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[Falden Asladen – Increases his presence in the Imperial family and lays the foundation for his position. Gain the Emperor’s attention.]


[Damon Spendar – A change of heart leads to a turning point in life and is even more recognized as a successor. The succession of the position will be faster]


[Belters Blendard – The original luck has been increased.]


[Edward Blenn (alias, Blenn) – Recognized in everything by the Count.]


[Dell – Take everyone’s love. Especially cats and bugs.]


[Terra – Gaining the blocked enlightenment and improving his skills.]


[Siri – The latent genius has been awakened.]


Serdel’s gaze first focused on Terra and Siri.


Terra, who had been a squire and had practically slow growth swordsmanship for a long time, seemed to gain significantly from this move.


‘And Siri’s potential genius!’


No way, will she become a talented person like Addis?


What would happen if she hadn’t given permission because she was concerned when she went after Damon?


‘I’m glad I didn’t.’


At the very least, she almost blocked her bright future.


With a sigh of relief, Serdel looked at Damon now.


It was always planned for him to strengthen his position as successor. 


And it was surprising that the succession of the title was speeding up.


‘I don’t think Marquis Spendar will step down so easily.’


The momentum of his half-brothers would be unstoppable, and the power of the Marquis and other family members was also quite strong.


That’s why Damon didn’t even notice until now.


‘Change of heart…’


As expected, being pushed to the threshold of death seems to be the trigger.


“Serdel, are you sick?”


Suddenly, Redan brought his face closer.


“What was it that surprised you so much before, and then you admired it, and then you got serious? What are you looking at?”


“It’s nothing.” 


Serdel smiled awkwardly and left a mark here as well before leaving.


Outside, Falden was receiving a report through the divided screen of the communication port.


Addis and Belters were both unharmed when she sneaked a peek.


Damon’s leather armor was dirty, perhaps because there had been another battle.


Behind them, Beman, who was exhausted and put in there, Siri, who wiped the blood from her face with the back of her hand, and Terra, who retrieved the arrows from the monster’s body. 


As if he felt Serdel’s gaze, Damon smiled.


[Young Lady’s people are safe. You don’t have to worry.] 


“That’s a relief.”


[Then, Your Highness. I’ll end the communication now]


The light in the communication port went out and the surroundings became quiet. 


“He has changed.”


Falden murmured as he swept his chin.


“I’m talking about Sir Damon. Doesn’t it seem like something has changed somehow?”


“How do you think it has changed?”


“He’s even more annoying. I feel bad when we have a conversation, but I don’t know why it’s bad? Tsk. Ah,  that’s the last mine, right?


Instead of answering, she nodded.


“Then all the mines have been found. All that’s left is the completion of the forest map and the location of the monster village.”


He dug his leg by placing his butt on a large nearby stone.


Sighs burst out of his mouth one after another.


It’ll be frustrating.


There were only three days left until the expedition was over, and outside the forest, a subjugation group that had already arrived was waiting for the expedition team. 


Serdel walked around and looked at the sky.


The monsters must have been watching this location. 


This side couldn’t even figure out where they were hiding, so the fight was likely to take place excessively.


‘Is there a better way?’


No matter how much she wanders in the forest for the rest of the time, she won’t be able to find out as much as she wants.


She had to find a solution to not shake hands.


As she was lost in thoughts for a while, she suddenly noticed an ordinary airflow that didn’t contain golden or silver colors.


An unfamiliar thought struck her mind in an instant.


‘Is it possible?’


She’s not sure, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.


Serdel stopped and turned her head. Blenn, who had quietly followed her, stopped moving.


“I’m just saying this, so don’t be surprised if anything happens to me.”


“Is it dangerous?”


“No. It’s not like that, so don’t worry.”


“I understand.”


“Ah, before that. Blenn, after this work, I’m going to ask my father for you and Laura’s imperial citizenship and get them, is that okay?”


The Luck given to him is to be recognized by the Count, so she wanted to give him a certain and secure new identity on this occasion.


“And I’d like you to be a member of the Count. Be an official knight.”


“I’m already the Lady’s knight.”


“But you didn’t register. You have to make sure where you belong. That way, there won’t be any problems in the future. You should also think about Laura.”


When he becomes the Count’s official knight, his position changes. 


Regardless of his past status, it would have been easy to get married.


She doesn’t know if he’s not interested in marriage. 


‘One day, he will meet someone he loves.’


So that he can be happy. She wants him to build a foundation as he saves her. 


“I want you and Laura to be happy now. You’ve suffered so much in the past, so I want you to live a stable life even now. Is it burdensome or do you not like it?”


“It’s not like that.”


Blenn bowed his head.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


“Me too. Please take care of me, Blenn.”


He smiled and reached out his hand.


“It’s not going to happen, but I’m just saying it just in case.”


When he tried to kiss,


“Please don’t betray me.”


He hesitated.


But that time didn’t last long. He immediately pressed his lips against the back of her hand.


Serdel, who was bitten back by him, closed her eyes.


She tried to look at the entire forest by assimilating her mind with the airflow in the air.


It’s just Luck that she wouldn’t have tried anywhere else but the Elbash Forest.


Where Radun’s arrangements had been buried for a very long time.


‘The air currents that guided me to the cave must have been derived from the arrangement.’


If this assumption wasn’t wrong, it was highly likely that his energy was melted throughout the forest.


To begin with, the airflow-like threads pulled from Mana Hall were tightly intertwined.


When she covered her heart with the completed five rings, the air currents drawn like a magnet around Serdel overflowed.


Some of the thread flowed and mixed with the Eight Stars that came to mind, completing the incantation as a whole.


When she opened her eyes with a shallow recitation, beautiful light came out of her eyes.


The five senses became more sensitive as some of them gained control over the forest.


Tingling, tingling, tingling.


Various sounds have been transmitted through numerous trees and the huge land.


Even if it didn’t move, the surroundings made a noise, and ‘Swissh!’ it passed her eyes and reflected the views all around.


New backgrounds endlessly entered the eyes and mind.


At the end, it reached the real realm of the monsters.




As she was concerned.


It’s not an unknown forest.


They all lived together, regardless of race.


‘It’s not the size of the village!’


Hundreds of large and small burrows.


The monsters were constantly going in and out.


On one side, the lower level monsters were working like a slave.


She could see that the hazy eyes had lost willpower.


They guarded the surroundings, hunted nearby, or destroyed the prey they had hunted for each piece, and the good things were dedicated to the higher-ranking monsters with a sound mind.


The action scene seemed regular as if it had been repeated for a long time.


So it was even more creepy.


Clank, clank, clank!


On the other side, upper-middle-level monsters were in the process of making weapons.


The craftsmanship can’t be said to be good, but the weapon was a weapon, and the fact that it was piled up to form a small mountain was intimidating enough.




Serdel’s view turned upward.


The wooden fence surrounding their territory seemed quite solid.


There was even a magic circle drawn there, and it seemed to play a role in eliminating their presence in addition to the protective barrier.


The beasts wander freely near the fence.




The goblins who were watching from the watchtower shot it with the arrow.


The beast, whose neck was pierced at once, slowly died. 


Dry saliva was swallowed automatically.


Serdel turned her gaze again and looked at the largest burrow.


The leader is probably living there.




‘Whoosh!’ To block the vision, a huge sickle formed of black energy was smashed.


She opened her eyes, almost instinctively.


Otherwise, the aftermath would have been transmitted in some way.


Haa, haa, haa—!


Her breathing became rough due to the tension that rose for a moment.




Surprised Blenn approached and helped her.


“Are you okay!”


For a while, she nodded, and she completely lost her mind in deep dizziness.




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