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“I don’t think it’s Your Highness’ only card. You didn’t disguise yourself just to get Edwan right?”


One corner of Falden’s lips went up.


Commoners don’t know his face very well.


He wouldn’t get caught even if he didn’t disguise himself.


Even so, he must have been conscious of the eyes that were chasing him for purchasing things like that. 


Knowing that he can’t fool their eyes with just hair color and a dot. Rather, he used it in reverse and held them so that their gaze was directed only at him.


‘As Edwan guessed, he must have sponsored an orphanage or something.’


Externally, it is. 


And in fact, it is highly likely that he secretly used his subordinates to do other things.


“Your Highness’ cards are not Your Highness’. You can’t threaten me with a card that will change depending on His Majesty’s heart. On the contrary, my cards can put Your Highness in crisis at any time.”


“Ah, is that so? Haha. Hahahahaha! Ah, I ate one bite without even thinking about this. Try it.”




“Let’s try to put you in crisis. Would it be fun?” 


It didn’t feel good. 


She thought that maybe he had another card in his hand that could shake her up. 


‘No way, it can’t be, right?’


He has never seemed like he had such a strong card. Maybe it’s just an unreasonable anxiety—.


‘Why is it so ominous?’


“Ah— I’ll fall for you. Young Lady.” 


What does he like so much to laugh like that? 


“I didn’t know you were such a charming person.” He continued to praise her.


Her hands that gripped the skirt of her dress felt clammy. 


“Okay. I’ll show you. The card the Young Lady wants.” 




“No matter what His Majesty does, I will block everything on my own. I will take full responsibility for Count Robbesta’s business until the end. I swear.”


Serdel didn’t respond right away.


“Ah, is this weak enough? After all, a person who is bold enough to threaten the Prince couldn’t bend easily right?” 


He implored again, speaking alone and asking again.  


“Serdel Robbesta. Include me in the mercenary business. Then, in return, I’ll give the support of five hundred subordinates and a wizard for this job.” 


Her eyes got bigger.


Wizards were treated with great value just for their existence. 


In addition, they all belonged to the wizard tower. Even in the organization, there is a separation within the wizards tower. 


Of course, they held themselves in high esteem. 


Not only did they ignore imperial commands but in the Empire the Wizards Tower was treated like their own realm.


Cartal also made several requests for support from the Wizard Tower but was repeatedly rejected.


In the end, he had to leave behind his regrets and buy artifacts in large quantities, but how did he—. 


“There are people I took a long time ago and have grown to become magicians of the wizard tower. 2 people from the 3rd circle, 3 people from the 4th circle, 2 people from the 5th circle. 7 people in total will be on this journey. What do you think?”


Serdel’s lips softened by the intense temptation. 


But the answer did not come easily. Eventually, she will end up being his shield if he goes into her business. 


He will completely hide behind her, and he will naturally rise to the surface over time.


From Falden’s point of view, it would be more secure than putting Edwan in front. 


“You’re greedy. Seeing that you haven’t made a decision yet. Well, it’s good. I like people with big ambitions. I like everything about being cautious and having a lot of courage. But sometimes it’s about being reckless without a plan.”


The nuance was annoying.


Whether this is reckless without a plan or whether you have seen it separately—.


“As you can see from Edwan, I can import goods from other countries in large quantities. It is thanks to the fact that I have established a fairly strong network. Now, I’ve taken out all the cards that I can confidently talk to Young Lady about.”


He raised both of his hands.


“I want you to make a decision now.” 


It was not a bad proposal considering that after the expedition and development were completed it was mostly profits for her. 


But it’s also getting closer to him.


Although dangerous, it wasn’t bad.


‘But it’s just a little uncomfortable.’


Not being able to figure out exactly what his weakness was, was just like prey caught in his web.


‘No, let’s not go too deep.’


First of all, considering the situation just in front of her, the support of the wizard would be monumental. If they come forward and are a part of her party she will feel reassured. 


‘I think I’ll be able to build a connection with the wizard.’


“Should I give you more time to think?”


“No, I’m done thinking.”


Falden nodded. 


“So what’s your final decision?”


