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Blenn, who was careful to follow her, hid his body.


However, he didn’t hide in the same place as Serdel. So that she won’t get in trouble for her strange look if someone notices it.


He just watched her from a distance.


In the past, even that would have bothered her in the past, but not now.


He had secretly followed Serdel when she and Redan left the mansion in disguise as an old man.


It was the same with Dell. Because it was to protect both of them in case Serdel was put in danger.


Serdel pressed the ring while not looking at Blenn.


Right after that, she could hear the voices of the subordinates Redan had given her.


[Before reporting the situation, I would like to inform you about the Ashley Robello you were looking for earlier. It is said that she was one of the greatest help in putting an end to Count Deriens’ shadow business a very long time ago. It is also said that the two of them had a romantic relationship at one point.]


Count Deriens took all of her father’s business and property, which she had inherited from the Baron, and almost killed her. It’s scary that she survived and is now living as someone else.


The situation was similar to the situation Serdel experienced in the past, only the character was different.


[She is good at business, and in the basement of the entrance to the homeless area, she runs a gambling room with a bar used by many commoners.]


Count Deriens knew she was dead, while she had been sending a man to watch his every move for a long time.


[I thought it would be best to take advantage of Ashley Robello’s revenge, so I sent the bait through her minions, and the opponent took it. She also leaked information to the nobles who hated Count Dariens and made them attack him.]


‘So, what’s the result?’


[It did manage to shake Count Dariens up to a certain extent.


But it seemed a little weak, and when Count Sollette went missing, his son, who took over as head of the family, got rid of any evidence of his father’s dealings with Count Deriens. This could have been a weakness for the family in the future, so she also told him what she knew.]


Falden is currently holding Count Sollette as a prisoner.


As much as the son followed him, it probably went into Falden’s ear.


‘I don’t know if it’s something they’ve worked on.’


[I think we can get more than half of Count Deriens’ business in two months.]


Suddenly, she wondered how deeply they could investigate and understand.


‘Do you know where the Count Sollette disappeared?’


[I’m not sure, but it seems like the 2nd Prince was involved. But it’s not confirmed]


It’s confirmed.


[Please don’t worry. Even if the 2nd Prince intervenes, the master’s existence will not be revealed.]


When they bit Falden’s tail, it showed that their skills were never small.


But why didn’t they find out about the Countess?


[Then, I’ll get going.] 


As the wave disappeared, Serdel’s mind also calmed down.


‘I have to make time.’


She got an inside view of the mansion, but couldn’t afford to look inside.


To be more honest, she was scared.


The more intense the thought of having to find out, the more the fear that had subsided from below for some reason rose. 


So it was hard to move easily.


She was afraid that if she was shocked, she might go crazy.




Serdel took a deep breath to shake off the tension that had suddenly risen.


Then she gets out of the dark shadow and returns to her seat but then— Tuk!


Something fell from the sky.


“…What is this?” 


When she picked it up, it was a small box. She looked up at the sky as she raised her head.


There was nothing but the moon and stars. 


Could it be that the Lord of the Wizard Tower is playing a prank? When she untied the ribbon and opened the inside, there was a luxurious hairpin.


There were beautiful jewels that shone brightly under the night sky.


Tuk. Another box that was a little bit bigger fell from the sky.


Although it was not flashy, it was an earring with a neat and luxurious feel.


And before she even took one more step.


A box larger than the previous two boxes fell.


The size of the ribbon was also large.


There were shoes inside.


At the same time, someone jumped from a tree a few steps ahead. It was Blenn. When the hell did he move—? Leaves fell all around him.


“Congratulations— I wanted to give it as a gift earlier, but the Lady is so busy—” 


More than that, there were so many people congratulating her.


He didn’t want to be stuck between them and give the same congratulations to her.


So he always carried it in his magic pocket.


“I was going to give it to you on the way back to the mansion… but I think the Lady is a bit depressed….”


He approached and knelt down on one knee.


Then he took the shoes out of the box.


“Please excuse me. Lady.”


