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‘I’m embarrassed—’


She was unable to raise her head.


‘I should have double-checked that it was the right carriage! I’m not a moron.’


She should’ve waited until the horseman approached. How dare she open the door so quickly!


It was by no means an act that would be seen as a noble girl.


‘I’m stupid enough to make this mistake.’


“I’ve said it a few times, but I’m really sorry.” Serdel’s apology was made with her hands clasped together. Over the newspaper he was reading, he still had a straight smile on his face.


“I’ve told you a few times, but that’s all right, Young Lady. Rather, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve a beautiful soul for a moment.” He said it casually. 


“I really appreciate you saying that.” Serdel finally smiled as she straightened her back.


“I’ll be comfortable on the way back home.”


“Please do so.”


He returned to the newspaper. Serdel then cast a glance at him.


‘I mean, it’s amazing. I just reached out his hand to the carriage.’


She had no idea such an unintentional encounter was going to happen. This nonsense happens as a surprise event from time to time, possibly because it is in the game.


‘From the start, I think this second part is good. In any case, it appears to be scary.’


She’s never seen him so close before. Dark brows and long eyelashes that slightly cover the lower eyes. The concentrating eyes beneath it were so appealing that she almost dropped it.


‘How did the first part sound like?’


She didn’t even leave the teahouse that quickly back then.


‘I was crying and holding Count Hershe’s legs.’


He was the first to leave, and she spent some time crying as she walked around the streets. She can’t believe it even now. She was abandoned by her fiancée unexpectedly and was confused because she didn’t know what to do.


Her feet were already covered in blood by the time she arrived late at night. When she burst into tears again, her father, who witnessed it, scolded her severely.


A strange world that she only knew through games. And she had no choice but to live in this strange world.


‘I’ve been lying in bed for a few days.’


Even in the midst of her confusion, she felt it was a waste to let go of the family business, so she went to apologize in front of his family, holding a letter of broken engagement.


Please don’t abandon me. 


She begged and begged again. 


‘When I think about it again, there was no other person who was as ugly as him.’


She should not ruin herself to the point where she had no pride, no matter how afraid she was of being abandoned.


What have you gained by doing so now?


‘There isn’t anything.’


Her mouth tastes bitter. There’s another guy in front of her besides that jerk.


‘I made a stupid mistake.’


Damon Spendar. One of the Male Protagonists and the Marquis’ heir.


A person with a caring personality who smiles well for everyone. Beautiful appearance, with a high neck collar and a thick neck that is partially hidden by a cravat but peeks out, and despite his appearances, the body covered by clothes must be quite solid.


She could tell just by looking at the wrist tendon between the sleeves.


‘You’ll be quite tall if you stand up.’


As a result, he was popular in society. His beauty was dangerous enough to make the Marquis noisy the next day when many of the Young Lady of the system saw him at the banquet hall.


‘The only problem is that he’s an iron man.’


Being kind to everyone meant being fair to everyone, and it also meant that he didn’t pay any more attention to them.


‘Alexa was also quite anxious.’


He was the only character she couldn’t stand. Even when she was playing the game, she couldn’t finish the ending with him. She had no idea that he had someone in mind while completing the ending of Count Maient and the female lead until she entered the game.


In some ways, he’s an untouchable character.


‘That’s why I like it better.’


That high nose.


“Sir Damon.”


“Go ahead, Young Lady.”


“Are you not interested in Elbash Forest’s development rights?”


“There was, indeed. Furthermore, I still have it. Isn’t it already agreed that Count Maient, Young Lady’s fiancée, will take part?”


“He did, indeed. But I decided to end my relationship with him today.”


He folded the newspaper and fixed his gaze on Serdel. The eyes that were looking at the intention were soft, but they also gave off a cool vibe.


At the same time, the carriage stopped. 


“It appears that I have arrived. Thank you very much for today. I arrived here in comfort thanks to you.”


“I’m relieved you were comfortable.”


The horseman opened the door just in time. Damon, who was the first to get off, reached his hand to her. As she came down, she sprained her leg while holding his hand.


This damn shoes!


She would have been seriously injured if Damon hadn’t grabbed her stumbling body.


“Thank you.”


Looking at Serdel greeting gracefully as if nothing had happened, Damon kissed her on the back of her hand briefly rather than asking if she was okay.


“I apologize for the short meeting, but I will return today. If you agree, please give me a call on a day that is comfortable for Young Lady. I’d like to see you again.”


Naturally, she was given the opportunity to schedule the next appointment. “I’ll send someone the day after tomorrow. I’ll be leaving.” Serdel turned around and entered the Count’s mansion.


Damon’s carriage was also getting further and further away.


But they’ll be getting closer soon. She’ll make it happen.




“Lady! Did you have a good date?” Serdel removed her shoes first as Siri approached. “Oh my goodness! So I told you not to wear them until you’re comfortable with them! The blisters are all over it. Wasn’t it painful?”


Siri, who noticed her feet, was on the move. Serdel sighed deeply, resting her head on her shoulder, feeling upset and had no idea what to do.


She feels as if she’s calming down.




Siri, the maid, was the only person in this desolate family with whom she felt at ease. After all, she was the one she saw the day before.


‘Because that is the mature Siri of the future, as well as the fresh Siri of the past right now.’


Anyway, it’s nice to meet you! It’s great to see you again!


“Lady, you were in a good mood when you left. But why are you so weak? Did something happen?”


“What happened? A lot, a lot. There were so many.”


Count Hershe and the female lead are paired together, and she’s like a chicken chasing a dog—no, she’s like a princess in the sea who has lost her voice and turned into a bubble of water.


‘And now I’m back in time.’


She sighed, of course, because she couldn’t say it as it was.


“My engagement was broken.”




A thunderous scream burst from Siri’s mouth. Serdel, with her face on her shoulder, frowned as her ears rang.


“L-lady!! W-what are you saying? You said you broke up!”


Her face began to turn blue at once, shivering with the pale day.


“You said your engagement was broken!”


“Calm down, Siri. Take it easy.”


“Uh, uh, how can I calm down? Are you all right, Lady? Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


The more she said the word ‘breaking up,’ the worse she felt. Siri’s eyes welled up with tears as a result of the pressure of words.


‘I’m the one who ended it…’ 


The master appears to comfort the maid all of a sudden.”Don’t cry. I, too, did not want to marry him. I’ve made the decision to neatly break our engagement.”


“H-how are you doing? Are you really okay?”


“What else isn’t okay? We could break up if it doesn’t fit.”


“However— You really like Count Hershe— I know you didn’t want it, I know it was a lie—” Siri lowered her head as she spoke.


She began babbling after muttering to herself for a while.


“I’m really fine.”


So don’t cry.


‘If you’re sad like that, I will sympathize with the foolish me of the past.’


She was dozens of times more miserable than she is now.


Serdel might as well resent it, but she didn’t want to be pitied.


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