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“Who is he? He doesn’t look like a knight from the family—” 


Damon’s voice grew lower. Serdel slipped out the hand he had caught instead of responding.




Damon alternated between her and his empty hand. It was regrettable that the small, soft heat was secured from the appearance of strangers. At the same time, he was uncomfortable since he thought his time with her had been interrupted.


Damon moved as well, just in time for Serdel to start moving. Blenn was stuck even then. It was as if time had slowed down on its own, without even blinking.  Serdel went past Blenn like that.


Without even giving a glance. Rather, Damon and Blenn’s eyes clashed in the air. It was Blenn who turned his attention first.


“Sir Damon.”


Serdel, who left the mansion, called him. Damon, who was in a strangely irritating mood, came to his senses only then. 


“You don’t have to worry about me. Rather, we.” Serdel reached out his hand. “Now that we’re really together, let’s do well.” 


The slight warmth that returned to his hands made him feel strange. At the same time, he was restless and excited. It was a strange sensation.


And that ends the short handshake. He bowed his head and kissed the back of her hand, unintentionally pulling her fingertips as she was about to move away.


The displeasure earlier disappeared as if it had been washed away. Was he really that simple? He knew it was ridiculous, but he wanted this moment to go as long as possible. He’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t take his lips off like this. In a carriage with the door wide open, Marquis Spendar waiting.


“Young Lady will not change her mind, no matter what I say. Then yes, let’s give it our all.”


As he corrected his posture, he smiled openly.


“Even from today, I have to release the body that has been hardened. Then, see you next time.”


Leaving the deep regret behind, Damon climbed into the carriage. 


“It’s going to be busier from now on.” Cartal, who came to the side, murmured as he saw the Marquis’ carriage moving away. “In the meantime, build up your stamina. You’ll have to travel a long distance— the journey there will be long.” 


With a brief sigh, he turned his back and went inside first. There was still a worry that could not be fully expressed in the bitter face. 


She raised her head because her mouth was dry for nothing. Then, she met Blenn, who was looking down at her from the window in the hallway on the 4th floor.


It won’t be in his space. 


‘Even so, Blenn.’


Please wait. Don’t rush me. 


Avoiding his eyes, Serdel went inside.




Serdel raised her head, having finished organizing the documents Damon had brought as well as the mining development information she had received from Marquis Spendar. She looked out the window early in the morning.


After a moment’s hesitation, she pulled the string.


“Bring Terra here.”


Ten minutes later, Terra, who rushed in, greeted her. 


“Y-you called me—”


From him, who let out his breath, the field radiated a lot of heat. His clothes, leather armor, and both hands were dirty, and a wooden sword dangled from the leather belt tied around his waist.


Sweat dripped down his forehead, and his hair glued to it like drooping antennae. 


“No way, are you training?” 


“Ah, y-yes. He. Hehehe—”


His awkward smile on the back of his head was very different from the other day. At that time, it was as light as a floating dust, but now it felt as heavy as a feather. 


Hmmm, groaning, Serdel stared at him. 


“The sun will rise in the west tomorrow.” 


He slowly raised his eyes, perhaps because he felt uncomfortable with the eyes. There was silence between the two. 


“That— Lady. Are you really going to Elbash Forest?”


It was Terra who broke the silence first. 


“Why are you asking again what you asked before?” 


“No, it’s not like that, haha—”


His smile grew weaker. His shoulders were also dropped. 


“Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to come with me.” 


“—No, what kind of sad thing are you saying? Siri has been training so hard since early in the morning, saying she will follow you. Look at my arm. I think I broke my bone because I was beaten so much during the battle.”


He puffed out his lips and groaned.


“Besides, what kind of servant can stand still when the owner he serves is leaving. Since then, I’m a loyal servants. Even if I die, I will protect the Young Lady and die. So, do not leave me alone.”


Clap clap clap. 


Cerdel clapped with a sour face.


“So how’s the training coming along?” 


“—I feel like I’m only getting stronger and stronger.”


“Phew, that’s a great achievement.”


“—I don’t know if this is an achievement, but if you still call it an achievement— it would be insignificant compared to Siri. Yes, that’s right. I’m a man who doesn’t even have a single leg.”


Without saying much, his eyes were burning as he dug himself into the ground. Tsk, that seemed pitiful, so Serdel held out an advanced potion from the drawer. 


“Drink this first.” 


His complexion brightened. Holding a potion, he put it in his arms. 


“Why aren’t you drinking?” 


“I’d like to give it to Siri.” 


Terra’s nose turned red. 


“There’s always a husband next to a great wife who is always willing to help. We’ll have to assist out more from now on if we want to create an ideal family.”




“—Why do you look at me like that, Lady? I just wanted to get some—scores. There are so many competitors that it’s fierce.” 


Terra’s eyes, which had been pretending to be relaxed, were sad again.


“Lady, please tell me a little bit about me. No, I’m not a very ugly person, am I? This is a good height for me, plus I’ve saved some money. Isn’t it true that even if I’m not number one, I’m still the groom in the top ten?”


Serdel’s gaze turned to the antennae attached to his forehead. She had nothing to say. 




Terra’s shoulders drooped again. Sigh, that made her laugh. She doesn’t know anything else, but Terra was a good-natured kid. Surprisingly, it was also heavy. There was no pretense in action. 


It was different from others who hid behind their backs. He was abandoned by his parents when he was a child, and raised in a back alley. 


In addition, he became a servants using his sharpness as a weapon, so he could do his best. 


‘He’s quick-witted, he’s responsive.’


Depending on the situation, the gentle side is strong and there are times when it looks mean. 


‘Surprisingly, the reputation in the mansion isn’t that bad.’


Addis also called him as an unreliable person, but he didn’t seem to care. It was counter-evidence that he had acted well just by making that much of an impression on her. He could do a lot of work. He was the one she needed the most right now. 


‘Because being drooping doesn’t help.’


There was only one bottle left in the drawer when she opened it. It was also of a lower class. It’ll take a long time for the wound to heal, but it’ll help him recover from his fatigue.


“Drink a bottle of this right now.”


This time, Terra just took it in his arms once more.


She believes he’ll give it to Siri once again. She was ready to say that she had applied for a lot of things.


‘You can’t even kill if you don’t know how to save your energy.’


“But, Lady, why did you call me? Is there anything you’d like me to do?” 


“You ask so quickly.”


Frustrated by the short bruise, he gently rubbed his nose with his hand. 


“Listen carefully to what I’m saying from now on. You could be in danger if you make a mistake. Do you understand?” 




Looking at him, who became serious due to tension, Serdel lowered her voice as low as possible.


“Leave the mansion right now—”




Knock knock. 


“Lady, this is Terra.”


Two days after giving the order, he immediately began reporting. 


“You’re so good. I was born too, so I’ve been living in the dark when I was young, but honestly, I didn’t know that there was such a place in the system. When I heard it, I thought it wouldn’t be possible, but when I went there, it was quite big.” 


Terra’s face was dark. 


The back alley is also the back alley. He doesn’t know who the owner is, but it was a place that belonged to the shadow of the shadows. It was different from the garbage alleys he enjoyed just to fill his hungry stomach when he was young. 


“I got this as you told me to, but you’re not going to go yourself, are— you?” 


He hesitated and held out a half-mask engraved with a complex pattern, a so-called entrance pass. 


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