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“Follow me.”


She took the lead and Siri followed quickly. 


“Blenn, you go and rest. If you need to go out, you can go out.”




Despite the fact that she had given him freedom, he quietly followed Serdel. It was already expected behavior. He was always near Serdel from early morning to late evening, except when he was sleeping.


She had no idea why.


“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely find your sister.”




There was no answer from him. Serdel didn’t say it for an answer either, so she just walked silently.




When Addis arrived at the training center, she was greeted by the knights and pushed them back. Then she picked up a wooden sword and threw it at Siri.




Siri, who easily snatched it, took a straight posture. The sequence of movements was fairly smooth. The eyes of the knights who had accidentally stepped back during the training changed rapidly.


“Your form isn’t that bad. Come on. I’ll deal with you.”


Immediately there was a confrontation. Siri rushed in, flapping her maid clothes. Unbelievably, her movements were more agile than when she faced Terra. 




The wooden sword that stretched out relentlessly was loaded with sharpness and heaviness at the same time. 


“—She has good senses.”


Blenn muttered.


“That maid. I can’t believe it hasn’t been long since she has learned a sword.”


Even though she just made one move, he immediately noticed Siri’s skill.


“The length and weight of the sword make it tough to use at first. It takes control of the sword to use it that way.”


Addis seemed to be feeling the same way, but her face had already changed as she looked at Siri. Addis, who had not attacked for a while and was only receiving Siri’s attacks, was about to lose her attack power due to lack of experience.




At a moderately high speed, Siri attacked in a line that wouldn’t hurt her.  




Siri turned to avoid Addis’ wooden sword, which was aimed at her. She didn’t seem to dare to stop, so she continued to take a step backwards. Due to a lack of experience, the limitations of attack and reaction have been revealed. Siri sensed it as well, and with her eyes fixed on Addis’ sword, she soon began to move as she showed.


It was a terrible speed of learning. 


A smile fell on Addis’s lips before she knew it. Whether she was excited by Siri’s talent to learn what she was showing, Addis pushed her until she was exhausted. For as long as 10 minutes. 


‘I didn’t know you’d last this long.’


Sweat poured down from Siri’s forehead. Her breathing became more and more difficult, her legs began to tremble, and her hands seemed to lose strength. She almost missed the wooden sword several times. 


‘You’ve reached your limit.’


At this point, Addis has stopped moving. She was just wondering what it was. Her smile disappeared from her face. 




As a result, the air’s nature suddenly changed.




Her eyes narrowed in pain every time she took a breath, as if needles were piercing her nose. She tried to cover her nose with her palm, but it didn’t work. Her mind felt dizzy as she reached suffocation towards the end. 


Blenn stayed close to Serdel at the time. His calm energy reached out to her, softly restraining all of her strength.


‘Ah—! It’s easier to breathe.’


When she looked up, she met his indifferent eyes. It was the first to catch her eyes. Serdel, who became awkward for no reason, also turned her eyes. As she looked around, some knights looked dark. On that side, she could see that there was a much stronger force.


She was worried about Siri.


She couldn’t handle it because she had just recently began to develop her talent, which even full-time knights are unable to handle. Her body was stumbling furiously, and her eyes were on the edge of rolling over.


The fist was filled with power.


Her heart was aching. She wanted to shout that if she had shown that much, she could stop. 




At that moment, hiik! 


Addis looked Serdel in the eyes as she turned her head. The force that had been directed towards Siri from the front had shifted and was now aimed at her. Siri moved her body almost automatically at the same time Serdel flinched. She ran like an arrow and stood in front of her, despite not having the strength to lift a finger.


“—Ugh. L-lady—!”


Rather than being scared and pressed in the face of powerful energy, Siri tried to fight back in some way. Only to keep her safe. She was even displaying a strong dislike for Addis. It was an amazing act of loyalty.


“I like it.”


She thought it was some kind of test. With a pleased smile, Addis gathered her energy. 




Siri, who was able to stand with the use of a wooden sword as a cane, was continually spitting saliva.




Even though it must be so hard, Siri checked her safety first. Her eyes were filled with fear that she might lose her master.




Even if she didn’t know, Addis couldn’t hurt her sister. She didn’t just rely on facts that she knew weren’t true. She concentrated solely on the current issue and moved swiftly to protect her. Nobles have no idea when or where they will be betrayed, thus any knight protecting their master should have done so.


Knights had to be more wary of their masters, ask more questions, and learn more facts. It’s an uncomfortable fact at times. Nonetheless, they trusted their master and did not have to block their path.


That was the owner’s loyalty, and it was the most difficult to maintain.


“A hundred points of knight is talent and heart.”


As usual, Addis’s mouth was full of praise. Serdel removed a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped Siri’s forehead. It was a very touching experience.It’s simply that when she was younger, she looked after her. Siri never forgot that touch. She was willing to do anything for her own sake. 


She’s well aware of that feeling, and even use it to some extent. When she saw her like this, she felt sorry for her. Because she’s not her real owner. Not the same Serdel who saved her. 


“Vice captain.”


Addis, who suddenly approached her, called a middle-aged man standing to one side. In the imperial family, she was the vice captain of the Knights, but in the family, she was the successor and the captain at the same time. When Addis left the Count, the vice captain led the knights instead.  


“Yes. Dame Addis.”


“That kid, bring her in as a student and teach her well.” 


His eyes glistened with greed. 


“I thought you’d be greedy, but are you giving up on it?” 


“I want to make it myself, but I can’t afford it these days. The mental state of the lower ones in the imperial family was so lax. I’m training hard.”




The vice-captain’s shoulders shivered. The same was true of other knights that followed.


“Ha ha ha ha— Thanks to you, it is good that I have a useful disciple. I will teach her well.” 


The vice-captain bowed his head. 


“You, greet your teacher with respect.”


Siri, who forced herself to rise from her unrecoverable body at Addis’s words, politely surrendered. 


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.” 


The vice-captain grabbed Siri’s shoulder.


“I look forward to it too.”


By this time, she was no longer a maid, but a disciple of the vice captain. She’ll start with the seeds. As long as she improves her skills and becomes recognized as a knight, she will also receive a single win title, so she will be riding a direct carriage of rank. 


She was sorry, but on the other hand, it was heart-fluttering. 


‘I’m the only one who’s changed.’


A lot has already changed, and a lot has been changing. 




Siri was also moved to tears. 


“I’ll be strong and protect you.”


“—Thank you. And congratulations.”


Sooner or later, Serdel hugged her, thinking that she should get Siri a sword that would look good on her. Blenn gave a strange expression to the gentle smile on Serdel’s lips.


In an instant, a face came to mind. She began to look overlapped with her sweet sister, who had always been sincere to her subordinates. 


He clenched his fist.  


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