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* * *


Serdel showed Dell the Capital map when the Lord of the Wizard Tower returned. Then, using one hand, she pointed to one place.


“Remember the location.”


It was the residence of the imperialist nobles on whom the Emperor relied most. 


Before, she only paid attention to high-ranking aristocrats— but now, it was time to focus on the Emperor, the Empress, and the key figures who followed the concubine. 


Dell, recognizing Serdel’s intentions, nodded and left immediately. After being left alone, she pulled out a communication tool and contacted Edwan. 


[Yes, Lady.] 


“Are you busy?”


[I am extremely busy. The store is about to burst with customers. There are many onlookers. The vice owner and I have to go out soon.] 


Serdel’s merchant, named ‘Russell Merchant,’ was a hit as soon as it opened. It was thanks to its huge promotion in newspapers and magazines and various items from other countries imported through Falden became as popular as expected. 


Besides, the popularity of the products designed and developed by Rudella, the vice owner, was greater than expected. And in some ways, the response to that is better than the response to the imports.


“Did you receive a sales request for a business trip?”


[Yes, there are a lot of places to go today]


Those who wanted to avoid conflict with others would sometimes buy from merchants by calling in the owner, vice owner, or staff they normally pay attention to and purchase the goods. 


[His Majesty’s banquet is going to be held soon, isn’t it? The requests for jewelry from the ladies are considerable.]


“Is that so? So, while you are trying to sell items, spread the words that the Lord of the Wizard Tower and I are going to attend the banquet together.” 


[With the Lord of the Wizard Tower? Did you decide to be escorted?]


“Yeah. And spread the word that His Majesty will introduce the wizards who have joined the Imperial Family on the spot.” 


Quite a few nobles were curious about the imperial wizard. The news of the introduction of the wizard spread, but the Emperor didn’t officially introduce it, so it was natural for interest to increase.


[It’s going to be crazy]


“I know.”


It was because the unique power of the Imperial wizard was good prey for the aristocrats even without knowing that wizards are never easy to handle. Because when it came to politics, it was clear that they would act quickly without thinking if it was easy for them to control. 


‘They’ll suffer for a while.’


The image of Maro, who disliked her and said that life had become too hard, came to mind naturally.


“I’d like to see the vice owner for a moment.”


[Yes, please wait for a moment.] 


He knocked on the door of the room next door, and a well-dressed Rudella came out from inside. As soon as she saw Serdel, she smiled brightly. 


[I’ll go first. And Nunim, you are so powerful and beautiful today.]


Rudella’s cheeks turned red.


[See you later in the evening.]




Serdel quietly watched Rudella as she waved her hand and talked charmingly, making her goosebumps. 


Soon Edwan left, and she bowed her head. 


[I greeted the Lady.] 


Her voice also became a little hoarse. 


“—Yeah. I want to ask you one thing. When you worked as a maid, the annex was your place of work, right?” 


[Yes, Lady.] 


“Did you manage the whole annex?”


[No. I managed the hall and up to the second floor.]


“Since when?”


[…Since 6 years ago.] 


“Were there locks all over the room back then? Did you open the room? Did you find anything?”




Rudella’s gaze went down. It felt like she was trying to avoid something.




[…It was locked. Up to the second floor, the butler gave me the key… Every time I cleaned it, I opened it and went in. The inside was empty. However, it happened not long after I was assigned to work….] 




Serdel responded briefly, signaling that she should continue speaking.


[It was a little difficult to clean by myself. It was quite spacious to manage up to the second floor. Why do I have to take care of these places by myself? I was dissatisfied then]


Serdel listened quietly to her private opinion. 


Rudella smiled awkwardly at her. But her lips were trembling, then Rudella swallowed saliva before continuing.


[There is nothing, but the butler and the maid’s behavior was also strange. That was kind of hard. That’s not a position where I can express my dissatisfaction, I just cleaned it hard that day, but the Count went to the incinerator and threw something in the trash can next to it.]


She entered his office and took a fancy note out of the desk drawer immediately.


[I saw something—]


Rudella opened it and looked at what was inside.


