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There was no waiting maid in the hallway.


If she pulls the string, they will come right away, but around this time, they are probably cleaning or doing laundry in their respective place. 


Moreover, today was the day when they brought daily necessities into the warehouse. 


She bought quite a few things to change the mansion’s atmosphere, so she is sure they’ll be busy.


If that’s the case, the front of the office doesn’t need to be guarded, so Serdel moved alone.




As she walked to the stable, she turned her head to the familiar voice, and Siri immediately approached her after seeing her.


“It’s been a while.”


Even though they live together, these words naturally come out.


After subjugating Elbash Forest, Siri was busy. It must have been that she had gained great enlightenment there, but for some time, she didn’t come out of the training ground well. 


“I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve faced you like this.”


Even though she was in a hurry, it was nice to see her.


Serdel reached out and stroked Siri’s face.


“It’s gotten very rough.”


Her warm eyes and soft expression toward her remained the same. 


However, her muscular physique and strong arms felt unfamiliar.


She is also secretly giving off a sharp energy, and Serdel, who could tell that she had definitely changed from before, smiled and swallowed her mixed feelings.


“Where are you going?”


“Mmh. To the Wizard Tower. I have a business there.”


Siri’s eyes scanned Serdel’s surroundings, and when she confirmed that she was alone. 


“Are you going alone? Do you mind if I follow you?”


She didn’t mean to move alone.


After telling the coachman to prepare the carriage, she would tell the servant to call two knights. 


“Can you do it?”


But rather than correcting Siri’s misunderstanding, Serdel planned to accept her favor. 


“Yes, I’ll escort you.”


She grabbed Siri’s hand when it was outstretched.


She could feel rough and hard calluses all over her hands.


“Lady, don’t you think I’ve gotten a little stronger?”


“I think you’ve gotten a lot stronger, not just a little.” 


As usual, Serdel listened to Siri’s idle talk. 


It felt like going back to the old days when they only depended on each other. 


“Hoho. My teacher also said that he would let me take the knight’s promotion test if I worked a little harder.” 


Serdel’s eyes got bigger.


It’s only been a year since she held the sword.


It was quite a short time for someone who didn’t know anything about swordsmanship to develop her skills.


She expected to see results sooner than others because of her exceptional talent, but this was far too fast.


“I’ll be a knight soon and swear my loyalty to you.”


After hearing the bold promise, she arrived at the stable. As if he had just finished cleaning the carriage, the coachman saw Serdel and ran over to her.


“I have business at the Wizard Tower, so I’m going to leave right now, is that possible?” 


“Yes. I’ll prepare it right away. Please get on the carriage first.” 


After a while, at the same time as the coachman’s call to depart, Serdel’s carriage left the Count’s house and ran down the road. 




She hadn’t been to the Wizard Tower in a long time because the Lord of the Wizard Tower always came to her first.


After getting off the carriage, Serdel looked at the white spire that stretched high for a moment and then approached the phantom guardian who stood guard in front of it.


– Welcome to the Wizard Tower. Please tell me the purpose of your visit.


“I have come to see the Lord of the Wizard Tower, so please guide me. If you say Serdel Robbesta, he will meet me right away.” 


– I apologize, but the Lord of the Wizard Tower is not available for guests right now. Please visit us next time.




The phantom guardian didn’t respond.


‘Did something really happen?’


Serdel’s face gradually darkened.


She knows no one easily beats him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to fight against.


Most of all, her heart became heavy at the thought that he might have suffered a misfortune at her request.


It was then. 


– This is a message from the Lord of the Wizard Tower. 


Red energy filled the eyes of the phantom guardian, and soon a low-pitched voice came out. 


– Don’t worry, I’m in mana breath. Lord Serdel. I will contact you in a few days.


‘Mana breath?’


– I’m saying this just in case, but I didn’t overdo it with the Lord’s work. Every few months, the mana will run out. I’m just filling it up for safety to keep that from happening.


– In longer words— it’s dangerous because it can distract my concentration, so don’t worry and go back. I’ll come and see you soon.


With that word, the red glow in the eyes of the phantom guardian disappeared. 


