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It was likely that everyone could not concentrate on the expedition because of one person.


She almost messed up.


“No, never! Do you think I said you could participate to make you act alone?”


As expected, Redan was furious.


“Alone? Hey, ha! You say that one more time. Expedition or whatever, I won’t let you move out of the bedroom!” 


He opened his eyes wide. 


His body trembled as he snorted wildly with anger.


“What do you want to find?”


On the other hand, Addis was surprisingly calm.


“What kind of thing?”


She couldn’t say it’s some kind of power.


Because she didn’t know if that would really prevent her from participating in the expedition.


“Tell me where is it and I will—”


“No one but me can go all the way there, and no one but me can touch it. I have to go and put it in my own hands.”


Addis, who closed her mouth, was worried.


Redan jumped up from his seat and wandered around frantically, she noticed what he didn’t like and was especially worried about.


“Count Robbesta’s family will be the envy of many people in the future. It is absolutely necessary to protect the family.” 


“So that was the reason you wanted to go on the expedition.”


When she nodded, Addis straightened her back.


“Serdel Robbesta.”


Dignity emanated from her.


“You stay here. Even if you don’t have those things, I can protect you and our family well enough.”


“Sister! What are you—!”


“Serdel. I have nothing to say about the past. I’ve hurt you so much so far, but—” 


Addis bowed her head deeply.


“If something bad happens to you, I’ll die.”


Serdel closed her mouth.


She didn’t know what to say.


Redan, who had been pacing around, also stood still.


Addis’s eyes reddened as she raised her face, which had been bowed for a while. 


“So choose. Will you move with Redan or stay here? Instead, Redan.”


Upon receiving her gaze, Redan swallowed his saliva.


“Do not interfere in any way with what Serdel wants to do. This is an order from the successor. Don’t doubt your sister’s abilities.” 


Serdel almost teared up.


Identifying why Serdel was reluctant to move together and preventing her family from being hasty in the face of dangerous decisions. 


Addis was showing her ability now.


The person who was usually not flexible.


With a single word from her, Redan will no longer be suspicious of what she is going to do, nor will he be able to stop her from doing it. 


In other words, one restriction on Serdel’s movements disappeared.


Redan tilted his head back then clicked his tongue and closed his eyes tightly and then opened them. 






“Tsk damn it. What’s with that you jerk! I’ll do what you tell me to do.”


Redan broke his stubbornness.


“So don’t leave me alone. Because it’ll be scary—”


“Brother.” Serdel interrupted.




“Please take care of me.”


Serdel held out her hand with an indifferent look. As he stared at it, he hesitated for a moment, feeling embarrassed, and then took her hand. 




For the first time, she felt grateful to Addis.




After the two finally left, Serdel stretched out.


It seemed that the feeling of discomfort in the past had become lighter.


After moving her body for a while, Dell suddenly jumped in and hugged her.


The boy’s body shook. 


[I, I, I was scared.]




Serdel looked around because she couldn’t understand his sudden words.


[T, the scary old lady threatened Dell!]




Scary old lady? 


Was there someone like that?


[If you don’t protect my sister properly, I’ll throw you into a cave on that day— Ugh. Pretend to be in a good mood. Dell was so scared that I cried.]


No way, is Addis the scary old lady he mentions?


[I, it’s my first time hearing a voice in my head without Dell’s permission. Dell was so scared that I couldn’t say anything] 


He was quite flustered, so she patted Dell’s back.


‘I heard the knights who have risen to a certain level  can communicate with their mind to their opponents by using mana.’ 


She didn’t know Addis’ level was that high.


[Nuna, I, I’m scared of that old lady.] 


At Dell’s sniff, Serdel only let out an awkward smile. 


She didn’t know such threats existed under a kind and caring touch, so she felt like she became a fool because she felt complicated despite the smile she showed earlier.


Why did she show that side of her? To be friendly as a good person to her? 


She couldn’t know Addis as well as Redan.


She was a very unpredictable sister.




An official expedition was organized to explore the Elbash Forest.


Since everyone was on horseback to move quickly, the length of the line was considerable. 


Even though the gate of the Count is wide open, there is not enough space.


Serdel checked her outfit.


An ivory shirt that sticks to her body.


On top of it, she wears leather armor given to her from Redan. 


On both hands, which will hold the reins for a long time, she was wearing the leather gauntlets that Addis had trimmed.


The light brown leather pants and the black leather boots that Cartal had been acquiring for days were quite soft, so her feet did not feel uncomfortable.


A small magic bag filled with scrolls and other items, as well as two daggers, were fastened to her waist belt.


As Serdel finished her check, Cartal, who was scanning here and there, coughed. 


“It’s a dangerous place, so be careful. Just follow Addis or Redan around. The moment you travel— Even if you grab your brother’s back and throw him away, just run away. He’ll survive on his own.” 


He had a worried face, but it was awkward somehow.


“Don’t worry. Father. I’ll be back safely.”


Serdel also nodded, answering somewhat awkwardly.


“Lady, please be safe. This butler will pray to God every day.”


The butler sniffled as he pressed his eyes with a handkerchief. The maid and Monem also teared up.


“Lady, you have to be safe.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll be safe.”


“L, lady, you have to be safe.”


Laura, who suddenly approached, with a face covered in tears and a runny nose, rested her forehead on Serdel’s hand holding the reins.  


“I, I, I will pray to God too. A, and Lady this—”


What she carefully handed over was a handkerchief with embroidery on it.


“So you embroidered a puddle of water.”


“T, this is a rabbit, Lady. H, here are the eyes too.’


She thought it was a baby fish in water.


“Yeah, so it’s a rabbit. It’s pretty. Thank you. I’ll use it well.”


“I, I’m glad you accepted it. P, please be safe, Lady.”


Laura, who had a lot of instability, looked much better.


“Did you say hi to Blenn? I’m sorry, it must be hard to meet each other and you don’t want him to leave.”


“N, no. It’s not like that. W, we already said goodbye, Lady. Don’t worry about it. My brother will surely risk his life to protect you.”




She grabbed her shoulder with a smile. In the meantime, this time the vice-captain and the knights approached.


“Oh, my. It’s too crowded. The people who said hello first, please step aside.”


The vice-captain who came all the way to the ground complaining bowed his head.


“Fuhu, Lady. Please have a safe trip. Take this with you.”


He smiled as usual and held out a rapier.


“Having a weapon calms you down when you’re worried or afraid. Don’t be afraid to stab if you want since you’re leaving. You might be able to get rid of a single punk if you’re lucky.”


It was an irresponsible and dangerous remark that was not suitable for the position of vice-captain, but it was full of concerns about her.


The vice captain’s nose was red, perhaps because they were in and out of the training grounds every day, and they had become too close lately.


“If the Lady gets hurt— I think it will be very heartbreaking. If you encounter a battle situation, be sure to hide in a safe place.”


He told her to stab hard before.


“Lady, you have to be safe!”


The knights saluted her.


“Don’t worry.”


This was all she could say to everyone who was anxious.


Just like a parrot, she just spit the same words out. Redan, who came closer, bid farewell to Cartal with an indifferent face.


“I’ll be back safely.”


“…Yeah. Be back safely.”


This time, Addis came.


“…I’ll be back.”




Cartal’s answer got shorter and shorter.


Then he hesitated for a moment.


“Take care of your sister.”


After saying that, he went to greet Falden, who had just arrived.


“Tsk. Grabbing the back of my head and throwing me. Where does she have the power to do that?”


As if just hearing what Cartal had said earlier, Redan grumbled belatedly. 


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