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The terrified coachman looked at her in vain, trying to calm his bewildered howling horse. Her speed as she approached, her long hair fluttering, was terrifying, like a reaper.


So much so that he’s choked.




She opened the carriage door as she walked past the coachman.


“Dame Addis… How can you not contact me—?”


She was disgusted when she saw Count Maient with surprised eyes.


“I’m sure you’re going to send the Elbash Forest Development Rights documents in a few days, but why are you late?”


Because Serdel couldn’t wake up, everyone was distracted. So, even though she knew Count Maient was insane, she didn’t think of rushing things.


Her sister, on the other hand, has woken up.


She didn’t want to leave any connection between this filthy fellow and her sister. She didn’t want the child to be concerned about it any longer.


“I’m sorry, but I’m a little busy right now, so—”




Addis drew her sword slightly. “Don’t test my patience. I hope you haven’t forgotten that the promise document for that day is in this hand, right?”




Count Maient’s face hardened quickly. “Are you now threatening me?”


“Yes, I’m threatening you. When I put it nicely, show me your gentlemanly behavior. Don’t be as pitiful as my sister said.”


“….First, I’m very busy right now—”




Addis threw the gloves on the carriage floor. At the same time, she drew the sword completely out and thrust it against Count Maient’s neck.


“What a rude thing to say—”


“I’m Addis Robbesta, Vice-Captain of the Golden Hawk Knights, and I’d like to challenge Count Hershe Maient to a duel.”




“This isn’t going to be rude anymore, is it?” Addis raised a corner of his mouth. As long as she has applied for a duel, this is no longer considered rudeness. Especially in light of the current situation, in which Count Maient is acting cowardly and failing to keep his word.


Ugh. Count Maient clenched his teeth.


When it came to sword skills, she was no pushover. If they come into contact with each other, one of them will undoubtedly be severely injured.


He will eventually kneel in front of the Golden Hawk Genius Knight. Furthermore, the number of people who stopped and watched was growing.


“I need you to calm down for now—”


“I can’t calm down. My sister fell down. I had to spend a few days with the child, who was so pale that I wondered if she was breathing well. Do I look like I’m going to calm down?”


As a knight, she has saved countless people. However, she was unable to protect her younger sister.


She has saved countless helpless people who had been waiting for so long to be saved!


She, on the other hand, slashed her younger sister’s weak side mercilessly.


Serdel’s weakness, which resembles her caring and beautiful mother the most, has been embarrassing since her mother’s brutal death.


Like a fool. 


She only needs to protect herself. So that no one is treated carelessly even when they are out of sight. She simply needs to be stronger than she is now.


“Make sure you complete your work properly.”




“My sword is not merciful. Right now, I could blow up a pair of arms. Count.”


At the last threat, Count Maient was forced to raise his hands.




Knock knock. 


Serdel opened her closed eyes when she heard a knock.


It was the Butler. 


“Sir Damon says he will see you tomorrow afternoon, as written in the letter.”


“Well done.”


“Yes, Lady. Please take a rest.”


Someone came in as soon as the butler left.


It was Addis. What could it possibly be? I was just looking away when she held out some papers.


“These are issues regarding forest development rights that have been resolved.”


Ah, Count Maiennt sent it to them. 


She expected herself to be as pitiful as she had been in the past by sharing this side of her mind.


‘What’s the matter?’ Is the sun going to rise in the west tomorrow?’


She took the documents and examined them. Documents related to the forest that had previously been shared were mixed up, as if they had been hurriedly packed.


“There is nothing left between you and that jerk— Count Maient.”


“Yes, I am.”


Serdel responded dryly, not even looking away from the documents. The boring kite finally came to an end neatly.


‘The second part goes off without a problem, as expected.’


Will she be able to complete this quickly and return to her original lives?


“…Take this and eat it.”


 She held out something else as she forced herself to swallow what was about to hum. When she opened the box, there was chocolate in it.


“I heard it’s popular these days.”


“….Ah, thank you.”


“Yes, take a rest—”


She’s not sure what kind of wind she was in when she bought this, but the chocolate she tasted was bitter and sweet in between. To the point where the bitterness left in her mouth is pushed away. And the taste was quite strong.


“That’s a big deal.”


It was such a big deal.


2. What can I do for you, Young Lady?


She arrived in front of a restaurant where she was supposed to meet Damon Spendar, one of the male protagonists and Marquis’ heir.


Surprisingly, he was waiting for her at the entrance.


When the carriage stopped, she could still feel the manner in the hand that came up as if he had waited.


“Long time no see, Young Lady?”


“Why don’t you go in first.”


“I’ve just arrived, too.”


Is it because he has a gentle smile but is frighteningly attractive? He exuded an unknown charisma to her. Serdel smiled as well, as if she had drawn it.


“Thank you for your consideration.”




“Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something on my face?”


“The atmosphere seems to have changed again since the last time. I heard you were very ill. Are you all right now?”


“Yes, I’m fine, as you can see.”


“I was concerned but I’m relieved. Young Lady.”


He resumed the escort at the end of the words.


He let it go after receiving advice from the staff and entering the private room. The staff who came in with good timing when they looked at each other and sat face to face.


“Have you been to this restaurant quite often, Young Lady?”


“This isn’t my first time here, but I don’t come here very often.”


“Is it okay if I place an order for you? I have a food suggestion.”


“All right.”


It was only then that he arrived earlier than she expected and cared about this and that.


‘It’s no surprise the wine came out as soon as I sat down.’


The fact that he did not order the main course in advance was most likely due to the possibility that she would refuse his food recommendations.


It was new to her because it was her first time receiving such a lead. And then she realized how bad the guys she’d met so far had been.


‘Everything was focused on themselves.’


It was always her who was considerate.


‘Aren’t you different in front of the women you care about?’


She returned her gaze to Damon, as if for nothing. It was nice to see him order skillfully.


‘I can see why so many Young Lady are crazy about him.’


But, no matter how considerate and well-mannered you are, he’s just making stuff up.


Why is he unbeatable?


She will taste the bitter taste of the past if she falls for that appearance and loses her mind. In the first place, there were only few expectations that she would end up with him.


Nonetheless, it was fortunate that she had the opportunity to meet him and develop a relationship with him. Because his personality, which is not easily swayed by anyone, is ideal for laying a solid foundation from the start.


She had previously been dragged into the hands of her boyfriend, Count Maient—.


‘This time, I’ll use the knowledge and memory I have to make things better for myself.’


I needed strength to accomplish this. Or perhaps personal connections.

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