[From what I can see, there is nothing written on the inside. This is different from the outside, where I can tell that the note has been used. At first, I thought, why did he throw it away? That too directly.]


She took a moment to read the air. Her eyes were thinking about whether or not to say more.


[…Then, I accidentally overheard the words of the senior maids who worked for a very long time at the Count’s mansion… Uh, I’m sorry.] 


Rudella suddenly covered her face with her hands.


[All maids who have worked for more than ten years have been asked to watch their mouths. Therefore….]


Her hands trembled.


“If it’s about my mother, it’s fine, so please feel free to tell me.”


There was a moment of silence.


[…Sometimes it seems that the Count… throws away the deceased Madam’s belongings one by one in his sleep…] 




[I was taught that I should never talk about Madam in any way in front of Lady…]


Rudella’s eyes were red as she lowered her hand.


[After hearing that, I was flustered. Maybe it’s really the Madam’s belongings. Actually, I’ve been wondering if I should give you this over and over again since we’ve been connected. But…the meaning of the line didn’t fall out…]


“Obviously, it must have been difficult to bring it up. I understand.”


[Thank you… Actually, the head maid… said that Lady was so shocked that she couldn’t remember what happened that day. So…] 


“Just keep it for now. I’ll send someone to you in private.”


[Yes, I understand.]


Rudella bowed her head.


After the conversation was over, Serdel closed her eyes tightly. When she learned the secret of the annex, the first person that came to mind was Rudella. Because it seemed like she would have said something that neither the butler, Monem, nor the head maid would have said.


And her guess was right. Soon, Serdel will get a notebook that may have belonged to her mother.


‘There are traces of use, but nothing is written on it.’


She wonders what kind of memories are hidden in it. Then, as she took her hands off her eyes, she straightened her posture. After that she went to work.


She couldn’t delay work any longer.


* * *


It was the day of the banquet hosted by the Emperor.


From dawn, the maids were busy, and Serdel had to be dragged around accordingly. 


“Kyaa, you look great in your new dress, Lady!”


The maids were excited. There were exclamations everywhere.


Serdel saw herself clearly in the mirror.


The off-shoulder dress, which showed off her white shoulders, had a lot of sleeves, and the combination of indigo blue and dark purple made her look even more elegant.


The burst of gold that started at her waist made her look gorgeous. Then Serdel wore the shoes that Blenn had fixed up for her here.


“I’ll start getting your hair done.”


The ends of her long hair were a little bit wavy, and she wore a headband with jewels and pearls on it. Finally, Serdel, who finished the long make-up by wearing earrings and several rows of necklaces, lifted her chin.


She looked arrogant.


‘I really like the makeup.’


When she left the bedroom, Blenn stood in the hallway. Today, with his silver hair neatly combed, he looked like a nobleman and the uniform engraved with the mark of Count Robbesta also suited him very well. 


“You’re beautiful, Lady.”


“You’re cool, too.”


Laura, who was standing next to him, seemed to like it, as her eyes twinkled.


“K, kyaa! L, Lady, you’re so pretty! O, Oraboni is so cool too! You’re like an angel with a spear that came down from the sky!”


What is an angel with a spear? Does that mean she looks like a fighter?


Then it wasn’t bad. Because she doesn’t want others to look down on her today.


When she came out with Blenn’s escort, she saw Cartal dressed in a neat outfit.


“You’re pretty.”


He held out his arm.


Just as she was about to raise her hand, a short gust of wind came up, and the Lord of the Wizard Tower showed up.




Then Cartal bit his lips.


Blenn had no expression on his face. He doesn’t seem to be particularly impressed. 


Only the maids standing behind covered their mouths with their hands and turned their reddened faces.


“What do you think?”


With his purple hair pulled back, he was wearing a purple shirt, purple pants, and purple shoes.


Is it because it’s too harmonious? It might seem a little strange, but his face seemed to cover everything.


“It looks good on you. It’s very cool.”


“…is that so? Yes, I see.”


With a resigned face, Serdel climbed into the carriage.


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