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She wasn’t really hungry, but she couldn’t resist all the sincerity around her.


The eye-catching plating and the flowers in the middle made it very beautiful. 


They gave her lighter foods as time went on, which seemed to be because they thought she may have already eaten. 


Sitting in her chair, she took a sip of the soup. 


She nodded when she tasted something good on the tip of her tongue. 


The sauce on the salad with thinly sliced duck meat was refreshing, stimulating the appetite. 


“It’s delicious.” 


The Lord of the Wizard Tower, who watched Serdel eat for a moment, also raised his fork.


The meal continued without a word for a while. 


When she felt she had eaten some, Serdel wiped her mouth.


“I ate well. Thank you for congratulating me.” 


On her smile, The Lord of the Wizard Tower also drew lines awkwardly. 


“As expected, the food we eat together is delicious. Thanks to you, I enjoyed the meal.” 


As soon as he said that, all the food on the table disappeared, and they brought out tea and small refreshments. 


Black tea’s moderate temperature gave her mouth a refreshing wash.


After putting down the teacup, she looked at the atmosphere for a while and bowed her head. 


“Lord Serdel?”


“I picked out clothes and shoes. I’ll send it to you in a few days. I’d like to go out and buy it for you, but I don’t have time, I’m sorry.” 


Before she got help with magic the other day, she promised to buy the Lord of Wizard Tower’s shoes with him. 


But she couldn’t afford it because she was too busy with work. 


Honestly, she had no sense of shame.


She saved Redan with his help in the most urgent moment, but she couldn’t even keep her promise. 


“Raise your head. It’s a pity, but it’s a fact that everyone in the capital knows that the Lord is busy. Did you choose my shoes and clothes by yourself?” 


Even though Monem brought her the catalog, she did choose items that would fit him. 


Before she could even open her mouth,


“Then that’s enough.”


He made it understandable. 


“Thank you.”


“If you’re grateful, why don’t you escort me to dinner?”


“Isn’t it usually the other way around? The Lord of the Wizard Tower needs to escort me.”  


Pft, laughter came out.


“Anyway, I’m afraid to go alone, so please hold my hand.”


What do you mean alone? 


To be precise, there were the three wizards that Falden raised secretly and participated in the exploration and subjugation. 


Serdel made a deal with the Emperor, and they both became imperial wizards, but they only talked about it.


And they hadn’t entered the palace yet.


The Emperor gave them some time so that they could finish their long life in the mausoleum. 


So they could finish their long lives in the wizard tower, the Emperor gave them some time. 


It was a kind of consideration.


In the meantime, the Emperor looked at the time to officially introduce the wizards in front of many people. 


He probably thought that now was the right time because Serdel had become a successor.


He pretended to make a place to celebrate her, and he thought she wouldn’t know that he was planning to gather the most powerful people in the capital and show the Lord of the Wizard Tower and wizards on the spot.


The Lord of the Wizard Tower would not be there if she weren’t there. 


Not long ago, she found out about it while talking to Maro. She was dumbfounded and clicked her tongue. 


“Okay. I’ll hold your hand.”


At Serdel’s permission, the Lord of the Wizard Tower’s eyes gleamed for a moment.


“Oh, I almost forgot. This—” 


He snapped his fingers, and several scrolls appeared in front of her.


“This is a teleport scroll. I heard that the Lord’s brother went down to the estate.”


Serdel’s eyes widened.


“I heard it’s hard to know the exact coordinates unless you’ve been there once. Don’t tell me—did you go all the way to the territory to make this?”




For a moment, she was speechless.


She alternately looked at the scroll and the Lord of the Wizard Tower.


“Now that I know the exact coordinates, I can take you there. If you want to go quietly by yourself, you can use the scroll. Please tell me when you run out. I will make it again anytime.”


She almost felt like crying. She never felt at ease for a moment after leaving Redan like that.


She saw his face more often through the communication device than when they were together, but it was bittersweet every time they couldn’t actually see each other. 


Even though he didn’t show it, she knew that Cartal was secretly lonely. 


Besides, Redan didn’t contact Cartal very often, probably because it was too awkward.


“…Thank you. Thank you very much.”


“There are ten sheets in total. Just in case, one sheet per person.”


Then— Five as a gift to Cartal—.