Serdel reached out to his hand. 


Rather than bowing her head, she chose arrogance here. 


“Let’s shake hands. Let’s take care of each other.”


“Ha, Hahahaha. As expected, you don’t disappoint me. You know what? Young Lady will be the first noble to dare to shake hands with the Prince.”


“That’s why it’s better.”




“It’s good because I’m the first one.”


It wasn’t long before he held Serdel’s hand.


It was small and slender. As if it’s going to break even if he puts a little force. 


It looked weak, but there was no shaking as much as the eyes.


“Who would believe you’re the same person as when you were a debutante?”


Covering the leaked murmur with a smile, he turned her hand over and kissed her briefly.


“Me too. Please take good care of me, Young Lady.”




“I want to talk to you more, but I can’t today, Young Lady. Too bad.” 


He kissed Serdel’s hand and smiled bitterly. 


“The next promising day is probably the expedition day. I’ll see you then.” 


“Yes. See you then.”


Looking at Serdel smiling, Damon threw his eyes beyond her. 


Cartal, Addis, and Redan were looking at their side with sharp eyes.


And next to her— Falden was watching the four with his arms crossed and a relaxed look. 


‘What the hell did the two of them talk about in the middle of meeting?’ was the question hanging in the air.


When Falden and Serdel went back to the garden, the atmosphere in the meeting room had changed. 


Damon wondered why. 


He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t.


“Then, I’ll leave.”


Damon finally showed his respect to Falden and got into the carriage.


As the carriage departed, the roaring sound of the wheels pierced his strangely disturbed heart.


It felt uncomfortable. 


“If you do this job well, your position as a successor will be solid.”


Having been absent-mindedly listening for a while at the sound of words flowing from the opposite side, he came to his senses and listened carefully.


“Your brothers won’t stay still. Don’t allow a counterattack. I don’t want to see a family divided into two and three.” 


So far, the current Marchioness resuscitation and second son have had little strength, but Damon has found his own way to live. 


At this point, he had to admit it.


“I will maintain the family’s atmosphere well so that you don’t have to lean to either side until you return from the Elbash Forest.”


“…Thank you, Father.”


“If you wish, you can confirm your position through marriage.”


Damon’s hand flinched at the word ‘marriage’. Up until now, he has been rejecting any marriage proposals.


Marriages between nobles were mostly political marriages. On the other hand, all the women who wanted them dreamed of romance. 


He needed the strength of the family they belonged to, but he didn’t have the confidence to answer the love they longed for.


So he can’t choose anyone. 


He couldn’t do that. 


Because he has clearly seen in front of his eyes what a woman begging for love is like.


Unless it was a woman who could treat herself with thorough logical calculations, it was difficult to have her by his side. 


Obviously, she’ll just end up clinging to him. Just like his mother did to the man in front of her. 


She hopes for affection that has never been given to her, and in the end—. 


She might choose to hang her neck instead. 


At any rate, he fears that his child will see the sight and suffer from the same scene.


He never expressed it, but he was afraid.


There was a deep shadow around his eyes.


And all of a sudden, his throat became numb.


He wanted to release his cravat right away. The more he felt so, the more Damon held hands tightly. 


To be disturbed is to be agitated, and such agitation will break down the path he has built over his darkness. 


“It’s only for now that the broken engagement with Count Maient is still broken, but once the forest development is successful, marriage proposals will pour out here and there.” 


Ugh. Biting the flesh inside his mouth, Damon managed to maintain his mind.


Serdel’s face came to mind.


The image of that day, when she smiled softly as the sunlight shattered through the large window, still left a deep impression in his mind.


And the servants around her. 


Just looking at her caring figure that cared for her servants calmed his heart.


The brightness.


He didn’t want to turn away despite himself.


“I have no intention of doing that. I’m confident that I’ll do well in this business even if I don’t have to get married. Don’t worry.”


Marquis Spendar’s forehead looking at his son frowned.




“Okay, do what you want.”


After opening the newspaper, he soon paid attention to the written articles.


Damon tightened his lips watching Marquis Spendar.


He never wanted to resemble him. 


He despised the man in front of him.


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