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After arriving at the Count’s residence, Serdel washed roughly, changed into comfortable clothes, entered the office, and sat at her desk. 


“You don’t have a good complexion, would you like a cup of tea?” 


Monem, who came after me, asked carefully.


“Yes please, thank you.”


“Is it fine to have a meal? If you’re hungry, I will prepare a simple meal.” 


She attended the Emperor’s dinner, but there were not many foods she ate properly. People will come to her when she wants to eat, and the Emperor will call her when she wants to eat.


However, she wasn’t really hungry because her nerves were sharp.


“Please give me chocolate. I don’t think I need anything else.” 


Then Monem quietly retreated.


Serdel, who was left alone, pressed her forehead.


‘What happened to Count Sollette?’


Did the Lord of the Wizard Tower save him?


Why is there no contact?


Why hasn’t she heard anything from him? 


She was nervous. 


Even after eating all the chocolate and drinking the tea Monem had brought, the voice of the Lord of the Wizard Tower was nowhere to be heard.


After a late night, dawn is almost here, and the silence that has been there for hours makes it hard for her to breathe. 


[Lord Serdel]


With the silver stream, the Lord of the Wizard Tower appeared before her. 


Serdel, who had been silent for a moment, kicked off her desk and stood up.


“Can you come with me?”


At the same time as she nodded,  the Lord of the Wizard Tower, who was approaching in stride, grabbed her hand.


As she moved where he led her, the dark space filled up with her surroundings. 


It was only a few steps, but it was amazing to be walking on a path made of magic. 


The long space, like a hallway, was filled with sparkling mana. 


The energy she felt from it was quite warm.


Thanks to it, her uncomfortable heart has subsided.


How much did she rely on the warmth he gave, holding in the hands of the Lord of the Wizard Tower—.


Whoo, she closed her eyes tightly in the black mist that came upon me and opened it, and she arrived at an unfamiliar square space.


A middle-aged man with a haggard face was lying in the middle of it.


He was dead, to be exact.


“I’m sorry, Lord Serdel.”


The Lord of the Wizard Tower lowered his eyes.


“I couldn’t save him. No, he couldn’t be saved. A corpse that has just stopped breathing can be brought to consciousness for a short time if the best use of healing magic is used—but when I arrived, it was already inevitable.”


The Lord of the Wizard Tower’s eyes hardened.


“However, with the magical power of Lord Serdel, even a dead body can be interrogated.”


His gaze turned to Serdel.


A bitter laugh escaped her mouth as she was about to say something.


She had never revealed the identity of the power she possessed to the Lord of the Wizard Tower. 


‘Although I’ve used my abilities to save my sister and brother.’


She only operated her power as if she was hiding it inside. She had never created a power that was so real that it could be seen.


She also thought it was funny that the Lord of the Wizard Tower, who is sensitive to foreign energy, didn’t know about it.


“I’ll try.”


In response to Serdel’s answer, the Lord snapped his finger. The corpse of Count Sollette, who had fallen, was forcibly raised by some force.


Serdel approached him and stretched out her hand. 


The power of Radun she took had the nature of darkness.


It’s not like black magic, so it’s impossible to revive a corpse, but she didn’t know if it was possible to have a conversation, according to the Lord of the Wizard Tower’s words. 


As she closed her eyes and focused, the energy in her body moved.


Seven rings, the best she could create, wrapped around her heart first. 


Heavy pressure was transmitted.


Before, it made her chest feel tight, but now it’s not that much. 


The more she used the extreme force, the more she felt familiar with it.


As if it wasn’t Radun’s power but her own power from the beginning. The energy melted into her mind and her whole body.


The runes flew wildly over the octagram that came to mind. 


Whoosh, Serdel opened her eyes and looked directly at the corpse of Count Sollete. 


I need to hear the truth you know.


A desperate wish created the spell. 


The energy that flowed from her ran through Count Sollette’s head.


At the same time, his eyelids lifted upward, revealing his dull, dead eyes.


As soon as Serdel straightened up the waist that she had bent, the scary—.


“Please, save me. Your Highness the 2nd Prince—”


Count Sollette’s pale blue lips moved first. 


It seems that the deep fear he felt right before he died was imprinted all over his body.


“Please, save me.”


Even though he was in a state of a dead body without a will, he begged for his life. 


The tone that was used without hesitation was particularly strange.




His words, which had been saying the same thing for a while, decreased.




Serdel could only let her energy flow a little stronger until the end in silence. 


A rune appeared in his two eyes.


She could see that it was completely weakening.


“What did the 2nd Prince ask?”


“…the Empress, tell me everything you know about it…”


He recited exactly what Falden had told him. 


Slave market and Empress. With most of the story about the Empress’s family and knowing more weaknesses besides what Falden had told her, Serdel opened her mouth to hear what she was most curious about.


“Do you know anything about—Countess Robbesta?”


“…Countess, Robesta,…Cartal Robbesta’s wife. She used to go, to the palace often.”


“For what?”


“She… was close to Her Majesty the Empress.”


The words of ‘Empress,’ who had a close relationship with her mother, seemed to ring in her ears.


“She favored the Countess more than the other ladies. A sensitive and picky Empress—as much as the Countess, she always wanted to be by her side.’ 




“Why, why— I heard it by chance. The chat between the Empress and the Countess.”


Since he wasn’t alive, he was just spitting out words, but his well-coordinated tone changed strangely.


It’s like he doesn’t know enough. As if he were talking about what he thought after looking at it for a short time and having doubts.


“That day, the Empress was not feeling well. She said she had something to deal with, so she went to see it, and she was angry and told her to go back. Then I saw it. The Empress hung on. Can my son become the emperor? The 2nd and 3rd princes are not a threat. She took the Countess’s hand, asked, asked again, asked again. Why did she ask such a thing?”


Her words were like asking questions to herself.


Serdel’s chin trembled.


“The Countess didn’t say anything. The Empress, disappointed and resentful, said, ‘Aren’t we friends, why didn’t you help me?’.”


“I don’t know. I’ve been in charge of the dirty work of the Empress family—but I’ve never been ordered to deal with the Countess. Rather, the Empress— mourned her death.”


The confusion came to her.


Then Serdel turned to the question.


“Did the Empress kill Queen Consort Velia?”


“Queen Consort, Velia, the 2nd Prince’s mother…”


He paused for a moment.


“…she didn’t kill it. The Empress hated Queen Consort Velia…but she only hated her. She didn’t kill her. The young 2nd Prince who lost her mother… At first, she felt sorry for him… At that time, the Empress also had a soft heart. She secretly took care of the 2nd Prince, but— The Empress’s family couldn’t tolerate that… Kuuk!” 


With nausea, Count Sollette’s mouth opened wide, and dead blood poured out of it.


Soon, Count Sollette’s head was bent forward.


It seems that it was hard to endure the power of magic anymore.


“Then who killed the Countess? Who do you think killed her?”


Serdel became impatient.


She reached out and grabbed Count Sollette’s head. She was horrified by the cold sensation that had come from the dead. 


“…I don’t know. The Countess visited the palace not long before she died in the accident…”


Count Sollette’s voice was getting lower. His eyelids, which had been lifted by Selder’s power, were slowly closed as if a heavy stone crushed them.


“…On that day, the Countess didn’t met the Empress… but the Queen Consort Debor—”


The magic energy that flowed through him was broken in an instant.


Serdel took her hand off his face as the string that had been connected broke.


Serdel calmed her emotions to clear her complicated head. Then she remembered a fairy tale told by her mother, who was her ‘older brother’ at that time. 


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