‘No, I’m sure Unnie will miss Oraboni.’


Serdel carefully took the scroll, thinking she should give four to Cartal and three to Addis.


Then she held out the magic pocket from the desk drawer.


It had the bodies of monsters that she had brought back from the expedition, as well as the bodies that Redan, Siri, and Terra had gained after subjugating them. 


“Please give this to Maro and the two wizards. I promised to take it with me during the expedition. And this” 


At first, they got things that she was supposed to trade or valuable gifts, but she couldn’t be too calculating. 


In the beginning, the monster corpses were taken to make a connection with the Magic Tower. 


She didn’t have to trade what she brought for an excuse now.


“I’ll give it to you as a gift.”


“Then I’m shameless, don’t you think?”


A wizard has no sense of shame.


“Because I was going to make a deal—”


He flicked his fingers again.


Then a magic pocket appeared in front of Serdel.


It must have money in it. 


Serdel pushed it politely with her hand. 


“No, please don’t make me a shameless person.”


Teleport scrolls were not something anyone could create. They had to be a top-level wizard to try it. 


“Once I get the money, I won’t be able to comfortably ask for it when I miss my brother.  The Lord of the Wizard Tower gave me something more precious than money. So I want to give you this, too.”




The Lord of the Wizard Tower’s eyes shook. 


“…It’s the first time I’ve ever received a gift. It’s really the first time I’ve ever received anything from someone in my life.” 


He got up from his seat and started to walk around all of a sudden. 


“Uh, um… do you need anything else? Anything else you want to eat. I can make you anything.” 


He moves around wildly for a while, like a child who doesn’t know how to show how happy he is. 


The more he did, the more various kinds of food and desserts piled up on the table.


Several objects floated up in the air. Seeing the hand lotion, Serdel held out her hand and squeezed it out.


Even though the fragrance is nice, the quality of cosmetics in this world isn’t very good. 


“Ah! Would you like to look around the sky? It will be a special experience.”


“No, I don’t want to look around.” 


Not long after Drunk Addis turned her around, she absolutely turned down the same experience.


Serdel waved her hand with frightening speed.


“It’s late, so I think I’d better get going.”


If someone comes into the office and finds out she isn’t there, they will be surprised. 




The Lord of the Wizard Tower was greatly disappointed.


Apart from that, his gaze was directed at the magic pocket.


He seems to want to get the monster’s body out and study it. 


‘It’ll be okay, right?’


Inside that magic pocket was also the corpse of Raunel, which Serdel had encountered before. 


‘Anyway, I saw the Lord of the Wizard’s Tower the last time, and if he wants to know anything, I’ll tell him whenever he wants.’


It would be easier to pass them all at once. 


In the meantime, the Lord of the Wizard Tower, who had been contemplating back and forth, decided with a troubled look on his face. 


“Then, for today… Just… um. If you are bored or have anything to do, call me right away.” 


“I will.” 


She smiled softly. 


At last, the silver air currents that appeared after the Lord of the Wizard Tower made a gesture swallowed Serdel’s body and disappeared together. 


He felt a little cold in the lab, where he was alone. But, when he thinks about it, he is always alone. 


A long time ago, many people came and went a few times. 


Since then, he has been alone all the time, so he felt that familiar loneliness approaching him today. 


The Lord of the Wizard Tower turned his head and cleared the table. 


Instead, he brought in a research desk and took a few monster bodies out of the magic pocket. 


When Serdel came here for the first time, Raunel’s body was also there.


He looked first at Raunel’s eyes. There must be some scenes in which Serdel was stimulated by it. 


Even as the Lord of the Wizard Tower, he couldn’t see it because it was in an area he couldn’t normally see.


As he had seen before, this time again, the saved scenes were played naturally in front of his eyes.






“Oh my God, the child was hit!” 


“Oh my gosh, what is that driver doing? Don’t you get off? Aren’t we supposed to check the child’s condition first?”


He saw a whole new world for the first time. 


A child who ran into something unfamiliar for the first time and flew away.


People in unfamiliar clothes gathered around it.


The girl, who was lost in the middle, looked a lot like someone. 


And he jumps toward something big to save the child and gets hurt instead—.


In an instant, the boy’s appearance suddenly distorted and became familiar.




The Lord of the Wizard Tower’s body stiffened.


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