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“You’ve probably heard about my broken engagement.”


“The Young Lady told me in the carriage not long ago.”


“At the time, I said I was going to end my engagement, but I didn’t say I was already doing so.”


Despite the fact that he had set the plate first, he did not comfort or pretend to understand the known rumors. In front of caring manners, there stood a calm wall.


‘First, I’m going to have to shake this wall.’


“We ended the relationship and reclaimed the Elbash forest rights.”


Looking at him, he slowly tilted his glass of wine.


“In addition, I have the authority to recommend the position that Count Maient held.”




He reached out and shook the wine glass repeatedly. A shallow vortex was created by the wine contained within.


How long has it been?


“Young Lady.” His voice and mood have changed. At the same time, the hand movement that was turning the glass stopped. “If you want anything from me, please let me know.”


His gray hair gleamed in the light. The eyes, which contained the laziness on the pure white face, also had an unusual color. The movement of tilting the glass while keeping one’s eyes fixed was even sensual.


She also drank wine while staring into his eyes.


‘He bit the bait.’


The tide has now completely turned in its favor.


Damon was the Marquis’ heir, but he had two other brothers. The age difference isn’t significant, and even if it is, the younger siblings’ abilities aren’t bad, so it’ll be quite threatening. Furthermore, his mother died young, and his younger siblings were present at the current Marquis’ seat.


A good opportunity was required to defeat them and leave a lasting impression on the Marquis and vassals.


He meant to give it to him. 


“What should I want from you, Sir?”


“Anything. I’ll do whatever you want.”


“All right, I liked that answer very much.”


The meal came in just in time.


“Let’s first taste how delicious the food you recommended is.”


“It’s a good idea, Young Lady.”


He and she both smiled at the same time, their true feelings hidden from each other.




Overall, the meal was very satisfying. The food was of high quality, and it tasted good.


“Did you enjoy the meal?”


“It was absolutely delicious. Thanks to you, I had a great time.”


“That’s a relief.”


Serdel handed out the documents to continue the conversation after exchanging a few more perfunctory words.


“It is about the development of the Elbash Forest. Please read it and return it to me in a few days if there is anything missing or you wish to add. I’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as I’m sure.”


“Is that all you want to know about my thoughts on the forest? Okay. However, I don’t believe you need to give it up in a few days. There is plenty of room.”


After quickly scattering the papers, he pulled out a fountain pen. “Who took care of this?”


“Count Maient. I brought the documents he had returned to me.”




He immediately began to fix it with a short groan. That document had a stain on it.


“Because of their special characteristics, Elbash forests should never be developed in the same way as other forests. We don’t know how long it will take to repel the monster, no matter how long it is planned to be driven out—”


Damon got it exactly right.


“Above all, the population of the monsters has not been accurately determined. If there are more wrong provocations than expected, the nearby village may be harmed. Whatever the importance of development, powerless civilians should not be sacrificed in the process. For the sake of your future reputation.”


“That isn’t the only thing to mention.”


She indicated a piece of paper with her finger.


“The Imperial time for borrowing power is finite.”


Damon’s eyes shifted once more when he saw Serdel.


“The populations of monsters are only populations, and in addition to the news that mines have been discovered, the exact size of forests and the estimated amount of mining. There’s still so much that this side doesn’t understand.”


She knows because she has lived in the past. Since the mine was discovered months ago, little has been revealed.


“For an Imperial family that despises losing money, the chances are that it will try to back out at some point.”


“I fully agree. The mine was discovered by Count Robbesta, but for the Imperial family, it is just one of many rights.”


“Even if they step out, they will naturally acquire some rights after this development is completed, so if they begin to enter the bystander mode, they will eventually do that.”


This is where things will go wrong.


‘In fact, the imperial family took their feet in the middle of the past.’


When the development was completed and mining began in earnest, some rights were acquired. There was no reason for the landowner to refuse to visit mine.


‘Even if I didn’t get any help, I had the right to give, at least in the meantime.’


Cartal, who can’t even show off, had to be upset in some way.


‘The damage done by monster subjugation is already absolutely huge, but the Imperial family has acted vulgarly without even giving the situation a chance, so tear it up!’


As soon as he obtained the Manastone Mine, the financial loss was quickly filled and overflowed, but the real issue was the people. It takes a long time to train a good knight. In some ways, they were real land assets, more valuable than money.


So he even hired a large number of mercenaries to save them, but it didn’t work in front of the crowd of monsters.


Many mercenaries, knights, and soldiers were eventually sacrificed. The land, which had no one to protect it, had been reduced to delicious prey, and every day was at stake.


‘Count Maient, the madman was terrible at the time.’


His estate was near the Count’s. He was greedy at the time, wanting to enter the sunny business by absorbing the shady businesses that had been absorbed as if he had taken them forcibly from Count Deriens.


Elbash Forest Mine’s Mana Stone was extremely pure. Other mines’ mana is incomparable. He has the audacity to ask for the right to trade minerals first, smelling money.


The title of a genius knight as his successor was meaningless at the time.


Cartal, who was cornered in many ways, had no choice but to accept the deal because Count Maient had even put his hands on the imperial family first.


‘This time, I’m not taking it away!’


Even more for him.


“Your eyes have changed once more, Young Lady.”


Damon looked at her, his gaze averted from the papers, and smiled indefinitely.


“It’s interesting.”


He raised his glass of wine once more.


“Now then, I would like to hear Young Lady’s evaluation of me. Should I prepare it as a separate document and bring it to you tomorrow?”


“No, I don’t think that’s necessary.”


He discovered all of the gaps in that document at once and knew exactly what should come first. There was no reason to expect to see any more liver in the yard with greater certainty.


“I’ll talk to my father.”


“Yes, then I’ll wait for the Count.”


“Then shall we get up?”


“Young Lady.”




“You haven’t said what you want yet, Young Lady.”


He came up with his glass down after he had emptied the remaining wine. The seriousness with which he examined the documents abruptly faded, and the sluggish color of politeness appeared all over his face.


“What do you want? Please feel free to tell me.”


“Now we’ve barely held hands. We.”




“You will lose your appetite if you drink unaged wine. Let’s say what I want at the time when it tastes the best.”


“That’s a clever way of putting it. It’s a wine that hasn’t been aged— That’s exactly where my brothers are threatening me.”


All she wants is for him to get it before it’s too late, even though he’s clearly taken over the Marquis.


‘I don’t have to overuse my opportunities to swing people.’


“Yes, I’m understand. Please let me know when you think I’ll be the most mature.”


He raised Serdel’s hand. Then, after kissing the back of her hand, he naturally escorted her with her hand on his arm.


“I had a lot of fun today.”


“I enjoyed it, too. See you next time.”


One last look at her in the carriage, he closed the door.


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