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Cartal immediately congratulated him.


“Congratulations on becoming the Head of the Family! Everyone will be talking about it for a while. It’s just a pain you’ll only have to go through once, so don’t worry too much and move forward well.”


Usually, in the case of a similar situation as Damon, it’s natural for them to start from Head of the Family’s substitute because they’re conscious of other people’s gaze. At least up until the condition of the Head of the Family improved, they didn’t desire the position of Head of the Family. 


In any case, the Head of the Family, who didn’t like his son taking over his position, kept pretending to be sick and used the sympathy of those around him as a shield.


However, Damon blocked all the situations that the Marquis could engage in, as if he wouldn’t even give him a chance to do so, and took over the position of Head of the Family at once.


‘I knew he was going to be the Head of the Family soon. But I didn’t expect him to use his hands so quickly.’ (T/n : it’s an idiom that means to take necessary action on something(손을 쓰다.) 


It was truly a scary decision.


“I also just recently informed His Majesty that I will be attending.”


“Once again, congratulations. You’re going to be busy in the future.”


Cartal’s tone has changed from before.


“Please be comfortable with me. You don’t know how grateful I am to the Count. Didn’t you hold my hand so that I could seize this opportunity? I’m still lacking a lot, so I want to get help anytime.” (t/n : 손을 잡다/hold hands here means cooperate/work together.) 


“It was just a deal that was clear what each other wanted. Please take care of it. We have some business left.” 


Cartal declined Damon’s request to feel comfortable with him by talking about the mining business they are working on together. Even though he said he lacked a lot, he was a Marquis now. It meant that they wouldn’t make things that would hurt each other’s feelings in the future.


Noticing the meaning at once, Damon replied with a bitter smile. 


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


After shaking hands, Cartal sat down again. Damon’s gaze naturally returned to Serdel. 


“I’m so sorry that I was the only one who received a gift. If I had heard the news, I would have prepared a congratulatory gift.” 


“I’d rather hear congratulations than gifts. Would you like to congratulate me?”


“Of course. Congratulations on becoming the Head of the Family. Marquis Spendar.” 


“I’m sad because I feel like it puts a gap between us from being called that.” 


Damon’s eyebrows drooped. It seems like he became more sly when she didn’t see him. 


Serdel stared at him for a moment.


“You seem to have lost some weight.”


Even though they are on Falden’s side, those people still have a lot of respect for him. Damon should have people like this, but no one will be able to make him feel comfortable enough to talk.


“Don’t you think that you’re getting thinner?”


“I guess you’re right.” 


The eyes, which were always kind to everyone and give some distance to everyone, were now quite fierce. Instead of the wall disappearing, what filled it was a sharpness that seemed to cut through it just by getting close. But it wasn’t threatening.


Even though it’s only for a moment, she can see the deep loneliness hiding under the fierce atmosphere. As someone who had to bear with a lot of things on his own, she understood how he felt.


“Don’t try too hard or push yourself. Even if you don’t, you will do very well.”


Damon’s lips slowly moved into a smile. He raised Serdel’s hand and kissed her lightly. 


“Thank you, Lord Serdel.”


“Cough! Cough, cough!” 


The Lord of the Wizard Tower next to him coughed loudly out of the blue, perhaps because he was in a bad mood. Blenn’s eyes, which were standing behind, also burst with fire.


“He’s the Lord of the Wizard Tower.” 


“Ah! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Damon Spendar.”




The Lord of the Wizard Tower didn’t reply back. 


Instead, he just stared at his hand reaching out to him. 


“Lord Serdel. Let’s sit too.”


While he ignored the handshake until the end, the Lord of the Wizard Tower gestured for her to sit on the other side. Then Blenn pulled out Serdel’s chair first. As soon as she was able to sit down, the Lord of the Wizard Tower sat down next to her.


Damon, who looked at his hand that was left in the air for a moment, took a low breath as he approached the other side of Serdel and pulled out the chair. Serdel, feeling sorry for nothing, apologized with her eyes. Then Damon nodded slightly to mean it was okay.


Serdel stayed silent for a moment and looked around.


Aristocrats who had been whispering while watching this side gave them a quick glance.


In particular, many Young Ladies showed interest in Damon. 


He was originally popular, but after hearing that he had become the Head of the Family, they tried to somehow look good to him. 


With a short smile, Damon looked away. The Young Ladies turned their heads back in shame, but only Alexa looked at Damon with determination. Then her eyes met Serdel.


Alexa’s eyes sank.


She, who was likely to turn her gaze first, did not avoid it and threw it away. Serdel clicked her tongue and stopped to stare at her. 


