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“It’s probably not going to work. If this happens, we’ll stay all day at this rate. Let’s let the Dame move first.”


[Yes. I understand.] 


With a brief salute, Addis turned away and looked at Serdel. 


She didn’t say anything in particular, but through their eyes, Serdel could see Addis’ deep feelings that she wanted Serdel to be safe. 


Strangely enough.


It was only in this kind of place, in this kind of situation, that Addis didn’t feel so awkward.


“Be careful, Unnie.”




Communication with her ended with a smile. The portion that had been illuminated with Addis’ figure was dyed dark, and a moment of silence fell.


“The Duke should wait for a little while longer. Just in case Sir Damon may call you late.”


[Yes, I understand.]


‘Nothing will happen, right? It shouldn’t be like that.’


He may not be able to reach them at the scheduled time for communication.


However, if less than an hour has passed, there is a high possibility that a problem has occurred. 


Falden, who unfolded the map again, looked through Damon’s path.


The same goes for Belters.


“Because of his nature, and how he likes to make tight plans, he probably didn’t deviate too far from the line he’s been moving so far. Especially since he has no experience in subjugation.”


Falden’s judgment was quick, and he soon touched one spot.


At the same time, Tak! 


Damon’s face came to mind as the light exploded at the communication zone.


It was amazing timing.


[…For the late report…] 


A boiling hot voice.


Every word he spit out was full of pain.


Serdel, Falden, and Belters’ eyes hardened as they glanced at him quickly. 


[I, I apologize…] 


It was terrible. 


Damon’s condition was the worst, with a large amount of blood dripping from his mouth, as that single word was the first thing that came to mind. 


[I, I’ll report it.] 


There were hardly any of them left around him.


Damon continued to report calmly, stepping hard one step at a time to escape.


Belters and Addis were attacked at the same time today. 


And he—.


[—Yesterday morning, suddenly the energy of the forest began to darken, and an army of monsters that seemed to be of sufficient spirits rushed in.] 


Damon and his team members are said to have been exposed to a group of monsters for a full day and a half a day.


[—Constantly injured, one after another.]


The situation turned urgent.


As soon as the wounded were healed, they had to be sent back to battle. 


Potions, which they had taken enough of, were quickly consumed, and when they realized that they had no more potions to use, hell unfolded.


Eventually, even the wizard collapsed due to mana depletion.


The situation reached its worst when magic support was cut off.


The only person who managed to survive after that was Damon, a fainted wizard, and one subordinate left by Falden.




“Do you know where you are now?”


[I marked it from time to time in the middle.] 


Based on the information he gave, they looked up the current location—.


‘It’s consistent with where Falden inferred they would be.’


“Duke, let’s go.”


[Yes. I understand.] 


Belters, who nodded, soon began moving.


“It must be hard, but hang in there.”


[Ha, haha— Thank you, Your Highness.] 


With a big smile, Damon rolled his eyes.


[…Young Lady…]


His gaze reached Serdel.


His tired face, as the shadow of death fluttered, was absolutely beautiful.


To the point where it doesn’t feel real.


[…Young Lady…]


“Don’t lose your mind, Sir Damon. Duke of Blendard is now just left—”


[Young Lady… End your expedition, and leave the forest….]




[I, it’s too dangerous. Young Lady… You might get hurt… I’m worried…]


“Now is the time to worry about who? Look, Sir Damon. Come to your senses.”


While Serdel, who had hardened, was unable to answer any questions, and Falden intervened 


“Don’t fall asleep. Keep thinking even if you lack energy. Don’t even stop talking. Keep talking.”


[I didn’t want to show you something like this, but I’m pathetic… I’m sorry, Young Lady…]


“No, why do you say Young Lady at the end of every word? Hey, I’m the one who’s talking to you right now, Sir. Focus on me.”


[Young Lady…] 


“Everyone doesn’t even listen to me. The Prince’s authority has fallen to the ground. Tsk.”


[Leave… Just leave. Please, I don’t want to see Young Lady in danger…] 


“Stop looking for the Young Lady— Hey, Sir. Sir Damon! Wake up!


