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“Just in case, did it make you sad that I sent you away like that?”


Serdel, who was about to become dazed for a moment, immediately answered the question that came back.


“No. I wasn’t sad at all. Rather, thanks to the Duke, I could not ruin the plan to go back just to make sure everyone was safe. And I wasn’t in any trouble.”


Addis, who is on a high stage, would have been very surprised to see Cerdel if she had stayed like that.


Serdel bowed her head.


“I’m sorry for the late greeting, but thank you so much for protecting my sister and brother. I was so relieved to see the Duke at that time. I was scared. Like I thought I would lose my brother?” 


It was a strange thing.


She had never said such weak things to Falden, the Lord of the Wizard Tower, or Blenn, who had helped her many times before.


Even though she cried sometimes, she didn’t show how unstable she felt in the first place.


But what about in front of Belters?


She can feel at ease. 


She felt comfortable because she knew he wouldn’t overreact if she showed a weak side.


His big, long fingers gently stroked Serdel’s eyes.


“Come to think of it, you cried a lot at that time. It bothered me, but I couldn’t wipe it because it was obvious it wouldn’t touch.”


Serdel pulls her body back in surprise. She isn’t even crying right now, so why? 


Belters’ hands followed her movements.


The unfamiliar warmth that flowed from his fingertips was very warm.


“Lord Serdel smiles, yet you seem to be crying.”


“…is it a crying face?”


“It’s not like that—” 


After taking off his hand, he shrugged his shoulders and straightened his posture.


Just as I was about to turn my attention to the unnecessary awkwardness, an old man came in.


“Dame  Addis and the knights have arrived. Master.”


The timing was amazing.


Serdel stood up straight away.


“I’ve got to go now.”


“Dame Addis will be training with her men on Mount Sakra soon. You won’t be able to see each other for about two months, so wouldn’t it be sad if you go back like this?”


Her body stopped.


“We prepared a delicious meal. Have you ever enjoyed an outdoor dinner?”


There isn’t such a thing. 


“Even if you eat food that is usually just delicious, it tastes really good when you eat it outside. So I hope we can enjoy it together.”


Belters reached out to her as he got closer.


“I’d like to escort you.”


The black eyes were as pretty as obsidian and curved like half-moons.


The image of him that she had hardly looked at began to appear in her eyes at this point.


The black hair, which was blowing in the wind, was neatly pulled back, and he also buttoned the black shirt all the way up to the neck.


Nevertheless, the slightly revealing neckline and the solid shoulder line that went to the side caught her eye.


He felt like a free knight when he explored. No, it was just like that.


Therefore, he had a presence, but she couldn’t feel his atmosphere.


But it was different now.


He was so neat that he looked like a noble who had grown up well.


Even more than before, a charm kept her from looking away, so she couldn’t take her eyes off him.


He took Serdel’s hand, even though she was unwilling to reach out.


When he opened the door, they ran into Blenn, who was standing in the hallway. 


When he saw that Serdel’s hand was wrapped around Belters, he hardened his face.


“Let’s go.”


The voice of that person had a force that was impossible to resist.


Eventually, she was led out by him.


Blenn, who had no choice but to follow the two quietly, chewed inside his lips and clenched his fist.




When she went to the garden, she saw the knights and Addis. A huge amount of food was spread out on the long table in between as well.


It was enough to get tired of just looking at it.




Adis approached.


“Captain, will you take your hands off her?”


Her gaze turned to Belters’ hand, which was holding Serdel’s hand.


She had enough speed to pull out her sword and cut it quickly.


“Right now. Hands off, please.”


Her face turned cold in an instant. There was a hidden warning in each and every word that was repeated over and over again with great emphasis.


“Ah, there’s nothing I can do to protect my hand.”


Belters let go of Serdel’s hand. He couldn’t hold on to it anyway.


“Never hold my sister’s hand again. I’m the only one who can hold my sister’s hand.”


Fat sparrow—no, Addis pulled out her hawk embroidered handkerchief and wiped Serdel’s hands. 


“You’re doing too much. It’s just an escort.”


“You don’t seem to have basic common sense about escorts? For example, how do you see escorts holding hands so tightly?”


“Dame is very hard.”


“Captain was too free-spirited.”


