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“Then you won’t answer my question. Do you have a heavy mouth?”


“Was it surprising to see His Majesty thinking of the 2nd Prince?” 


He picked up the part Serdel was curious about and put it in his mouth.


It was a series of significant actions.


“Yes, it was unexpected.”


Serdel avoided his gaze and looked ahead. The Duke Belters, however, didn’t take his eyes off her. 


“Isn’t it natural for parents to think of their children? He couldn’t express it because of his position, but His Majesty is still a father after all.”


“From what you said, it looks like His Majesty is usually open to you.”


“No way. It’s just that I’m quick-witted and have a good sense.”


“It seems like His Majesty is relying on you a lot.”


“That’s because I’m the commander of the Imperial Knights.”


Serdel, who stood still, took her hand off his arm.


Then she stood in front of him and stared for a long time.


“What do you think I’m thinking right now?”


[Why didn’t I ask? I read all the contents of the contract. Why am I not curious?]


“Is it not?” 


The important details flowed into Serdel’s mind, and Duke Belters came closer.


He lowered his upper body slightly to match Serdel’s height.


It felt like a large shadow was approaching in line with the movements of Duke Belters. 


It was strangely impressive that his short black hair, which was not too long, blended with the atmosphere he was exuding.


[Pretend not to see it and pretend not to know it. That’s where the Imperial Palace should be. It is rude to be so curious about His Majesty’s affairs.]




[The contents of the contract were quite interesting, but I will keep it a secret as the Lord requested. I made a promise, so I will keep it thoroughly.]


So don’t worry, Serdel turned instead of answering with her eyes.


Just as she had thought about it before, but it was difficult to treat Duke Belters strangely when he smiled like that.


It doesn’t feel hostile or intimidating. It was just harder to figure out the truth than most people.


Serdel, who was sensitive to people, was now confused about whether he really had done her a favor. 


‘I was comfortable when you looked at me as I was…’


Now it was neither uncomfortable nor comfortable.


Standing next to Serdel again, he raised her hand and placed it on his arm. 


Serdel, who was silent, didn’t ask him anymore, and the Duke Belters also remained silent.




Just as she was about to go outside, Blenn, who was waiting for her, approached her.


Serdel, who was naturally moving away from the Duke Belters, put her hand on Blenn’s arm.


[He is a person who has been hiding his inner feelings for a long time. Have you ever thought about what kind of storm will come when such a person begins to shake?]


Serdel’s steps stopped.




The corners of her eyes grew cold. Without looking back, Serdel raised the energy in her body.


She hasn’t tried it yet, so she doesn’t know if it’s possible, but she’s trying to concentrate as hard as she can.


Radun’s energy, which started from her heart, rose to her head and created several runes.


When they gathered together to create a spell circle, it was activated with smoke loaded with light.


“See you later, Lord Serdel.”


At the end, she was able to let the voice go through the mind of Duke Belters, who greeted her.


[The one who opened the door to the beginning of the storm is His Majesty. Not me.]


Serdel looked sideways at his feet and glared.


[And, please don’t give me such a warning.]


[I apologize if I offended you.]


[If you’re sorry, please answer my question. Who do you think is the most dangerous person in the Imperial palace?] 


Duke Belters paused. Serdel turned her head completely and looked straight at him.


[Answer me.]


[…Everyone, all of them. Rather, it must be said that there is no one who is not dangerous.]


[I heard the answer. Then see you next time.]


[See you again]


Raising his hand, he swept up and leaned against the wall as if the hair that came down was bothering him. 


“Let’s go, Blenn.”


Serdel got out of there by pushing his foot which had stopped.


Watching her walk away, Duke Belters folded his arms. 


“The blood wind will blow soon. Will His Highness Falden be able to withstand it?” 


He was worried. 


While saying it calmly, Duke Belters looked back at the path he had walked with Serdel.


The atmosphere in the building had changed before he knew it.


It was cold and bloody. 




Entering the dinner hall, the aristocrats’ eyes were on Serdel.


Most of them had seen her go out with the Chamberlain, so it wasn’t like they didn’t know that she had been alone with the Emperor.


“What conversation did you have with His Majesty?”


Some ladies chattered with their mouths covered with fans.


“Lord Serdel.”


It was then. 


A Marquis’ Young Lady approached Serdel nervously and offered her an invitation. 


