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“I look forward to working with you.” 


“We look forward to working with you.”


Edwan and Rudella bowed their heads.


“Edwan. Do you have any friends in the back alleys? It would be great if he is not a member of any guild and is good at spying.”


“Yes. It’s because I don’t always meet people in public places when I do business.”


“So, can you select the tight-lipped ones and observe Count Maient? I need to know who enters and leaves the mansion, what the Count and his vassals do, etc.”


Edwan and Rudella’s faces darkened at the same time.


“Lady. What do you think of him— By any chance, have you ever been harmed by him—?”


Serdel waved her hand at Rudella, who asked carefully.


“Don’t worry. It’s more likely to happen in the future, so I’m just trying to prepare in advance.”


“What do you mean? What is that—”


“He still hasn’t given up in Elbash Forest. He won’t go out right away, but it’s highly likely that he’ll be aiming for the right to trade in minerals in the future.”


“Who will—!”




Rudella’s expression changed in an instant, and the angry words that were ready to burst forward with force were stopped.


The surrounding area became quiet.


She didn’t know Rudella had such a hot temperament. Rudella’s eyes began to tremble severely as she became flustered.




“Yes, please tell me.”


To break the frozen atmosphere, Serdel looked away.


“Please pay close attention to Count Sollette’s movement. Count Maient is following him.”


“Please tell us what information you know first. Knowing the situation makes it know what to look into. We can respond flexibly even if something unexpected happens.”


That was true.


“Count Maient is using Count Sollette to get behind Count Derriens and take over his shadow business.”


Edwan’s expression became serious. 


“Isn’t Count Sollette and Count Derriens connected through business? Isn’t Count Sollette someone who almost always looked down on Count Derriens. Ha.”


It was ridiculous, he let out a laugh.


“Then Count Maient thinks Count Derriens’ weakness lies in Count Sollette. And—”


He looked straight at her. 


“So Lady thinks that Count Maient will win this fight. Why don’t you tell Count Derriens about this in secret? You will be driven away if you disrupt a dog fight.”


“No, I have no intention of helping Count Derriens in any way.” 


At Serdel’s determined tone, his eyes widened a little for a moment. 


“Well. When it comes to cruel stuff, he’s a strong opponent. Yes, I understand. For now, I’ll try to keep an eye on him in an inconspicuous way and gather information.”


“And Rudella.”


Serdel looked at Rudella again.


Rudella nodded her head awkwardly as she calmed down a bit.


“Yes, Lady. Please tell me.”


“Sooner or later, the news will spread that you’re leaving the Count because of your marriage.”


The owner of the Robbins’ mercenary knows Edwan’s marriage partner is her.


As there are quite a few nobles who have merchants as their informants, there are probably nobles who follow him as well.


They would have leaked it secretly.


“Some people will approach you before you quit, and there will be others who observe first and then approach you as soon as you quit.”


There was tension on her face. Rudella suddenly clasped her hands together and swallowed a dry saliva.


“Maybe they’ll be aiming for when the County is empty.” 


After she, Addis, and Redan go on an expedition, the Count is left with only Cartal.


Even though the head of the family was clearly there, rude and thoughtless people were more likely to regard it as an empty house. 


“Please take care of it moderately. Instead, find out who the people receiving information from them are.”


Rudella nodded her head.


Serdel gave them two small communication tools one by one.


Today was the day she chose to say hello to them without hesitation. 


It will be difficult to do so in the future. 


The Count’s prestige was too high for the soon-to-be husband of the resigning maid to freely come and go.


‘Rudella will also be gradually pushed out of the main job.’ 


It won’t be easy to meet her. 


This will be much easier to communicate by than to meet each other when necessary. 


“If you have anything to report, call me right away.” 


“Yes. I understand.”


“Since it’s getting late, shall we wrap this up?”


“Then I’ll go, Lady.”


“Okay. Rudella, see him off.”


“No, Lady. It’s too dark outside. I’m worried about you being alone, so I—” 


“It’s my house, what are you worried about? It’s okay, so hurry up and go with him.” 


After sending the two out first, Serdel, who was left alone, opened the door after looking around the indoor garden for a while.


An unexpected cold wind hit her and her body trembled for a moment. 


“It suddenly got cold.”


She should have brought a shawl. 


Her steps got faster and faster. 


She moved hard with her arms wrapped around her body, but stopped when she saw something under the moonlight. 


Looking at the night sky, he looked like a well-made statue. 


Softly. The silver hair fluttering in the wind was very beautiful. 


Unknowingly, she lost in admiration. 


She couldn’t take her eyes off it. 


Perhaps because of his unique atmosphere, he went so well with this cold darkness. 




He turned his head and looked straight at her. 


Not long ago, his eyes, which had been sinking into firm despair, were now full of enthusiasm for life. 


It’s so warm. 


Every part of her body touched by his gaze seemed to be on fire. 


The face, where worries disappeared, was brighter than before. It was the first time she’d ever seen a version of Blenn that was full of life. It was unfamiliar somehow. 


“You must have rested well.”


“Thanks to you.”


Slowly approaching, he put the shawl he was holding around Serdel’s shoulder. 


“I saw the Lady leaving, but you dressed lightly in this cold—”


“Did you wait for me here?”


Instead of answering, he knelt down. 


“I’m sorry for the late greeting, Lady. Seeing my younger sister after a long time has relieved me of tension, so I couldn’t show good manners towards my savior.” 


“How is Laura?”


“My younger sister fell asleep again after dinner. I’m sorry.”


“It’s been hard for her. She must have been very tired.” 


Her smile filled with care and was so kind, Blenn was moved for no reason. 


“It’s all thanks to you. I thought I would never see my younger sister and her smile again.”


He reached out carefully. 


“It’s thanks to my Lady.”


Holding onto her fingertips, he leaned his forehead gently. 


The shallow warmth delivered to the back of her hand seemed to warm her body for some reason. 


“Thank you. Thank you so much.” 


Unlike when he asked her to find his sister, Blenn did not express his feelings after every word. 




She could feel his heart so well. The words ‘thank you’ have been passed on without fading. 


Blenn, who had been leaning his forehead on the back of her hand for a long time, raised his head. 


Whoops, he released her hand, patted the nape of his neck, and then, pop! Something released.


It was a necklace with a shield-shaped pendant. 


“Will you take it?”


“What is this?”


“As the heirloom of my family, the covenant of oath is a magical artifact. Other than being binding, it will also protect the Lady from danger while you wear it.” 


“So why—”


“I haven’t paid my end of the contract, but I’d like to close the deal I made through the magic contract and pledge full loyalty instead.” 


She remembered that she heard from Monem about Blenn putting down his weapon and falling asleep peacefully for the first time.  


‘I thought I could win his heart, but.’


She didn’t know that even the only traces of the family he had would be offered as a token. 


“I can’t—”


“Please accept it. My Lady saved me and my sister. The grace I received from you is too great to return with just one promise. I want to be dedicated to you for the rest of my life.” 


He bowed his head deeply.


“Please. Please put me by your side, Lady.”


‘Please don’t say no’, Serdel let out a low snort at his earnestness. 


Even if he didn’t ask her like this, she didn’t mean to push him away.


However, he acted like someone who couldn’t stay by her side if she didn’t accept it. 


After all, isn’t this like a memento of his parents and, even more, his ancestors? 


Her mind was heavy, but she couldn’t refuse anymore.


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