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“That— Lady. I’m a little nervous. I won’t ask you how you know that such a place exists, but are you really going? I’m not voicing what you’re trying to do— but it looks dangerous—”


“There’s someone I must find. No, would it be better to have someone to save?” 


“So if you’d rather tell me what it’s like—”


“Terra, I have to go there myself. It won’t be open to you who aren’t nobles. Even if you’re lucky to get in, it’s too much for your guts.” 


If she makes a mistake with just one hesitation, then things get more complicated. 


“Anyway, well done.” 




“You know you’re not supposed to tell Siri, right?” 


Covering his face with his hands, he murmured in a gloomy voice. 


“—I’ll die if I’m caught. Siri might hate me. No, I’m very sure I’ll get beaten to death before then. I’m afraid, Lady. I think Siri with the real sword will come out in the dream. I’m afraid I’m going to have to face Dame Addis. It’s a nightmare as of now.” 


“Stop. Get out of here.”


After he was forced to let go of his constantly worried eyes. Serdel sank deeper into the chair, her gaze fixed on the half mask she held in her hand. Who is Blenn’s sister, exactly?


How was she kidnapped from his country?


How did it end up flowing into this Empire?


She doesn’t know about the process since it wasn’t even discussed in the game.


‘However, if I look at the pieces of information that came out in the middle and the various contents connected from it, I can find out quite a lot.’ 


Beneath the bright and colorful side of the island. There’s a dirty place that no ordinary person can imagine, and his sister is very likely to be captured there. If it wasn’t, Blenn should have discovered it through the intelligence service right away.


The information guild was a large organization, thus information that they couldn’t touch or access was incredibly rare. To put it another way, there’s a good chance his younger sister is in that exceptionally rare situation.


‘The Imperial family ‘and’ that would be the only areas untouchable to the information guild.’


The Imperial family is an Imperial family.  


It’s hidden deep in the dark.


It was like a sanctuary that should not be touched or lifted to the surface since the nobles’ dirty bare faces were openly exposed. Because if they approach in the wrong direction, they risk being hit by a counterattack. They had to save themselves in order to save the guild.


‘In the original story, Blenn found the place where his sister was buried, in a way, because she was dead.’


If the guild’s informant, who accidentally saw the corpse being treated secretly, did not speak after a long time of deliberation. He wouldn’t even have been able to recover his sister’s body. 


‘Isn’t the burial place managed by Count Sollette?’ 


It wasn’t enough that he had engaged in prohibited interracial trading, and he was a man who would become famous in a matter of months by imprisoning all kinds of slaves in the mansion’s basement.


It was also due to the revelation of the eldest son, with whom he had a difficult relationship.


‘Of course, his son was conscious of the eyes of certain nobles, but he didn’t say ‘there’ openly.’ 


When she finally put it all together.


‘Blenn’s sister is most likely one of the slaves who will be auctioned off soon.’


As a result, it’s very likely that Count Sollette bought it.


‘I hope everything is fine with her.’


While it was flowing in there, she had no idea what would happen. And she had no idea it could have already been a disaster.


‘If finding his younger sister is a better option for Blenn than turning black or ruining his image,’


If he doesn’t move according to her own will. The plan is going to fail. Please, Serdel closed her eyes hoping it wouldn’t happen.  




“There’s only a few days left.”


Serdel, who was looking at the newspaper in the private office decorated by the butler and maid, looked up at Cartal’s order. 


“Are you really looking for my sister?”


The sun shining through the window and the soft blue curtains dancing softly. Gorgeous but not overly beautiful chandelier. As he returned his eyes to her at the end of swiping over the antique furniture, his voice filled the day.


The bull’s suspicion and anger could be seen behind his anxious eyes.


“Please answer. Are you looking for my sister properly?” 


“I’m looking for her, so please wait.” 


“Don’t lie to me. Until now, looking at Lady’s bedroom and everyone who came in and out, no one had the power to find my sister.”


He doesn’t mind saying things that would make her sad when someone hears them. Mumbling inwardly, Serdel raised her eyes. 


“Do you want one of the family’s knights to accompany you? Do you have any idea how your younger sister, whom you haven’t been able to find in a long time, is doing right now? I’m looking for someone connected to the Count, and if there’s a rumor, I’ll check it out quickly.”




As he was ready to add something else, Blenn’s lips closed. It’s been a while since he’s been here, so he’s naturally aware of the situation here. He must have felt the numerous gazes surrounding the Count’s house.  


“If you don’t have anything to say, just leave now.”


Serdel opened the newspaper wide again and turned to it. No, she was going to turn it in. 


“Then— please share at least some information.”


“What do you trust?” 


His eyes were clouded with embarrassment, as he did not think that he would receive such a response in such a short time.


“What should I trust in you and share information with you? You don’t trust me.” 


“—Lady, Please—  Please. She’s the only family I have left. We must find it.” 


Blenn bent down deeply. 


“Please, I need your help.”






Serdel had to swallow a sigh due to the desperation in his voice. Blenn has spent a long time looking for his younger sister and has been defeated dozens or hundreds of times. The fear of his sister’s death, as well as the despair of not being able to find her even if she was still alive, would have built up over time.


Then he’ll have a new hope of meeting his younger sister, and he’ll get increasingly impatient and anxious as time passes. It was only logical to talk with caution. It’s not even the time yet. 


She knew he’d run towards it as soon as he heard it. Not only had the plan failed, but he and his sister were also in danger.


“Blenn, I guess you’re forgetting, but we have a magic contract that we made that day.” 


The risk of non-compliance.


The magical contract was useful, but it was also dangerous. Even if the contractor did not set it up separately, there was a possibility of contract non-fulfillment. The majority of them have to do with the body, and in higher contracts, life is essentially debt.


So it was more reliable. 


The aristocracy’ negotiations did not leave out the magical contract.


‘The magic contract written by me and Blenn is a sub but.’


Risk is a risk. 


She would never have taken it if she didn’t have the confidence to find his sister. It was pointed out and recognized. 




Blenn’s face was blank with his head up. Blood vessels sprang out of the rolled fist. The tips of his ears were red, too. It was a small change that was not seen in the original, where all emotions were almost dead. 


“I know how many people have hurt you and betrayed you. You gave your life to find your brother, I know. The hardship to believe in me and the need to believe in me must have constantly collided within you.” 


There was a stir in his eyes.


“I know, but Blenn, trust me and wait. I’m sure I’ll keep my word.”




“Like you, I need you, too.” 


The power and the price of the deal. Serdel smiled as gently as she could. The curtains flew up, forming shallow shadows, which had been swaying in the wind just in time. She was different from how she usually handled her face when wearing a mask, reflecting through the shaded shadows. He felt warm coming from her in some way.


Since the family was destroyed. 


While the tranquility he felt for the first time was unfamiliar, he felt relieved for a moment. His mind, which was going crazy with anxiety, also calmed down.


At the same time, the wind circling the room escaped. The weak curtains also slowly subsided. The shadows disappeared, and she was reflected under the chandelier again, but she was the same as usual.


The calm heart was quiet. There was no more agitation. The shaking of his eyes also disappeared.


“I’ll leave, and I— trust you.”




He turned away. He didn’t think he should keep facing Serdel like this.



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