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Since that day, he hasn’t sent his anxious eyes. Blenn remained close to her. Serdel, on the other hand, didn’t care.


“I don’t like that valuable person out there.”


Instead, Terra and the servants were the only ones who had a nerve. No matter how Serdel brought it out of necessity, Cartal and Addis allowed it.


Blenn was a complete outsider to them. Naturally, the longer he stayed, the more uncomfortable he was in an ambiguous position. Terra, in particular, swore loudly like a cat.


“Looking at his eyes or his actions, that guy is not loyal to the Lady! It’s not normal to watch and look through the door of your office half the day. I don’t know what he’s doing like you’re in debt.”


“Don’t be so mean. It turns out it’s quite—”


She was about to say that he was a pitiful person. 


‘Who’s sympathetic to who?’


A subject that has been stuck in the game for several years and can’t get out of it. A bitter smile came out. 


“Ugh, Lady, please don’t smile so casually! Siri doesn’t say anything, but she’s anxious. She can’t seem to get enough sleep or train these days! How quickly she gains strength and declares that she will be by Lady’s side once more. She’s already broken her palm three times because she’s trying so hard—!”




“Is Siri hurt? Did she get the treatment?”


She unknowingly kicked the desk. Surprised by the momentum, Terra froze. He rolled his eyes. 


“—Yes. Well— it’s not the point of you need to worry.”


He didn’t feel comfortable answering. She worried if she had been seriously injured, if she had received immediate treatment, and if she was now okay. Is it necessary for her to go to Siri right now? She was dying to go out.


Doing harsh training in the first place and hoping she wouldn’t get wounded was a contradiction in itself.


What’s more, Siri was moving for herself. Instead of stopping it herself, she encouraged it even more. Even if she made a fuss every time something like this happened, it wasn’t good for Siri. Rather, it will only make her position difficult. 


“That’s, don’t worry too much. I’m watching carefully from the side.” 


“—Yeah. Have you prepared?” 


“Ah, yes!”


As Serdel changed the subject, Terra quickly took a piece of paper and a magic pouch out of his arms.


She checked the paper first. It was a slave list held there, and it cost a lot of extra money to put it in his hands because he was reluctant to leak prior information. 


‘It’s a business after all. Nobles are bound to have red rice that they can’t easily get their hands on.’


She also opened the magic pocket. There were plenty of magical scrolls and potions inside. As if anxious, Terra glanced over and over again. 


“Well, Lady—” 


“Don’t worry, they’re things you won’t use.”


She didn’t mean to make a scene either. If only she could bring the child home safely.


“—Ha, Haha. Everything will be fine, right—?”


There won’t be, and there shouldn’t be. It’s just a place she’s never been to, so she keeps it just in case.


“Prepare the rest without a hitch. Stop and leave.” 




He turned away, hesitantly, without saying anything else. Serdel, who was alone when the door shut, quietly closed the entry to the magic pocket.




He said that he would trust Serdel, but as time passed, Blenn’s face worsened noticeably. Perhaps this is his final chance to find his sister.


Extreme nervousness had tightened his heart. He’s dying of suffocation. It was as if it had run into a runaway, twilight night in the end.


He opened Serdel’s office door with a short knock.


“There is only one day left. If it’s my job, my promise to you and the Lady will be over. You haven’t forgotten, have you?” 


He threw out his fierce and bloody anger, and he suddenly felt strange and scattered around. 


The chandelier’s lights, which had always been bright, were turned off, and the terrace doors, which should have been closed, were now wide open.


The curtain fluttered loudly in the cold wind. Among them stood Serdel. She wore an ivory-colored shirt with a dark brown belt at the waist instead of the usual dress. She stood out in her black leather leggings and knee-high leather boots.


She was dressed in clothing that only highlighted her activity, with a long coat on her arm and a wide-brimmed hat in her hand.


“Even so, I was going to call you. You’re here, Blenn.” 


He instinctively felt it. 


“—My sister, did you find it?” Blenn, who approached quickly, grabbed Serdel.  “Please answer me, Lady. My sister, did you find it—?”


He trembled with every word he spit out. “Lady—!” With distorted eyes. His eyes glowed with a variety of emotions. 


In his voice calling out to her as if squeezing it, the pain was conveyed just by listening to it over and over with earnestness. 


“Please— Tell me you found my sister.”


With his head down, he leaned his forehead on Serdel’s slender shoulder.




His hot breathing, beginning to get rough, permeated into the shirt. 


“Blenn, listen to me from now on.” 


Serdel pushed it like it was with her gentle touch on his solid chest. Even if Serdel didn’t give much strength, he went back in line with her will. In the moonlight, Blenn’s face seemed pale when he was one step away.


And strangely decadent. 


All the more so because of the atmosphere. 


“I’m going to save your sister. No, I’m going to buy it to be exact.” 


Blenn’s lips trembled.


“Caught by the slave market— no, it can’t be. I’ve known the owners of the slave market on the island for a long time. I haven’t heard of anyone who looks like my sister came in. I even went to check it out at dawn yesterday—! “


“—That’s not the ordinary slave market I’m going to, Blenn. There’s one place in the system that ordinary people can’t even imagine. Even the aristocrats hide deep in the dark enough not to know about it.”




“It’s a place where only powerful people of the same tendencies gather to vent dirty desires, so it’s quite—.”


Blenn grabbed Serdel’s arm again before she was finished. At the moment, she almost groaned at the grip.


“T-take me. Lady, please take me. It’s a dangerous place. That’s where my sister is!”




The days of the urgent voice grew bigger and bigger and bigger. If left as it is, his cries will spread out to the outside of the Office. Serdel, who managed to reach out, shut his mouth.


“Shh- Be quiet.” 


He was about to draw a sword right away, as he began to get excited. As a result, it felt like the hairs all over her body were standing up in the ghastly momentum that filled the office. 


‘It’s hard to control him if he’s pushed back here. Let’s get it together.’ 


“If you don’t calm down, I can’t take you.” 


The enlarged pupil returned to its original state at that one word. 


“You have to be calm when you see your sister. That way, we can get it out safely. If you don’t have the confidence to act cool there, you stay here.”




His breathing, which had been ringing in the palm of his hand, also gradually subsided. 


Whoo. Whoo. 


He opened the distance without awkwardness as she forced him to calm down. The palm that left his breath was hot. Her arm, which had been caught twice, was raised with a tingling sensation, which made him feel strange. 


He repeatedly clenched and opened his fist several times, barely shaking off the unfamiliar sensation. 


“It’s a very dangerous place. If you can’t beat your temper and run rampant—”


“I’ll stay calm.” 


Serdel didn’t answer right away. 


“I will never, ever do anything that will harm you and the Count.” 


She just looked straight and didn’t even say a word, so he just boiled one knee. 


“I swear with my life, Lady. I won’t come forward without an order. I’ll never move recklessly and make it difficult in my position. So— please take me with you. Please.”


“Well, I don’t want to take an oath to rush into the situation.” 


“I will keep it. I will definitely keep it. Please believe me, Lady.” 


‘It’s not enough yet.’


After saying this, there was a high possibility that he would lose his reason when he saw his younger sister. Especially when his sister is in a bad condition. She didn’t know how she would come out.


‘But I can’t leave him behind.’


In order not to attract the family, she was planning to move secretly behind Cartal and Addis, so the only person she could take comfortably was Terra. 


If something unexpected happens there. It would have been hard for her to handle it alone. Even if there’s a magic artifact. Besides, there was no way that Blenn could not follow after learning the situation to some extent. 


So that he doesn’t act recklessly. She had to listen to an answer that came from the heart, not just an oath. 


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