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“Yes, Lady.”


Laura came in with a shy smile.


“Would you like to go get Terra?”


“T, Terra?”




Yes, Laura’s cheeks were strangely red as she answered with a small mumble.


‘Don’t tell me… It’s not right?’


Serdel shrugged, picked up the communication device, and contacted Edwan. After she received a brief merchant’s report first —.


[Please wait for a moment. I will call Nunim.]


Before Serdel could speak, he went to the vice owner’s office and handed over the communication tool to Rudella. 


He was undoubtedly quick-witted.


[Then, please have a conversation.] 


He even left his position on his own. 


In a blink of an eye, seeing the door closed, Rudella turned her gaze to the communication area. Knowing what Serdel was going to say, her expression hardened with tension. 


“I’m going to send someone secretly tonight. Then give me my mother’s note that my father threw away before.”


[By any chance, can we know who’s coming?]


“Terra will come.”


[Ah! The squire who was chasing Siri? Yes, I understand.]


When she finished the short communication, Terra came in at a good time.


“Do you call me, Lady?”


“Yeah. You should sneak to the Russell merchant later at night. The vice owner will give you a note.” 


“Russell merchant?”


Terra tilted his head.


“Ah, if it’s Russell Merchant’s vice-owner— that’s a maid named Rudella, who worked in our mansion for a long time, right?”


Terra has often been carrying out Serdel’s secret orders, but he didn’t even know that she was the owner of the merchant. 


Rolling his eyes, Terra’s mouth opened as he pondered the orders Serdel had given earlier.


It seems that he misinterpreted the notes as a ledger.


“Perhaps, the owner of the Russell merchant, who was said to be covered by veils, is the Lady—!”


Terra’s eyes gleamed with confidence at Serdel’s faint smile.


“As expected! I see.”


There were a lot of rumors about the Russell merchant. 


Since the Count Robbesta’s maid quit her job at the same time she got married and became a vice owner, people often said that Serdel was behind her.


It was also a reasonable thought because no one had said anything about the owner of the merchant. 


Thus, in the early days of the opening, excessive attention was poured on Rudella.


There was a merchant who approached her for information. Some hot-tempered nobles were called directly to the mansion. 


There were even merchants who approached her for information purposes. Some impatient aristocrats even invited them directly to the mansion. 


At first, they asked, but when Rudella shut her mouth, they started complaining about the things on the merchant and throwing a fit to get the owner of the merchant to come.


If the merchant owner were Serdel, they would want to stick to her quickly. 


Whenever that happened, Rudella tried to solve the problem in her way without revealing the owner.


As time passed, rumors began to circulate that Edwan had a strong back at the place where he had worked before.  


“It’s a very important item for me, so don’t lose it and bring it well.”




Terra walked out with his head bowed at the gesture to step back.




Let’s take a breath for a moment. 


Serdel got up from her seat and went out to the terrace. 


Unlike the dawn, when a sharp wind blew, the warm sunlight slowly descended on her head.


Looking at the clear blue sky, Blenn was standing there. 


In the same position as yesterday.


He seemed to have been looking at Serdel’s office before she came out on the terrace. 


How long have they been there, feeling each other’s eyes tangled?


It was Serdel who raised her eyes first.


The candidate and the number +50 were still floating above Blenn’s head.


Blenn smiled bitterly as he followed her eyes and glanced over his head.


It seemed to be visible to his eyes. So why is the phenomenon exposed to him only when she sees it?


Serdel called out the status window, just in case.


‘Is the status window invisible?’


Blenn’s gaze didn’t move. 


The same was true of eyes and facial expressions. 


Instead, he raised his hand and pointed it over his head. 


“What on earth is that, Lady?”


What are the candidates, and what do the numbers mean. 


Serdel was also at a loss as to what to explain to him who expressed his question. 


There wasn’t much light in the morning, and it was getting late, but now it seemed she couldn’t do it.


‘Can Blenn, whose life is short in modern times, really understand the principle of the state window?’


And can she explain it to him easily?


She didn’t know what kind of expression he would make if she said he was one of the candidates for the male lead, so she didn’t open her mouth. 


She knows Blenn has a good feeling for her, but— it is also embarrassing because she isn’t sure whether it is a feeling of grace or a feeling of love.


If the Lord of the Wizard Tower was also labeled as a candidate like Blenn. 


