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‘Dell. Turn right! Keep going like that.’


How far did it travel along the golden stream?




Dell, who suddenly stopped, bowed his upper body and became alert.


[Nuna, we can’t go anymore. I don’t think we should go. It’s dangerous]


“Lady, I can feel a powerful wave of mana beyond. It is ominous that the quality is different from the energy we have encountered so far. I think we should go back.” 


Blenn’s face, which had been reddened from effort, turned pale.


“We might be swept away—”




Serdel, who got off Dell’s back, moved forward. 






Redan, Siri, Terra, and the knights blocked her path.


“You, what are you doing!”


Shouting loudly, Redan grew angrier.


“Lady, you must not go any further than this. The energy from beyond is unusual. Let’s start by reporting to others through the communication channels.” 


Falden’s subordinates also tried to stop her. 


“Blenn, brother. Please come with me for a moment.”


Serdel took the two of them to a secluded area a little away from everyone else. 


When she stopped walking, Redan held her by both shoulders.


“No, Serdel. Never. No matter what you say—”


“There’s something I’m looking for in there, brother. I have to go.”




“It’s not dangerous. Not at all!”


Her voice gained strength.


Her serious eyes were also emitting a strong light, and Redan’s face was further wrinkled.


“I won’t get hurt. I guarantee it.”


Redan’s lips trembled.


He couldn’t answer easily.


He bowed his head completely avoiding Serdel’s eyes.




Serdel hugged Redan. 


He’s much bigger than her, but why does he feel so small at this moment?


“I’ll be fine.”


There was no time to delay.


In the meantime, she was anxious and nervous because she felt like she would lose Radun’s power to Falden.


“You can’t—go alone. I will never let you go alone.”


Serdel nodded and looked at Blenn this time.


“My Lady—”




She reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder, and pulled him down.


She whispered low to his ears and leaned back. 


“His Highness Falden, may arrive. Knights of the family or servants of His Highness will never block His Highness.”


Blenn looked at Serdel. His towering nose touched her cheek. 


“You should stop him.”


“—Or perhaps this was the deal you were asking me to ask you to save Laura, Lady?”


“That’s right.”


He gritted his teeth. 


“It’s cruel. Rather than saving the life of a savior, watch you jump into danger. Furthermore, I have pledged my loyalty to the Lady.” 


“It’s an order.”


His that had been narrowed into a cold glare, widened at her voice. 


“Follow me.”


She lifted her hand from his shoulder.


She took a step back from him, who had stiffened, and widened the distance between them. 


With a blank expression, he looked at Serdel silently for a while. 


“…I’ll follow your order.” 


This was all he could say.


Blenn’s hands were tensed into fists. 


“Yeah. I believe you’ll do well, Blenn.”


It’s definitely the same thing, but why does it feel different from when he said it in the slave market?


Serdel turned around and walked away.


Her distant back looked particularly chilly at this moment.


Blenn felt cold. 




When Redan, Serdel, and Blenn returned, everyone who was waiting came.


“You’re going to turn around, right?”


Falden’s subordinate looked at Redan and Serdel alternately with tense eyes. 


“No. We’ll have to look into the situation. That way we can make a proper report. If you turn around because you think it’s dangerous, that’s not an expedition. Me, Serdel, and Blenn are going inside.”


They tried to say something, but they closed their mouths. 


Certainly, as Redan said, it was difficult to get information if they turned around at the first sign of danger.


They didn’t come here to avoid it. This one hesitation could adversely affect the subjugation in the future.


“We’ll go in together. It’s more dangerous to get separated in a place like this. Besides, there’s only one communication channel, right?” 


“We are people who have a duty to protect the Young Master and Young Lady, not beings to be kept in a safe place.”


The knights of the family, including Falden’s subordinates, looked determined.


Redan, who had been lost in thought for a while, nodded.


[I, I’m scared…]


Dell teared up.


[Dell thinks it’s very scary— Can you not go? I think it’s really dangerous over there. It’s not just what Dell is saying. There wasn’t a single ant pup all the way here. There were no birds flying in the sky.] 


His ears drooped.


Even if he grew in size, the child was still a child.


‘It’s okay, it’s okay, Dell. Let’s go. Or you can wait here. Can you be alone?’ 


[…I don’t want to. I’m going to protect you, Nuna.]


Putting up his snout, the boy raised himself.


[I don’t want you to be taken away by him]


His eyes were on Blenn.


Before she knew it, Dell had a burning sense of competition.


As she entered through the intense energy pouring in, a cave appeared. 


The front of it was covered with deformed trees and branches, and at first glance, the entrance seemed to be wrapped around a camp. 


‘It’s a visual that can’t be compared.’


It was frighteningly bizarre.


The atmosphere that seemed to be hard to endure just by reaching the dark entrance was overrun and wild. 


She swallowed nervously. 


The golden airflow sparkle in front of the cave entrance.


When Serdel tried to take the lead, Redan caught her and sent her behind him.


His hands trembled.


“I’ll go first and check.”


Siri jumped forward and looked at the cave entrance.


And as soon as she carefully stepped into the cave,






As if there was a barrier at the entrance, she pushed out without mercy.




If it hadn’t been for the startled Terra running forward and catching her body, she would probably have been thrown into a tree.


Hugging Siri tightly, he rolled around the ground. 








Serdel was going to go see if Siri was alright, but Redan didn’t let her arm go.




His eyes as he looked at the cave gradually turned red.


Whoo, whoo. 


He take a deep breath and exhale once,


“You’re saying there’s something you want inside, right?”


He looked back at Serdel.


“You must have been in there.”


In her dreams.


“Then I can go as I am holding your hand.”


What Serdel said before suddenly came to mind.


It can only be done and visited by her.


Redan denied the words to himself.


The moment he admits it, he is afraid his sister will go into that dangerous place alone.


He strode along. 


Serdel, who was still caught by his hand, was also dragged along with his stride. 


“B, brother!”


After arriving at the entrance, Redan looked inside and looked around.




Finally, after taking a deep breath, he stepped in to go inside.


No, he was going to hold it.






Likewise, the barrier of the entrance pushed him out without any mercy.


As his body was greatly pushed to one side, Serdel’s body caught in the rebound also leaned to the other side.


Her body leaned close to the cave. Almost at the same time, the energy that stretched out from the inside pulled Serdel’s waist. 


He didn’t even have time.


Redan’s eyes shook severely, missing Serdel’s hand, which was held tightly by certain force. 




A vein stood on his neck.


Both eyes were about to be dyed with fear and madness.


“It’s okay, brother!”


While being sucked into the cave, Serdel shouted.


“Don’t worry!”






Surprised, Blenn and Dell came running. 


[This character died in the original work.]


[This character died in the original work.]


[This character died in the original work.]


[You don’t have the right to access the original work.] 


[You don’t have the right to access]


[You don’t have the right to access]


Above Blenn’s head, a red warning window that he couldn’t even see emerged like a frightening warning.


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