“Will you participate in my tea party?”


With a round impression, she twisted her body, blushing her cheeks.


“I also set the date for Dame Addis’ return from training—”


It seems like she’s Addis’ fan. 


As Addis couldn’t attend the tea parties of noble Young Ladies, she knew at once that she had approached her after hesitating.


“I’d be more than happy if— you could come with Dame Addis.”


Kyaa! She was embarrassed, covering her face with her small hands.


The figure was just like a squirrel.


“I’ll participate when I have time. Thank you for the invitation.”


“Really? Really?”


The Marquis Young Lady, who lowered her hand, lit up her eyes with a bright face. 


Serdel smiled awkwardly and had an invitation card as a courtesy, passed her and went to Cartal. 


Then she saw Alexa. 


She was next to the Empress.


The same goes for the Duke of Heurion.


After clicking her tongue inside, the Emperor entered with the Duke of Belters.


He has some conversations with the nobles who approach him—.


“Thank you for accepting my invitation to the banquet. I’ll make another occasion like this next time, so I hope you’ll enjoy it then.” 


When the dark night fell, they dug up their seats.


The Emperor, the Empress, and the 1st Prince left the dinner hall first, receiving greetings from the nobles who felt sorry for the short event.


After that, Queen Consort Debor, the mother of the 3rd Prince, followed slowly, and just a short distance from Serdel, tak! she dropped something.


Serdel bent down first before Blenn stepped up and picked it up.


It was a precious-looking bracelet with colorful jewels embedded in it.


“The Queen Consort—”


When Serdel lifted her upper body, Queen Consort Debor was already left. 


She looked at the bracelet again.


A thin cloth was tied to the end.


The words came out when she unfolded it. 


[I’d like to have a cup of tea with Lord Cerdel. You can return the bracelet then.


I want Lord to give it back to me]


It meant not to be sent back through people.




Even so, she was thinking about how to approach Queen Consort Debor.


And she made the excuse first.


It was not a bad situation for Serdel as she had to jump into the den to catch the criminal. 


She took out a handkerchief, wrapped it around the bracelet so it wouldn’t get damaged, and followed Cartal into the carriage.




She had only been there for a few hours, but she felt as tired as if she had been locked up in the palace for a few days.


‘Ah… I think I left something behind…’


As the carriage left the palace and ran down the street, she finally remembered the purple thing she had forgotten. 


Of course the Lord of the Wizard Tower wasn’t in the carriage.


“Father, what about the Lord of the Wizard Tower?”


“I don’t know, wouldn’t he have gone back by himself?”


Cartal waved his hand saying don’t worry about him. 


[I’m on the roof of the carriage]


The voice of the Lord of the Wizard Tower rang in her mind.


Serdel’s eyes glanced to the ceiling.


[I don’t know why you forgot to take care of me, but it’s okay because you thought of me now]


[I’m sorry.] 


As she had tried with the Duke Belters earlier, Serdel raised her energy and sent a voice into the Lord of the Wizard Tower’s head. 


[It’s okay. I have a lot of work today. By the way, the 2nd Prince is in the slum.] 


The Lord of the Wizard Tower is the one who secretly placed a detection spell on him at Serdel’s request in order to track down Falden.


[Hmm. He went into the pub. It seems that both the staff and guests are disguised as an ordinary pub, given that the momentum is fierce.]


The voice of the Lord of the Wizard Tower sank heavily. 


[He’s going downstairs. It is quite spacious. A middle-aged man is tied in the corner. Ah, it looks like he’s the one the Lord is looking for.] 


‘Count Sollette!’


The fist was clenched by itself.


[The 2nd prince drew his sword as he was trying to kill him as the Lord said.] 


What to do? Now, to get Count Sollette out, she has to use magic, but if she makes a mistake, the existence of the Lord of the Wizard Tower could be revealed.


A quick-witted Falden will surely recognize that Serdel is behind the Lord of the Wizard Tower. 


[I think I have to go. Oh! He already swung his sword. He looks quick-tempered. Tsk, let’s get going. I’ll get back to you soon.]


The energy of the nearby Lord of the Wizard Tower slowly faded away.


[Don’t worry and wait. If he’s related to the Countess, I’ll save him somehow.]


At the end of the sentence, his voice that rang in her head was cut off.


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