At the same time, the Emperor and Empress entered.


The Emperor reached out his hand to stop Chamberlain who was trying to shout loudly. 


Even if he didn’t, the nobles stood up and bowed their heads. 


A twisted smile appeared on the Emperor’s lips. It was followed by Queen Consort Debor, the 1st Prince, and Falden. (t/n: Hello I decided to put Debor as Queen Consort for 황비.) 


There was no 3rd Prince. 


“Thank you for accepting my invitation. Everyone raise your heads.” 


As the nobles straightened their postures, the Emperor glanced at them. Suddenly, the knights were standing behind the Emperor. Addis wasn’t present because she had gone out for training. 


The Emperor’s gaze finally turned to Serdel.


“Serdel Robesta, come forward to me.”


Preventing the Lord of the Wizard Tower from following the outrageous call, Serdel approached the Emperor. 


“Congratulations on being the heir of the Count.”


The Emperor didn’t think it was strange to talk about a happy family event happening at such a place.


Even though it wasn’t loud, the nobles gave each other quick glances. 


“This is a gift from me. I don’t know if you like it.” 


There was nothing inside the well-wrapped box. Then she thought of something for a moment. Then the Emperor whispered in her ear.


“I’ll give you a real present separately.”


It means to quietly see him later. Serdel quickly closed the cover and treated the Emperor with courtesy in case anyone saw that the box was empty. 


“Thank you for congratulating me. I will keep the precious gift from Your Majesty for the rest of my life.” 


With a satisfied smile, the Emperor raised his chin.


“As you all know, Lord Serdel here has given us three precious wizards to the imperial family.”


Maro, Henry, and Beman, who were waiting for the Emperor’s hand gestures, stepped forward. Maro has a sullen face, Henry’s has no expression, and Beman only smiled awkwardly and bowed his head here and there.


Maro, standing next to Serdel, murmured very quietly.


“Thanks to you, I can enjoyed playing clowns.”


“That’s a relief.”


“It’s definitely not a relief. Still, the monster body you promised was well delivered through the Lord of the Wizard Tower. Thank you.” 


After that, he kept his mouth shut.


The nobles looked up and down at the three of them. Their eyes were like snakes.


Then, veins popped out on Maro’s forehead. By the time his patience reached the limit—the Emperor pushed the three of them back. 


“Then, enjoy the banquet, everyone.”


The aristocrats gave thanks and talked as they moved from place to place. 


“Young Lady. Ah, no. Lord Serdel.”


When she was about to go back to her seat, the Empress talked to her and grabbed her.


She drew attention to her neckline by flipping up her bright blonde hair and wearing a red dress that showed off her body shape. She also looked pretty aggressive, just like she did last time.


“To become the heir of a family, you are taking an unexpected step.”


The Empress gave her a warm smile and a glass of wine, but the energy was cold.


“Well. Dame Addis is good at swordsmanship, but not so much as a successor. On the other hand, Lord Serdel is said to be intelligent from an early age.”


“Thank you for your compliment. However, Your Majesty the Empress. It seems that the person involved in the rumor has changed. It’s not me, it’s my brother who was rumored to be intelligent.”


“Ah, I heard that Lord’s brother was also intelligent.”


One of Serdel’s eyebrows trembled.


She kept saying, “Your brother too,” without making any correction, which means she heard a story about her childhood somewhere.


Not that she didn’t hear about how smart she was when she was young like Redan, but the rumors didn’t get out of the wall. 


Moreover, as a child, Serdel was overshadowed by Addis and Redan, who were both geniuses, and did not get much attention from the outside world. No one talked about her.


“Didn’t I tell you the other day? I had a close relationship with the Countess. She’s always talked about the Lord.” 


“Is that so?”


Serdel softened her voice.


“You lost your mother when you were young, so you wouldn’t have many memories.”


The Empress, who raised her hand, swept Cerdel’s cheek sadly.


“If you want to hear any interesting story of the Countess, please come to me anytime.”


“Thank you for your kind heart. Your Majesty the Empress.”


“I’ll give you my precious tea as long as you say that you will come.”


The Empress sneakily grabbed and dragged the 1st Prince.


“Being side by side like this, you really look good together.”


“I don’t think they look good together?”


As if he had been watching since when Falden approached. 


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  1. Estou desconfiada da Imperatriz,ao mesmo tempo acho que ela realmente era amiga da mãe da protagonista,ou ela traiu a amiga… Estou mais desconfiada ainda do 3 príncipe,esse maluco nunca aparece, ninguém sabe nada sobre ele,ele é estranho