After saying that, Damon loses consciousness. 


His body collapsed on the ground. 






“Let’s move first. It’s better to join Sir Damon as soon as possible.”


Belters was all ready go, but Falden rushed as if he was anxious because he didn’t know what unexpected things would happen.


Serdel, who climbed on top of the Dell, came to mind.


‘Why is Damon the only one in a different situation?’


And why didn’t the monster appear at all on this side?


He doesn’t know if all three teams met them naturally but. 


‘The fact that they suddenly appeared without even seeing any signs means they were watching and sending the monsters on purpose.’


They should have entered the forest deeper than anyone else and encountered them earlier, but this place is quiet.


‘Why are only the three teams attacked?’


Also at the same time? 


‘In addition, Damon’s situation is strange.’


He wouldn’t have been able to defeat all the high leveled monsters.


There were only 60 people, and that number was not enough for a group that had much more soldiers than knights or squires. 


He must have looked for an opportunity and ran away.


‘Damon’s walking speed was noticeably slow due to a serious injury.’


There’s so much blood shed there, but the monsters with a sensitive sense of smell don’t chase after him?


No, in the first place.


Is it possible to escape through such a large number of monsters?


“Your Highness.”


Falden turned his head to Serdel’s serious voice and smiled bitterly.


“You must have noticed.”


“As expected, is it a trap?”


“I told you in the meeting room last time. Smart monsters play with humans, too. Sir Damon may not even know that he has become a bait to attract his colleagues. Because he never experienced the intelligence of a monster.”


She couldn’t say anything.


It was very complicated.


“But what’s the point? We go even knowing it’s going to be dangerous. Because I can’t turn a blind eye to my colleagues. Besides, if he dies, it’ll be a political issue.”


The Marquis of Spendar maintained his neutrality, but he was not a staunch neutral either.


Sometimes he followed the Emperor, and sometimes he got attached to the aristocracy by looking at the opportunities present.


Through this tug-of-war, the Marquis expanded his influence in the center.


What if Damon dies. Rather than mourning, the Marquis was more likely to use it to shake the board.


Of course, there was no choice but to do something about Falden.


‘The Empress will not miss this opportunity, so—’


They could have used the incident to somehow frame him and try to get rid of him.


Falden’s expression turned cold when he started looking at the front again.


“Young Lady. I’m saying this just in case you don’t know, but you should never interfere in the subjugation.”


“Don’t worry about that.”


“That’s a relief. Shall we speed up?”


As soon as Serdel nodded, Falden’s movement became faster.




It was a few hours after Damon was found.


It seems that the Duke of Belters hasn’t arrived yet, in a quiet forest.


They saw him leaning on the tree and resting his mind.


The face turned white. With blue lips.


His eyes were black and his mouth and chin were covered with blood.


His body, which couldn’t be checked with a communication device, was full of cuts and stab wounds.


On the contrary, someone seems to have come to his senses next to it.


The wizard, who sat cross-legged, was taking a mana breath to refill his magical power, which had run out.


As a result, he became defenseless and was being guarded by Falden’s subordinate. 


“Y, Your Highness!”


The subordinate’s face was relieved. 


“You’re here— it’s a relief. Ah, really, it’s a relief.”




The subordinate’s body fell down. 


Cold sweat was dripping down his forehead, and his bare back was revealed through his helplessly bent upper body.


“You did a great job.”


Falden quickly gave him a potion before beckoning to Redan, to give another one to the wizard Henry. 


Looking at the patients who soon started having their wounds healed, Serdel approached Damon.


“Sir… Damon.”


She tried to put her hand under his nose just in case. The heat felt in his breath.




It felt like she was finally able to breathe, which had been stuck before. 


‘Potion, potion—’


“Please move. Magi can’t be stopped with anything like potions.”


She was searching inside the magic bag, and a wizard named Maroran approached her. 


He was the highest level wizard among the wizards brought by Falden, and had a rather cynical personality. 


Normally, he had a face like everything was a burden to him, but now he looked at Damon’s wounds with a serious expression.


“It’s good he was able to endure without dying.”


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