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Blenn carefully called Serdel, who suddenly stopped and looked at the annex again. 


There was no answer from her. As if she’s in deep thought. 


Blenn stays quietly behind her as he thinks she shouldn’t be disturbed.


Until she gets her thoughts out of her head on her own.


At the moment when the chilly stillness was about to maximize the already-worse-like atmosphere—a continuous wind blew past the two of them.


Frowning one eye, she brushed away her messy hair, and Serdel’s hair, which was fluttering in the sky, tickled Blenn’s face.




Startled. Even though he did nothing to her soft call, Blenn, who was startled, gave a low cough.


Serdel turned her head and looked at Blenn more seriously than ever.


“I need to go inside the annex.. Just in case something we don’t know happened, protect me.”


Serdel’s eyes were fierce.


She moved before she could hear Blenn’s answer.




When the door opened, quiet darkness greeted the two of them.


The annex, which entered for the first time since that day, was full of cold and shady air, as it had been for a long time. 


Standing in the middle of the hall, Serdel looked around.


‘Originally, I was going to organize my thoughts and then proceed quietly when I was alone in the office.’


When she saw the annex, she remembered the status window that appeared in the Imperial Palace, and she couldn’t pass it by. 


If it was a place that showed the hidden truth, more secrets might be hidden in it. 


Serdel called the status window.


[Points can be used to upgrade the interior view of the mansion.


▷ Total Points: 48,000


The total points required for the upgrade are 40,000 points.


→ Would you like to upgrade?]


As she lowered her eyes down and lifted them to mean that she would do so, the screen of the status window went backwards, and the interior of the existing mansion appeared. 


[Proceeds with the upgrade.] 


A fog of light visible only to Serdel’s eyes covered the screen of the status window. 


How long has it been?


[The upgrade is complete.


40,000 points will be deducted.


▷ Total points: 8,000]


Along with that, the fog of light cleared, and a new interior map of the mansion appeared.


In the basement of the annex, she could see new doors and roads that had not existed before.


Serdel stepped down the stairs without hesitation.


At the very end of the basement was a room with a portrait of her mother and objects hidden.


She didn’t even look at the place where there were still several locks.


Instead, her eyes were facing straight ahead.


“…before, it was definitely….”


There used to be a wall. 


“How can the door….”


Blenn muttered one after another, saying he couldn’t believe it. His face darkened in an instant.


“The energy from beyond the door is unusual.”


Probably so. 


‘Someone made it intentionally and hid it.’


Who the hell?


When did they make this?


“I’ll take the lead.”


Now, Blenn knew that Serdel wasn’t the type of person who would turn away to stop it.


Pulling out his sword, he grabbed the doorknob and turned. And what appeared in front of him was an endless hallway.


As he moved forward, dark energy rushed in.


However, it didn’t affect Serdel. Without even blinking her eyes, she continued her steps with a calm face.


When time gradually becomes insensitive. The scene that unfolded behind the transparent wall, which made it look like no one else could get in, was a monster in itself.


A woman in black was kneeling and praying in front of the beautifully decorated altar.




The woman’s voice didn’t reach the place where Serdel was.


So she had no idea what she was asking for. Besides, all she could see was a woman’s back, so she couldn’t figure out who she was.


Serdel rolled her eyes as far as she could and looked in all directions.


In the far corner, she saw a man standing like a stone statue.


With a slender figure. 


At first glance, he resembled the 1st Prince, with his blonde hair and blue shirt with a red prayer that went down to his shoulders, but his head was smaller.


Besides, his bangs were long.


Half of his face was covered, making it difficult to recognize who he was.


It felt like she knew his identity.


Even though she can’t be sure. 


The moment she was about to put the 3rd Prince in her mouth, suddenly, strong energy from somewhere started to push Serdel and Blenn backwards.


They were thrown out the door without a chance to fight back.


At the same time, the door closed.




Serdel quickly reached for the door, but it didn’t open.


