind and lived in vain.”


Only because of one position. 


It was just right for the rumors to say that it made the family confused.


After hitting the jackpot in the mine, there was a good chance that the siblings would fight with each other and make the family look bad.


“If I had come to my senses in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. But I didn’t, and Serdel has made good moves in the past. So she deserves to be the successor.” 


He didn’t want to be remembered as an ugly older brother by his younger sister. 


“I’ll do what I can, father.”


She will no longer wander in front of her family. 


“Yeah, I trust you.”


“Yes, please trust me.”


Redan answered bravely so that Cartal wouldn’t feel sorry.




How long has she been standing in front of the office?


Serdel glanced at Addis, who quietly leaned her back against the wall.


“Don’t look at me.”


Addis smiled sadly at Serdel like that.


It was complicated for her.


Serdel and Redan were both her siblings. She felt sorry when she thought of two people who would have complicated minds over a position she hadn’t been able to lead properly. 


Just as Addis’s head was about to bow down, the door opened, and Redan came out. 


He first smiled at Addis, saying it was okay.


Then he approached Serdel.




What Redan brought out was the magic bag she gave him to bring the monster’s corpse. 


“I was going to give it to you earlier, but I didn’t have a chance to do that. I brought everything I could see. Ehem, it smelled so bad that I thought I would die.”


“…Thank you.”


“But what’s wrong with your expression?”


He placed his hand on Serdel’s shoulder.


“As head of the family, father chose you. I will do what I can. You do what you do. That’s it.” 




“It’s not easy to get here, but you can do better than Nuna or me. Serdel, I’m so proud of you.”


She didn’t expect to hear this from Redan. Addis, who suddenly approached them, hugged Redan and Serdel.




The next night.


Redan, who had come to see Serdel, took the lead and said they had to go somewhere as it got darker.


He even disguised himself using magic artifacts. Serdel also changed into what he had given her, which was an old woman with a lot of gray hair.


“Why does Oraboni turn into a young woman, and I’m like this?”


“Oh my. Grandma. What do you mean by Oraboni?”


His voice even changed. The look was quite funny. 


“Yes, my daughter. Hurry up and guide me.”


As soon as Serdel spoke, Redan, a beautiful figure with luscious brown hair, fiercely opened his eyes.


“Daughter? What do you mean? Isn’t that an insult? Do you want to die?” 


Serdel pouted her lips. Then Redan giggled and took her hand.


After walking for a while, they got on the prepared carriage. The carriage headed to Laxen 10th Street, where the commoners lived.


After moving for 30 minutes, they got off in front of an ordinary family house.


Knock, knock, knock—knock. 


When he knocked at a certain beat, the door opened automatically.


“Remember it.”


She followed Redan inside.


There is only one bed and one desk inside.


Redan lifted the floor and went down the secret staircase that appeared below it.


The wall was not dark with a light bulb.


When they went down carefully, the space that appeared was quite large.


And there were men who could have been 50 people in the middle of that big space.


All of them, dressed in black, bowed down as soon as they saw Redan.


“Make good use of it in the future.”


Tak. Redan flicked his fingers, and then the effect of the disguise that had just hidden the two of them disappeared, and their original figures were revealed. 


“Listen, everyone. As of this time today, you recognize and follow Serdel Robbesta, not me, as the master. Therefore, Serdel’s orders are absolute, and the collected information is not shared with anyone, including me.” 




Redan put his ring on Serdel’s hand.


“Usually, you can order and report with this. It’s not as strong as the knights, but it’s pretty good for stealth. The information processing ability is pretty good too.” 


He whispered in Serdel’s ear.


“I know you set up a merchant with Rudella and her lover and that you’re looking for Ashley Robello, who is connected to Count Deriens.”


Redan chuckled playfully.


She wasn’t particularly surprised. She had predicted that there were people working for him a long time ago. 


“Perhaps father also knows that created it.”


Serdel was also vaguely noticing this.


She didn’t think she would be able to keep it a secret anyway. 


She just didn’t say it because she was afraid that if she did, it would make Cartal feel burdened before the exploration even started.


Even if the development had progressed to some extent, it was planned to be officially reported due to the distribution of mana stone.


Except for the secret partnership with Falden.


“I don’t know why you’re moving in secret without even telling your family. Maybe you thought it would cause damage. But don’t hit the wall like that. Don’t regret it like me.” 


“…These are the people Oraboni needs. Is it okay if you give it to me?”


Redan wasn’t just joking when he said he wanted to give her full ownership of them.


“If you want to live in the Capital, you have to get strength not only from your family but also from yourself. But your foundation is still not strong. Also, the knights are set in their ways and can’t be changed.”


Serdel looked at them. As Redan said, what she needed the most was her own person.


Suddenly her heart was filled with emotion.


Then it looked like a chill ran down her back.


“We swear allegiance to our new master. Please give us orders!”


When many people talked at once, she could feel the energy.


“Count Deriens wants something our family has.”


The man at the front raised his head.


“We have gathered enough information. Everything was ready to go to work. We just have to put it into action, so how’s that?”


“Proceed it.” 


“Yes. I understand.” 


They left this place through a separate passageway as soon as they answered.


Redan bowed his head toward Serdel.


“Give me orders too. Because I am your shadow.”


At this moment, they were not siblings, but successors and acting successors. 

So, instead of saying anything against it, Serdel said. 


“Oraboni, please go down to the territory and protect it.”


“I will follow it.” 


She formally gave orders to Redan.


It was the first step as a successor.




Redan went down to the territory and, after a while.


Cartal announced that Serdel had become the new successor to Count Robbesta.


Many noble families sent invites to the party along with gifts to express their congratulations.


Among them was the invitation of the Emperor.


With the content that only those in power in the Capital would be invited to the dinner, Serdel wrote a reply saying yes and handed it to the butler.


Then, when she tried to fold the Emperor’s invitation, she saw a very small text that she had missed earlier in the corner.


[Do you know about my death?]


Her heart sank for a moment.

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