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Serdel was about to leave when she remembered what had happened the day before and stopped by a dessert shop in the middle to buy cakes and tea.


Just as she arrived at the house, Siri ran out as if she had seen a carriage coming in from the window.




It looks cute like a small animal, but it was quite powerful when she came rushing in and out.


“Lady! Did you enjoy your work?”


“Yes, I enjoyed it. Here.”


“Huh? It’s Monranche’s cake! Wow! Oh, that’s right! Lady, the master came in early today. And Master Redan and Dame Addis too.”




“The master is going to have dinner together, so he ordered the chef to prepare dinner.”


“It must be a special day.”


“The chef, butler, and maid are all on fire right now. Everyone is excited because it has been a long time since the four of you have eaten together.”


‘I had something to say to Father.’


That’s great.


“Yours is the strawberry shortcake. And—since there’s still time for dinner, bring the blueberry topping to my sister and the orange topping to my father and brother, along with tea.”


Siri’s eyes twinkled.


“…Tell my sister that I ate the chocolate well.”


Was it something she didn’t usually do? Her chest felt a little itchy. No, it tickles her a lot now that she thinks about it.


‘Why did you give me a chocolate—’


Despite the fact that she enjoyed it.


Siri’s eyes pierced for a while, so she walked quickly because she felt burdened.




Siri laughed as she followed her.


“I’ll also mention that the Young Lady was very shy.”


“Who is shy!”


Serdel quickly entered the bedroom after yelling back.






Addis, who was in the study room, stared blankly at Siri, who had knocked on the door with a tea tray.


“…I never asked you to bring a snack?”


“Lady Serdel bought a cake from Monranche. Knowing that Dame dislikes sweets, she told me to bring a blueberry cake and tea.”


“….Serdel take care of it?”


There was no syrup sprinkled on top of the blueberries. It belonged to a relatively less sweet cake in Monranche, who loves syrup.


“And she wanted me to tell you how delicious the chocolate was.”


“—Ah, I see. I see she liked the chocolate—”


Addis’ mumbling cheeks reddened. Warm smiles were also formed around the mouth, which had previously been rigid and hardened. Maybe she doesn’t even realize she’s smiling.


“Tell her I’ll enjoy it. And—” The atmosphere of her  softened. “—I’ll see you at dinner.”


“Yes! I’ll tell her right away!”


At Addis’s words, which she swallowed while muttering, Siri smiled and took it lightly. As Siri left with a bowing greeting to Addis, who was left alone. 


“…It’s nothing short of sweet.”


It was the cake that she would not even consider putting in her mouth, no matter how much the youngest Princess suggested. She never looked at the colorful desserts created by the Imperial patissier.


But the cake Serdel had bought for her drew a lot of attention. She bit into it with a fork. Her face, which would normally have been frowning, was relaxed.


One mouthful turned into two mouthfuls, two mouthfuls turned into three mouthfuls, and before she knew it, the plate had reached the bottom. It was now filling the mouth. Nonetheless, it wasn’t unpleasant.


Even a sip of moderately cold tea refreshed her.


‘Was cake supposed to be this delicious?’


No. Maybe the cake she bought for her is special.


‘Come to think of it, that child once gave a cookie that she made with mother.’


What exactly did she do?


The texture was rough, but the sweetness was so sickly sweet that she threw it away after only one bite.


‘It was the worst. I am as a human being.’


She didn’t realize how valuable her life was at the time. She had no idea her mother would be like that, and she had no idea it would ruin the family relationship.


She was crushed by the title of genius, so she couldn’t breathe, and she became the heir. The royal family contacted her after a long gasp from the weight of her next position.


She had to kill the emotions that had already died in a place where brutality was everywhere. It was never a place where she could live honorably as a knight by following the rules of chivalry.


She’s only just gotten used to it, and she thinks she’s pretty stable now.


‘Serdel didn’t open her eyes.’


Her life seemed to be falling apart because of her. For a brief moment, she pondered whether this was the peace she desired.


It’s too late to realize how valuable it was until it’s gone. She got to know her mother to the point of pain after her mother died. She was terrified of having to go through that awful experience again.


This unstable family relationship would have collapsed on the spot if Serdel hadn’t woken up. She’s already insane, but Redan will most likely gone crazy as well.


Every night, he sneaked into Serdel’s room and cried aloud. Then, on the fifth day, he said he’d take care of Count Maient while sweating profusely to the guy who had left.


At the time, what was reflected in his eyes was a sudden madness. He almost lost his nerve in the face of that deep emotion, no matter how much anger he had suppressed so far.


Just like Raden. 


She didn’t have the courage to confront her sister, so she turned away. Then she went numb and didn’t realize she was being hurt.


She swears she’s never hated Serdel.


She simply wishes to be strong.


‘Everyone has different abilities. I tried to put that child to too high of standards.’


She’s not going to do it anymore.


If she is frail, she will admit and accept the child exactly as she is. She made the promise while clenching her fist. 


Addis looking at the empty plate. 


“—Thank you. I ate well? Well, I ate well. Thank you, Serdel. Thank you, Serdel?”


She wanted to tell her how much she enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as simple as she had thought.


When she expresses gratitude, how does she usually do it? For Redan, it was expressed as ‘I got it’ for a short period of time.


She slammed her fist against her chest. Unknowingly, she shook her head while trying to lower her fist. Her sister might die if she acted like she was doing it to the knights with her clunky fists because she had been holding the sword for a long time.


She cleared her throat once more and tried to say,








Before she knew it, Siri burst into laughter at the sight at the door.




Addis mouth opened in bewilderment.


“I-I’m sorry— pft! didn’t mean to see you like this— I thought you’d be done with it, so I came here to get the plates. I knocked the door—”


She got higher as she spoke more.


Siri finally closed her mouth and turned her face away. Her little body shook. The skin on Addis’s neck and up to his ears turned bright red.


“P-pft. I-I’m sorry. I will go—”


She wasn’t even able to reach out. Siri’s sudden departure shocked her eyes, leaving her alone. If there was a mouse hole, she really wanted to hide.


She leaned under the desk, whirling from place to place.


It was the most humiliating experience she’d ever had.




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