Instead, a status window popped up above it.


[You need 30,000 points to reopen the door.]


In order to accumulate points, there was no choice but to improve relationships with the characters or increase her reputation.


The causal factor thus obtained was converted into a point.


The status window is now quietly warning her. There’s still a long way to go to deal with them.


Instead of telling her who the enemy is, they tell her to make her surroundings stronger.


There wasn’t a specific phrase related to it, but somehow she felt that way. 




As she bit her lips, Blenn called Serdel with a nervous expression. 


“I see something strange in my eyes.”




She looked up at Blenn, wondering what he was talking about, and the words ‘Candidate’ popped up above his head.


It even had the number +50 attached to it.


‘What is that?’


Her status window didn’t answer her question.


‘What do you mean a candidate…?’


No way. Is it talking about candidates for the male lead? 


‘There’s no way….’


Serdel, who had been staring at it for a while, turned and left the annex.




And at the same time.


After finishing the corpse of Count Sollette, the words also appeared on the head of the Lord of the Wizard Tower who returned to the tower. 




What is this?


Is he hallucinating because he’s been using too much mana lately?


Well, he did overdo it.


Although he was born with the blessing of Mana, there were times when he couldn’t control the overflowing Mana and lost control. 


And his father, the former Lord of the Wizard Tower, will control it. 


After he unwillingly swallowed part of his father’s mana, he had to control it alone.


Still, it was fine. 


In the past, the Countess came and told him to be careful before Mana exploded.


However, since his father returned to nature and the Countess died, no one has helped him.


Because of this, he had a mana overflow a few years ago while doing an experiment.


His stomach was crushed, and he almost lost his mana for 3 minutes. (I’m not really sure about this part, probably will fix it if I get the right meaning;;) 


“I’ll have to gather my energy before experiencing another mana overflow.” 


With a low sigh, the Lord of the Wizard Tower ignored the number +40 next to the candidate.


Tak. He flicked his fingers and made a big magic circle on the floor.


He soon started mana breathing as he sat cross-legged in the middle of it. 


He probably won’t be able to contact Serdel for a few days.


Leaving behind his regret, he concentrated.




She lay in bed, but she couldn’t fall asleep. Serdel woke up to see the bright light coming through the window and terrace. 


As soon as she pulled the bell rope, Monem and Laura came in.


“Give me some water to wash. And I want to have a light breakfast in the office.”


“Yes, I understand.”


The two left, and Serdel stared blankly at the chandelier for a while.


‘Candidates, what does it mean by candidates….’


It’s been a while since Hershe Maient was disqualified from being the male lead.


Is he going to fill the empty spot? 


‘But if it’s candidate, it’s candidate, what does it mean by candidates.’


Is there another person on the list besides Blenn?


If so, there was one person who was expected.


‘The Lord of the Wizard Tower…’


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


She tried to call the Lord of the Wizard Tower just in case, but all she got was silence.


“Bordeaux Andelman, the Lord of the Wizard Tower?” 


She tried to put his name in her mouth, but as expected, there was no answer.


‘Is he sleeping? Or maybe something happened?’


If there’s a conflict with Falden while disposing of Count Sollette’s corpse—.


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower!”


Serdel, give her voice power as she calls him.


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


“Lady, I have put the water in the bathtub.”


Monem came in.


Serdel, who closed her mouth, left the bedroom and went to the bathroom.


After washing up, she went to the office and ate the prepared food.


Serdel called the Lord of the Wizard Tower several times after Monem and Laura left, but he didn’t appear.


‘Nothing will happen. It must have been an urgent study…’


Forced to calm her anxious worries, Serdel pulled the string and called the vice butler.


“Yes, Lady. Are you looking for me?” 


Serdel took out what she had written last night and handed it to him.


It was a letter to the Empress.


“If she see it, she will probably reply. Take it.”


The deputy butler left and Serdel pulled the string again.


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