He took her shoes off carefully and put her new shoes on.


Contrary to what it looked like, it was quite comfortable. More than any other shoes she’s worn. 


“A long time ago, when my younger sister complained that her shoes were uncomfortable, I did this. I love making things.” 


A new shoe was worn on the other foot.


“You always looked uncomfortable walking. Is this okay?”


It’s not just the point okay. 


Her feet didn’t hurt, and neither did her ankles or calves.


Seeing Serdel’s face brightening, he smiled, saying, “It’s a relief.”


In his magic pouch, he kept the shoes and box she had been wearing just before. 


“I’ll give it to you after I fix this too.”


“…Thank you, Blenn.” 


“Are you feeling a little better?”




The disturbing emotions subsided.


“That’s a relief.” 


He got up and stepped back.


Serdel walked past him and went back to the garden. Addis, who was coming fast, pulled her along and made her dance—.


She felt like she was on a roller coaster.


Serdel’s eyes, which had been spinning like a top for a long time by Addis, started to spin suddenly.


Addis became a drunkard while holding a bottle of wine with one hand.


“You should dance like this! Trust me.”


Addis’ limbs moved uncontrollably. Serdel’s body was strangely bent in the same way.




The genius knight was weak in drinking.


And she was terribly bad at dancing.


So the knights paid a silent tribute.




Addis’s bad drinking stopped only after Belters knocked her out.


Embarrassed, Blenn quickly supported Serdel.


“Are you okay, Lady?”


“Are you okay?” 


Falden, who approached, also asked anxiously.


“…I’m okay.” 


“I think she needs to leave her seat now. She doesn’t usually drink alcohol, but she seems to have been relieved a lot since she stepped down from the position of a successor. I don’t think she’ll get drunk, but she seems to be having a good time.”


Belters shook his head.


“Anyway, isn’t it so terrifying?”


Perhaps the situation just before was ridiculous, Falden burst out laughing.


“W, we’ll be on our way!”


The knights who were paying attention carried Addis and disappeared one by one.


They had to go back to the palace because they were only allowed to leave for a short time.


Seeing them moving away, Serdel bowed her head politely to Belters and Falden. 


“Oh, you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to. Are you sure you’re okay?”


Falden waved his hand and stopped Serdel from grabbing the hem of her dress.


“…I’m okay.”


Although she’s still dizzy.


“Then I’ll be on my way, too.”


“Ah…That’s too bad.”


Falden scratched the back of his head as he licked his lips.


But he didn’t grab her. 


Because it’s very late.


He turned around only after seeing her get into the carriage with Belters.


“Damn it, Dame Addis— I will see you tomorrow!”


Ugh, as Falden was grinding his teeth, Belters’ face, who had been smiling just before, subsided.


“The atmosphere in Marquis of Spendar is bad. Did you hear that?”


“Ah, I heard about it before I came here. The Marquis was hospitalized.” 


“He was poisoned.”


“It’s probably not the work of Sir Damon, who began to be recognized by him for this, but his half-brothers.” 


“But the half-brothers seemed to be driving Damon’s work.”


Tsk. Falden clicked his tongue in displeasure. There was nothing more dirty than using poison.


Since he had managed to save his life in a number of crises so far, Falden was terrified of poison. 


“They say the eldest of the Marchioness’ sons are making a fuss to bring down Sir Damon, claiming to be the head of the family.”


Belters’ eyes darkened.


“I heard from the person who I planted it separately, that he sent a marriage proposal to Lord Serdel.” 


In an instant, Falden’s eyes lit up. 


“I think he was trying to take advantage of Lord Serdel’s authority. Or maybe he was trying to scratch Sir Damon’s nerves–” 


“How dare—”


Falden’s body rose. 


“Please calm down, Your Highness.”


Belters let out a low sigh as he watched Falden’s eyes gradually turn red.


It was then. 


An old man who was pretending to be weak in front of Serdel before ran at a frightening speed.


“I just got a call! The sons of Marquis Spendar are dead.”


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