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[Count Sollette’s movement could not be tracked. Although he usually likes to be out and about, it seems that the person who goes out several times a day has not been out of his mansion for several days.] 


Serdel’s eyes hardened.


[I approached the people in the house secretly and asked, but they all said they didn’t know and shook their heads.]


There’s no way his eldest son has already moved to beat his father. 


‘He wouldn’t have been ready yet, but what would he do?’ 


[However, a maid who quit there recently told me that there was something different from usual.]


“Something different? What’s different?”


[He made orders as if he were at a restaurant, no matter how sick he was, but then he’d lock himself in his bedroom and had only soup and sandwiches. Isn’t it strange that he can’t eat all of it?] 


“I’m sure something happened.”


[I think so]


“What about Count Maient?”


[Perhaps he noticed something strange, so he secretly sent a spy.] 


“First of all, tell your friends in the back alley to keep an eye on them just in case, but avoid them immediately if they think it’s dangerous. Tell them not to overdo it.”


If they get caught for no reason, they’ll find out that Edwan is behind them.


Later, when they step on his tail, he will be revealed. 


[Yes, I understand.] 


After finishing the communication, Serdel tapped her chin. It was strange. 


“By this time, Count Solette had made no issues.”


She didn’t have a good feeling.


She couldn’t think of anything for a long time.


“Lady. It is said that His Highness Falden will arrive in ten minutes.” 


At Monem’s report, Serdel got up from her seat. 


Today was the day of final inspection before the official expedition, and the 2nd Prince as the representative of the imperial family also attended the meeting. 


When she went out, Cartal, Redan, and the butler had already come out first. 


Her eye meets Redan’s.


“Why are you so late? And isn’t the dress too fancy? Just wear something fancy like that in your room.” 


“You didn’t fall off the bed and hit your head, did you?” 


“Are you still half asleep? What are you talking about? 


“You want me to reply seriously? Wear such a fancy dress only in my bedroom. You don’t want to hear rumors that the youngest daughter of the Count is trembling alone, right?”


“—The way you talk. Why did you do your hair like this? Your accessories are too—” 


“Aren’t you busy today?” 


“I won’t be busy for a while. Hey, did you take the medicine?”


Serdel’s forehead crumpled.


“The taste is unpleasant.”


It’s as if she’s a sick person. 


“It’s all unpleasant. So, did you eat it?”


“I ate it. Why do you ask when you’re getting reports from Monem?” 


“Are you going crazy even if I take care of you? Tsk. Aren’t you almost done eating all of them?” 


“I know. It’s a shame that there’s only a few pills left. I am eating them very well. Still, it is said that it is not easy to purchase because it is made of expensive and precious medicinal materials—”


“Hey, I know that—”


Srrk, what he pulled out of his pocket was a small pocket pouch.


It was an artifact with space expansion magic, and there were plenty of those damn pills inside. 




The color was different from the last one, so she took out one piece and smelled it.


The body trembled as it grew higher.




“Thank you, right? That’s a better version. Heh, it was really hard.” 


It wasn’t his intention to smile full of confidence, but his proud smile was really annoying. 


He twisted his lips and put the pill into his mouth. Rather, a satisfied smile was caught around his mouth.


Serdel picked up another piece and smelled it.


What is it? It just smells like it was taken out of a magical water, but does it actually taste amazing when you eat it? 


After thinking for a while, Serdel approached the butler, who made eye contact, and put one piece in his mouth. 


The butler’s eyes widened in a sudden situation.


He tried hard to move his mouth. 


His mustache danced rhythmically.


“Oh! Thank you, Lady. Nevertheless, I’ve been so tired lately, but my body has become very light. How can you share such precious things with me? I was touched!”


“How does it taste?”


“It’s very good!”


Serdel took out another piece and sniffed it, then approached Cartal who was looking at her and put it in his mouth.




The mouth of Cartal, which was eaten with a pill, gradually hardened.


His eyes trembled. 


The slow-moving jaw stopped at some point and he turned around.


Something was strange, but Redan blocked his front as she tried to approach from the side.


“Hurry up and try it. You have to eat this well to withstand exploration.”


“—I have to greet the guests now, so I’ll eat it later.”




He was about to take out a pill, and a white carriage came in with good timing. 




The carriage stopped a short distance away, Damon and Marquis Spendar got off.


Serdel, who closed the pocket, approached to meet them.




Cartal still had his back turned. 


“You’re here.”


“You’re more beautiful today, Young Lady.”


I smiled with a short greeting.


“It’s been a while since I saw you. Marquis Spendar.”


Redan was also greeted with courtesy. Oh! With a short exclamation, Marquis Spendar reached out first.


“I know. It’s been a while since I saw you. How have you been!”


“Of course, I’m still alive.”


“The brazen-facedness is still the same.”


Marquis Spendar smiled and hit his arm. Then he glanced at Cartal.


Cartal, who hurriedly drank water that was brought by the maid, eventually ate two pieces of chocolate in one bite, something he rarely did.


“Count, is there something wrong?”




While Redan calmed down the situation with laughter, Cartal, who turned his body around, approached. 


“Cough, you’re here, cough.”


“Oh, is there anything wrong with your body—”


“No, it’s okay.”


There was an unfamiliar feeling of embarrassment in the voice that answered.


Serdel’s eyes widened.


She alternately looked at the pocket, Redan, Cartal, and the butler standing in the distance. 


The butler’s face was very calm.


How can they react so differently when they ate the same thing?


“Young Lady, it’s been a long time. You look better than the last time I saw you.” 


Damon came closer and grabbed her hand and kissed it. 


“Sir Damon looks very good, too.”


In response to Serdel, he smiled and she put her mouth close to his ear. 


“It’s because I’ve been training so hard. I’m working out four hours a day.”


Redan’s eyebrows twitched as he saw them whispering playfully. 


“It’s been a while, Sir Damon.”


“Yes. It’s been a while.”


Stepping forward, he gently pushed Serdel back with his hand.


“I’m not good enough, but I look forward to your kind cooperation. Sir Redan.”


“I have to make a request. You have no idea how reassuring it feels to be able to handle my family’s business like this.”


With a smirk, he slammed the wall between himself and Damon.


She was thinking of pinching the wide back in front of her. Apart from that, Redan’s dealing against Damon looked a little different.


His expression and tone were so relaxed.


Better than Damon’s in some ways.


It was also different from Addis, who always showed an inflexible and rigid appearance regardless of position or person.


It was so strange that she was looking at it without realizing it, and a black carriage broke through the gate with a loud noise and speed.


As soon as the carriage stopped, the coachman moved. But even before he approached the side of the carriage, the door opened, and a tall man jumped down.


It was the 2nd Prince, Falden Asladen.


Unorganized red hair stretched out here and there, making the already sharp impression fiercer.


“I’m seeing the 2nd Prince.”


Marquis Spendar and Cartal politely greeted him.


“It’s been a while for both of you.”


After greeting them with an indifferent face, he turned, looking for someone.


“I see Your Highness the 2nd Prince, I’m Damon Spendar, the successor of the Marquis Spendar.”


“Redan Robbesta, it’s been a while since I saw Your Highness.”


“Nice to see you.” The prince mildly dismissed the two men.


Passing by the two he stood right in front of Serdel.


As if his purpose was to meet her. 


There was some confusion about whether the ‘nice to see you’ was directed to Damon and Redan or to her.


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