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Count Cartal is a lower-status aristocrat than him, although he is still a high-status aristocrat. In the face of complexly entwined power, he was never pushed back. Furthermore, the business’s main subject was over here. Even if he was a Marquis, it was difficult to dismiss his motives.


“If you’re not going to waste your time standing like this, then sit down.”


Cartal quickly cut off the Marquis Spendar’s silence before it led to a deeper war of nerves. Damon bowed slightly to say thank you. Marquis Spendar sat calmly for a minute, glancing at him and Cartal alternately.


Tea and snacks were served promptly by the maid. The desolate air has become a little more bearable. Damon didn’t let this opportunity pass him by.


“I prepared this separately, could you read it first?” 


Even though he knew the act would get on the nerves of Marquis Spendar. In the face of an important task, he was not overwhelmed by his father’s spirit. 




Cartal first scattered the documents and handed them over. 




The document contained various information on abandoned mines found in Marquis.


How did they happen to find it? What was the forest’s topography like when it was discovered? When they first started developing, what scale did they start with? The amount of money invested, the amount of workers, and etc.


The issue was completely different because it was not an unknown forest where monsters swarm like the Elbash Forest, but it was information that could not be known. Instead of stopping there, Damon might as well approach the mines he’ll find in the Elbash Forest. He even organized and attached it. There were signs of hard work along with his worries. 




At Cartal’s call, the butler gave the documents from his desk to Marquis Spendar. He took a glance, and handed it over to Damon.




Damon’s eyes widened. Marquis Spendar opened his mouth as he saw it. 


“On the outside, it looks like any other cave, but if you can feel Mana, you’ll detect it right away just by getting close.”


He gradually described the Mana Stone Mine’s level and how it was mined. Cartal and Serdel were paying close attention. Damon is also focused, having opened his eyes on the papers.




After the long explanation, Marquis Spendar naturally raised his legs and picked up the teacup. 


“I will support 50 knights, 1,000 soldiers, and a number of miners who have experience in mine development. In addition, I will hire an additional A-class mercenary group working in the Marquis Territory to participate. About 200 additional people will be added.”


Taking a sip of tea, he frowned. 


“Oh, it’s all cold.”


The maid brought the pre-heated tea in a new teacup. 


“In addition, I will add 5,000 gold as a grant for them.” 


It meant that he would cover the costs of employment or compensation for the people for whom he was applying. In other words, the person on his side was simply discussing what he was doing.


“Instead, we have a very good martial art on our estates. The blacksmith’s skill is excellent.” 


“We’ll try to match all the weapons we need for the battle there.” 


“It’s nice to talk about this.” 


The soil in the Elbash Forest was not just a soil. It was like a war. Because of that, weapons and food were the most important things to prepare. So they decided to secure food from here earlier.


The weapons were supposed to be prepared by Count Maient, but since their relationship was broken, the Marquis of Spendar was in charge. He might not have brought it up without realizing it. After all, it was all an excuse.


‘The negotiations will begin now.’


“I’d like to check some of the Mana stones. I only saw them from afar when it was reported to His Majesty, but I didn’t take a closer look.” 


“Butler, bring it.”


Two mana stones were placed on the table from a safe near the desk. It just seems like a fist-sized black rock. The soft light that surrounded it had a deep freshness to it. He gently gripped the mana stone while swallowing dry saliva.


In the swirl of quite strong magical powers inside, Marquis Spendar’s mouth gradually opened. His eyes glistened with greed. 


Before it gets deeper. 


“We’ll give you 10% a month after mine development.” 


Quite frankly, Cartal blew the luck of the negotiation.


“—Oh my, Count. I haven’t even finished it yet, but you’re in a hurry. Hmm.”


He rolled the mana stone from hand to hand, side to side, and then placed it on the table slowly. The desire that had been present for some time now vanished totally.


“I think we should talk about the compensation plan after we figure out the full condition of the mine. The mana is distributed evenly inside the mine, so it is possible to produce this level of uniform mana stone. Otherwise, the difference in quality of Mana Stone would be quite large even in the same mine—”


If that’s the case. Cartal shed a smirk at the nuance that he would demand more according to the effort and cost he put in because he couldn’t lose money. 


Then the eyebrows of the Marquis Spendar rose. 


‘You have to make sure you draw a line here.’ 


The negotiation between the nobility is the difference between entering and leaving the bathroom. They were more likely to change their comments to satisfy their greed if they observed something that exceeded their expectations in the future.


“10%. I don’t think I can promise more than that. Instead.” Cartal’s stiff face subsided. “If the loss is greater than the benefits compared to the work put in by the Marquis, we will compensate you for the cost of the damage separately. You know it because you have seen it yourself. Even if it is a lower quality manastone, it is more pure than anything found in any mine. I know it will be high. 10% is never a small offer.”


There’s nothing to lose, so don’t talk nonsense. He doesn’t intend to play along with his greed. With a resolute doctor, Cartal opened a magic contract.


Cartal was a bear compared to the Marquis of Spendar, who was half fox. He didn’t even make or accept any ridiculous jokes.


It’s either do it or don’t do it.


In Cartal’s negotiations, there was no room for debate.


“—It’s not easy.” 


With a groan, Marquis Spendar went into thought for a moment. He had no choice because he was completely interrupted from the atmosphere. Damon’s face, knowing it, had no time to relax. Cartal waited here without another blow. 


How long has it been in the midst of breathtaking tension? 


“I’ll sign it.” 


It was Marquis Spendar who lowered his tail first. When Cartal signed the contract he signed, the ink dried up and the runners that rose permeated their wrists. 


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.” 


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


Negotiations ended with a handshake. The atmosphere that had been rough with him was also relieved. The two left the Office first, followed by Damon and Serdel. 


“I was really nervous this time.” 


He whispered in Serdel’s ear. 


“I thought so.” 


“Was it too obvious?” 


Serdel shrugged his shoulder. 


“It seems like a lot has happened.” 


With a sigh that seemed to have been shown on purpose, the bird seemed to have found time to relax. 


“Are your half-brothers okay?” 


“Since we’ve signed a magic contract, I’m sure my father can’t help it.” 


He shrugged his shoulders this time, saying, “Don’t worry.” That’s for a while. He asked cautiously after a brief pause to consider what he was about to say.


“Are you sure you’re okay, Young Lady?”


“Do you mean taking part in the expedition? It’s all right.”


Damon frowned as if he didn’t like the calm answer.  


“It’s going to be very dangerous. You could get hurt.”  


Stopped to walking, he turned around. Cartal and Marquis Spendar have already gone down the stairs, but only two people are left in the hallway. 


“You could die.” 


She could feel the complex emotions in the eyes looking straight at him. He raised his hand and slightly swept Serdel’s hair.


“Somewhere there may be an indelible scar for the rest of your life. I’m worried about that.” 


Another hand of his, which had been stretched out, raised Serdel’s hand and turned it over. He pressed the white, smooth palm with his thumb. 


“This delicate hand that has never even been caught by a sword—”


What can you do? In such a place. 


It felt like she could hear his back words that he couldn’t spit. 


She’s going to say that he doesn’t have to worry either, swallowing her bitterness. She was suddenly met with a cold stare.


She knew where he had been when she moved her gaze to the opposite side of the hallway. Blenn stood obliquely against the wall, staring at her and Damon.


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