What else should she explain to him—?


She was looking for something to say for a while, and suddenly her head was throbbing.


Serdel frowned. 




Even a short groan could be heard from the closed mouth.


Blenn, startled, kicked the ground and climbed onto the terrace as her body staggered.


“Lady! Are you okay?”


“…I’m okay.”


The pain, which felt intense for a moment, as if her head was about to explode, began to fade slowly as the pain scattered her complex thoughts.


This was like a warning not to say anything about the candidate male lead. 


Whoo, Serdel, who took her breath and straightened her posture, fell out of Blenn’s arms.


“I’m okay now so…just go.”


“I think you should get some rest. Your complexion is very—”


“I’m okay.”


Serdel, who turned around with a firm answer, left the terrace and sat down at the desk again.


Blenn, who had been watching her back, couldn’t speak anymore, crossed the terrace and headed to the training ground. 


As his presence faded away, Serdel covered her eyes with her hand. 


“Really, it’s a mess.”


Everyday life was very spectacular. Ha—. She snorted and swept her face once and right before she reached for her papers.


A light burst from the communication device, and Redan appeared.




She felt like she hadn’t seen him in a long time.


Instead of being disturbed, she showed a happy face. Serdel’s eyebrows, which had become stiff, spread out softly.


[What happened?]


It wasn’t that Redan couldn’t notice the subtle changes in Serdel. 


[What’s going on? Did something happen at the banquet? Who’s bothering you?]


The corners of Redan’s lips twitched.


[Just say it. I’ll go right away and grab them by the collar]


“It’s not like that. Who’s going to bother me?”


[There’s nothing they can’t trouble you. But, Serdel, don’t trust too much in the current power. Even if the Lord of the Wizard Tower is on your side, and the Emperor protects you, there are many monsters in the capital. You might not know about the Lord of the Wizard Tower, but the Emperor is a person with many enemies. So always keep in mind that His Majesty’s attention can poison you.]


The look in Redan’s eyes, giving advice like a brother for the first time, was different from when he was in the Capital.


It was no longer filled with anger.


It looks pure, clear, and strong. 


[Don’t be underestimated by anyone. Don’t be trampled on, just trample on it]


“I will.”


[At this point, sharpen the heel like a knife. No. I’ll make a custom order here and send it to you. Just wear that from now on]


“What if I fall down? Stop joking around. Oraboni, what’s going on?”




Redan swept his nose at Serdel’s words.


[I have something to report to our successor regarding the development of the Elbash Forest mine.] 


“Say it.”


[The mine development is almost finished. We’re going to start mining soon. Since many workers have gathered, we can probably send a certain amount within a month. So—]


Serdel rolled her eyes, and asked him to continue speaking.


[Let’s ask the Lord of the Wizard Tower. It takes too long to load the mana stone on the wagon and travel a long distance to the capital.]


Redan’s expression became serious.


[Besides, you can’t just send a wagon full of precious mana stones. Of course, we need knights or mercenaries to protect them, but mercenaries can be hired—but knights can’t be sent out of the territory. But we can’t leave it to the mercenaries only.]


The knights had to protect the Elbash Forest as well as the territories.


Just because they drove out all the monsters, they couldn’t say it was safe. The Count of Robbesta was close to the Count of Maient.


Of course, knowing how Hershe Maient killed himself, his half-brother, who became the new head of the family, wouldn’t do anything useless, but human greed sometimes created unexpected situations.


So they couldn’t relax.


“It would be nice to create a teleport magic circle so that we can move mana stones without difficulty and quickly.”


Redan nodded and opened the map of the Elbash forest. His hands poked at the center of the three separate mines.


[We built a big warehouse here. I thought it would be better to put the mined mana stones in one place than to store them separately.]


Then, the teleport magic circle needs to make a warehouse there and one space here into a warehouse and install only two places in total.


“Okay, I’ll ask the Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


Redan’s face turned bright. 


[Yeah. I’ll wait for the good news. I want to talk more, but this Oraboni is too busy. I’ll call you again later. Please say hello to father. Ah—  Tell him not to come to the territory because it’s burdensome. He came down once.]


After the communication ended, Serdel spoke after a while in silence. 


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


There was still no answer.


Serdel left the office, thinking that she couldn’t leave it. 


She thought she needed to go to Wizard Tower. 


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