– Good-bye. 


Serdel was pushed back by the phantom guardian’s greeting and had no choice but to get back on the carriage. 


‘What do you mean mana run out—’


It’s not like she wasn’t worried because the Lord of the Wizard Tower himself told her about his condition. 


Rather, it bothered her more.


“What kind of person is the Lord of the Wizard Tower?”




“I’ve never seen the Lord of the Wizard Tower up close.”


Well, what kind of person is he? 


Before she met him, she thought that the Lord of the Wizard Tower, with his high status and the sensitive nature of people who worked with magic, would make them hard to deal with.


And when she first met him, she thought he was also a formidable man.


On the other hand, now that they have become close—.


“He’s a good person.”


He’s a good friend.


He was also—a person she was thankful for. 


“The Lady in the past looked very lonely, but I think it’s a relief. There are good people by your side.” 


Siri’s expression seemed comfortable at first glance.


“I don’t know why you’re so worried, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Be at ease, Lady.”


The uneasy feeling subsided like a lie. At that moment, the force that had been holding her back straight was released, and Serdel could lean back comfortably.




After arriving at the mansion, Serdel went for a walk in the garden to spend more time with Siri and then headed to the office.




When the vice butler who had been sent to the palace was waiting for her to return, he greeted her. 


In his hand was a letter bearing the Empress’s seal. 


She sat at her desk and looked at the contents first.


The letter was full of relaxation and relaxation, unlike the desperate look she gave to ask her to come to the palace and make sure to have a cup of tea.


‘I’ll see you in a week, in the afternoon—?’


She thought she’d say she would see her around the day after tomorrow if it’s not that—.


“…Good job, you can leave. Ah—wait.”


Serdel took out a money bag from the drawer and held it to the vice butler. 


“Go to Alipé and buy a present that Her Majesty will like.”


Alipé is a favorite jewelry store for ladies and is famous for its exquisite jewelry work.


By the time the Empress was around, she would have received all kinds of gifts so that nothing would be particularly valuable, but she couldn’t go empty-handed. 


“We don’t have much time to make an order, so among the products we can buy right away—”


Serdel recalled the coolness and poison from the Empress’s hair and eyes and her beautiful outward appearance. 


“Buy the most glamorous products with ruby as the point, centered on sapphires.”


She gave her order as if she had thought it up in her head.


“Yes. I’ll buy the most beautiful and sophisticated product I’ve ever seen. Please trust my eye.”


She doesn’t know if he understand well or not. The vice Butler left after leaving an ambiguous answer.


Serdel, who was left alone, opened the documents that had to be done today. 


As she absorbed her work, she suppressed the complex thoughts in her heart.


Her ear heard a knock as she was focused without raising her head as she listened to the sound of the fountain pen touching the paper.


“Lady, it’s Terra.”


Hmm? She looked out the window and it was full of darkness outside. 


Ah. Time has already passed like this


The door opened and Laura came in with Terra.


“Lady. I, I brought you a tea in case you’re thirsty.”


“Thank you. You can put it and go out.”


Laura quickly stepped back, glancing at Terra.


It was just the two of them now, and he pulled out a notebook from his pocket.


The cover was much more luxurious than when she saw it through a communication device.


“Good job.”


“It’s nothing. If Lady needs to sneak around for anything else, please call me any time.”


Then he go outside too. 


Serdel, who was left alone, swept the cover with her hand. Then the leather color of the cover, which was obviously as clean as a new one, gradually faded.


It’s like eating oil with her hands for a long time. 


The frizzy leather became shiny. The leather smell from the cover also felt different after meeting Serdel’s hand.


At the same time, tension rose through her fingertips. As she was swallowing dry saliva, she saw the tea Laura had left behind. 


She took a sip of tea to calm down.


Then she opened the notebook.


The first page, which had nothing, was turned over, and she also turned the second page sideways.


It was a blank sheet of paper, as Rudella showed her nervously. 


Serdel, who had read all the way to the end, tried to close the notebook and went back to the first page. 


At that moment—.


[To my beloved youngest daughter who can follow my traces]


The hidden letters suddenly appeared.


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