Belters laugh bitterly at Addis, who could not lose even one word.


The sun was setting, and the sky was red. The beautiful background and his smile went so well together that it looked more like a work of art than any other artwork hanging in the hallway.


Addis frowned at him. Not only that, she even hid Serdel behind her back.


In the meantime, Belters’ gaze scanned the knights.


“You had a hard time in the forest. Have a drink.”


Belters lifted the old man’s glass high.


Serdel, who released Addis’ hand, also stepped forward and lifted the hem of her dress.


If Belters praised the Knights’ hard work from the Knights Commander’s position, it was right for Serdel to say hello on behalf of the family. 


“Thank you for all the hard work you put into the work of Count Robbesta.”


Serdel bowed her head, and so did the knights.


Addis, who had been watching her for a while, also spoke up.


“Everyone worked so hard. Just relax and enjoy yourself today. If you leave training soon, you will suffer to death.”




A silence fell in an instant. 


The knights’ faces gradually turned dark. Addis casually sipped the glass she had been holding.


“In terms of personality, just listen to the words of the vice-captain and start eating right away.”


Belters came in, but the mood didn’t change for the better. The knights slowly ate the food with the plates they received.


Serdel clicks her tongue. 


Indeed, Addis didn’t even have enough flexibility.


“Come on, you eat too. Uhm, this is very delicious.”


Addis, who brought a plate full of food, put a fork and spoon in Serdel’s hand.


“I can’t eat this much, Unnie.”


“That’s why you’re so skinny. You should eat this much!


Serdel secretly gave the plate to Blenn.


“Let’s eat together.”


“Yeah, eat comfortably.”


Addis beckoned without being wary of him for some reason.


When Blenn stood between Belters and Serdel, she felt a little better and went back and forth between the knights to cheer them on.


Only then did the hard atmosphere ease.


Surely she shined among the knights. It seemed somewhat comfortable, perhaps because she was out of the line of succession.


Let’s just fill her stomachs and drink water—.


“Can you eat it like that?”


She heard a familiar voice.


“I don’t remember inviting Your Highness, but what are you doing here?”


It was Falden. 


Belters approached him with a smile.


“I know. How can you leave me out?”


“Haha. You’re so busy when I have a chance to meet.”


“You must have thought that I would come by my even if you didn’t invite me. Don’t you?”


With a casual conversation, Falden continues to take a look at Serdel.


Then, before Belters spoke again, he greeted her and pretended to know her. 


“It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve seen you like this other than through communication channels. How have you been?”


“Yes, I’ve been well.”


“I’ve been well too. I’ve heard that Sir Redan has left for the territory. And—”


Falden quickly poured out the words of what was so urgent, and then with an indifferent look, he held out a small box inside. 


“Congratulations on becoming a successor. I can say it on the communication channel, but for some reason, I want to say it myself.” 


She closed her eyes and then took the ribbon off. A big, colorful brooch was in the box.


It was an artifact that felt full of mana energy.


“In a dangerous moment, Young Lady— no, now it’s a Lord. It’s going to protect Lord Serdel.” 


She didn’t know that Falden would call her by her proper title. 


“…Thank you, Your Highness.”


“If you’re thankful, hurry up and put it on.”


When she hung a brooch around her chest, it felt like the dress was spreading.


“I chose it because it looks like the color of Lord’s warm eyes and the jewels inside, and it suits you well.”


A smile spread around his mouth.


“Once again, congratulations. Young Lady— No, if it’s Lord, you can do it better than anyone else.”


Before she could even say thank you, Falden turned around. 


His neck and ears were red.


“Oh, I’m hungry. What’s there to eat—”


He looked around and picked up the plate and piled up the food. 


Then he started to eat in earnest.


As if trying to hide how embarrassed he is. 


“Eat slowly.”


Serdel hands over a glass of water.


She also held out a glass of wine just in case.


As she was about to withdraw her hand, she felt a vibration in the ring that Redan gave her.


Serdel got up from her seat and hid herself in a corner of the garden.


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  1. Dukes get away with murder in these. Who tf starts stroking someones eyes in the middle of a conversation?

  2. Aaaa~ falden… don’t lose to the duke! Even though he’s a very charming man ㅠ^ㅠ